Spring MVC Filter-Character set filter (Characterencodingfilter)

Label:Spring's character set filtering is used to handle garbled problems in projects. The filter is located in the Org.springframework.web.filter package, pointing to the class Characterencodingfilter,characterencodingfilter source code as follows:[

RC4 Encryption algorithm

Label:RC4 in 1987, like the DES algorithm, is a symmetric encryption algorithm, which means that the key used is a single key (or a private key). However, unlike DES, RC4 does not group the plaintext, but instead encrypts each byte of the plaintext

2016 latest programming language rankings

Label:There are millions of languages in the world, but not only Chinese, English, French and Russian, but also Java, C + +, Python, and PHP. The rapid development of computers has made programming a profession, and programmers have become a

Monitor application performance with HTML5 Window.preformance

Label:The Window.preformance API is available in the HTML5 draft, and we can implement our application front-end monitoring based on the API, and we can see the properties and values of the response in Firebug as follows:Each of these fields has the

WIN10 vs2015 compiled programs run in Win7 and other systems (no need to install redistributable)

Label:Recently wrote a new program to do beta testing, in the green version (free installation version) encountered problems, vs2015 do the project is like the previous vs version of the MsvcrXXX.dll and several other runtime libraries are placed

Wamp installation of the missing Api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll file

Tags: api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll Download the WAMP3.0 from the official website and install, but prompted the lack of api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll files, installed according to the installation requirements V15, invalid. Then

ArcGIS API for Silverlight when the DataGrid selects an item, the map focuses on the pop-up window and can play the audio file

Label:Original: ArcGIS API for Silverlight when the DataGrid selects an item, the map focuses on the popup window and can play the audio fileLook first, then on the code:<usercontrol x:class= "Mapclient.picmusic" xmlns=

Lync Tips -56-Check if you are using the correct public network certificate

Label:Paid to provide training, project planning, implementation, operation and maintenance, troubleshooting:"Skype for Business 2015 project Combat"/"with rookie learn Cisco UC Deployment Combat"/"big enterprise Cloud Desktop Deployment

Marco the first week of operation of the 3rd phase Viban

Tags: jobs1, describe the composition of the computer and its functions. Controller (Control):is the central nervous system of the whole computer, its function is to explain the control information prescribed by the program, control it according to

The signing of OpenSSL and public key certificate is inextricably linked

Label:LeadPeople's knowledge of any thing is staged, from ignorance to knowing, from ignorant to half-known, from misunderstanding to suspicion, from dizzy to determined thoroughly understand.IntroducedOpenSSL is a powerful command-line tool that

Paper 108: Image restoration and reconstruction of system learning Digital Image processing

Label:First, you must pay attention to the processing conditions that are limited here.About image degradation/resiliency modelsDegraded images are formed by the degradation of the imaging system plus additional noise.1. Consider only noise-induced

When Rsync synchronizes, delete the destination directory than the source directory redundant file method (--delete)

Label:In daily operations, we often use rsync as a synchronization artifact. Sometimes when synchronizing two directories, it is required to delete files in the target directory that are more than the source directory, in which case the--delete

IEEE 754 floating-point numbers represent standard

Label:The scientific counting method of binary numberFloating-point numbers used in C + + include floating-point number representations that are based on IEEE standards. We know that in mathematics, any decimal number can be written in the form of a

hdu5778 ABS

Label:http://acm.hdu.edu.cn/showproblem.php?pid=5778Two times this special direct is the root, but the scale is still too large, so this time from the X to both sides of the violent enumerationAccording to the prime number theorem, Logn can

The use of RPM packaging tool Rpmbuild and the writing of spec files are introduced with the example of packaging fuse

Label:I. Installation of the Rpmbuild commandYum Install Rpm-buildSecond, usageRPMBUILD-BB Xxxx.spec or Rpmbuild-ba XXX.tar.gzIii. Overview of the catalogueRpmbuild will generate a Rpmbuild folder in the user directory after running:[[email

Ibtool failed with exit code 255

Label:/applications/xcode.app/contents/developer/platforms/iphonesimulator.platform/developer/usr/bin/ibtool failed With exit code 255 causes: in Xcode 8 beta Open Project run, then run in Xcode 7 official version, this problem may occur: Xcode 8

Debugging books

Label:https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/debuggingtoolbox/2007/06/08/recommended-books-how-to-acquire-or-improve-debugging-skills/This article are my answer for this comment.First of all, this is just my opinion, not Microsoft's opinion.Before talking


Label:@Target (Value=type)@Retention (Value=runtime)@Documented@ComponentPublic @interface ConfigurationIndicates that a class declares one or more @Bean methods and may is processed by the Spring container to generate Bean de Finitions and service

Using RSA, MD5 to generate signatures and checks on parameters

Label: In the daily work, we provide external interface or call the three-party interface is often a step to generate a signature or verification, this step is mainly to verify that the caller is is not legal and whether the content

OpenCV image recognition from zero to proficient (-----) Hough Transform to detect lines and circles

Label:Today is to see the Hough transformation, commonly used to detect lines and circles, here is the common Cartesian coordinate system into polar coordinates, the maximum value of cumulative peak, determined. Houghlines,Houghlinesp,houghcircles,

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