Buffer Objects in OpenGL

In many OpenGL operations, we send a large chunk of data to OpenGL, such as passing the vertex array data that needs to be processed. Transferring this data can be very simple, such as copying data from the system's memory to a graphics card. However

Write a function of the same dup2 function, cannot call the FCNTL function, and must have error handling __ function

Use the original DUP function of the system when implemented MYDUP2.C//2015/08/17 Lucifer Zhang version1.0//write my own dup2 function//use DUP () function when inplemen tation #include <unistd.h>//include DUP () #include <stdio.h> #inc

Forward Slash, also known as the left slash, the symbol is "/", the backslash is also called the right slash, the symbol is "\".

Forward Slash, also known as the left slash, the symbol is "/", the backslash is also called the right slash, the symbol is "\".    In Unix/linux, the path is delimited by a forward slash "/", such as "/home/hutaow", whereas in Windows, the path is

Simple implementation of a crosstab 1: Using Stored procedures

A friend asked to help realize the cross table (some rows into columns), although the implementation of the previous, but did not tidy, and today by the way to tidy up, easy to their future reference, I hope to other users to help, welcome to point o

About Base64 upload picture problem

Recently writing interface ———— about image upload The foreground uses the Vuejs, uses the base64 to upload the picture, filedata: "Data:image/jpeg;base64,9j/4aaqsk ...", puts this data directly in the address bar, also can display the picture, But t

HBase Memstore Flush

I always thought hbase would only flush the memstore that reached the threshold, Although it is known that there is a configuration parameter hbase.hregion.memstore.flush.size that controls this threshold, it is not thought that level is hregion, but

Debug program with GDB (vii)

Change the execution of a program——————— Once you use GDB to hang the debugger, and when the program is running, you can dynamically change the current debugger's running circuit or its variable value in GDB based on your own debugging ideas, a powe

Network commonly used port number Daquan

Port number---The identification number of the application software that has network functionality. Note that the port number is not fixed, that is, it can be manually assigned by the user (and, of course, is generally defined when the software is wr

Axure and iphone application prototype creation (IV)

The iphone app can be designed to be a long page, and you can put your content in a scrolling dynamic panel. The iphone app often has a static header and/or footer. You can put the main content in a dynamic panel so that it can scroll. While this eff

Response-1 (eight)

I. Overview We will overwrite the service () method when creating the servlet, or doget ()/dopost (), which have two parameters, one for the request requested and the representative response response. The type of response in the service method is Se

UVA 101 The Blocks problem

Original question:BackgroundMany areas of computer science with simple, abstract domains for both analytical and empirical studies. For example, an early AI study of Planning and Robotics (STRIPS) used a block world in which a robot arm performed tas

About the common AYUV formats in RGB, YUY2, Yuyv, Yvyu, UYVY, DirectShow RGB/YUV

Tip: RGB and YUV----excerpt from the DirectShow Practice collection Author: Lu Qiming Computer color display the principle of color display and color TV, is the use of R (Red), G (Green), B (Blue) additive blending principle: By emitting three diffe

Deep learning Note-activation function: sigmoid,maxout

An important reason for introducing activation function in neural networks is to introduce nonlinearity. 1.sigmoid Mathematically, the nonlinear sigmoid function has a large signal gain to the Central and small signal gain on both sides. From the poi

x86 Assembly Guide

Http://www.cs.virginia.edu/~evans/cs216/guides/x86.html University of Virginia Computer ScienceCs216:program and Data representation, Spring 2006 2016 July x86 Assembly Guide Contents: Registers | Memory and Addr

Unity Shader Learning Note 1 (Unity 5.6)

Macro Unity_uv_starts_at_top Usually used to determine the D3D platform, when anti-aliasing is turned on, picture sampling may be used to Unity_single_pass_stereo Single-channel stereoscopic rendering, currently used mainly in VR Unity_colorspace_g

Hash with PBKDF2 (generate a unique salt value for each hash value)

HashedPasswordEntity.cs <summary>///a hash password//// </summary> public class hashedpasswordentity { // <summary> ///password hash value ///</summary> [SuppressMessage ("Microsoft.Design"

MIT Natural Language Processing V: Maximum entropy and logarithmic linear model

MIT Natural Language Processing V: Maximum entropy and logarithmic linear model (Part I) Natural language Processing: maximum entropy and logarithmic linear modelNatural Language processing:maximum Entropy and Log-linear ModelsAuthor: Regina Barzil

Use of Tbody,thead,tfoot

These tags seem to be less commonly used, but they have a big effect at some point. When we have a large table that needs to be shown, we will need them. Because table is displayed when the entire table is downloaded, if the page table content is mo

16-bit operation flow, encoding, 8/16 conversion, accuracy loss, zipfile

The family system of the 16-bit operation flow is this: Reader,writer abstract class, Then the implementation class Filereader,filewriter, write can write the string content directly, read or the same. Then is the base class wrapper class Bufferedr

Issues with recording #pragma pack ()

In the Cortex M0 platform to do development, encountered a tangled two or three days of the problem. After the code has added PWM motor control, continue to do the USB composite device. In a good USB composite device, found that the original PWM moto

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