awk, count the number of occurrences of each IP address in the Secure.log in the number of IPs that cracked your password |access.log

Tags: log target width Hebrew Center Chinese close Oldboy Clickcount the number of occurrences of each IP that cracked your password in Secure.logawk ' /failed password/{h[$ (NF-3)]++}end{for (Pol in h) print Pol,h[pol]} ' secure-20161219 | Sort

Quick video: Stealing the B-station database? 360 of the normal operation.

Tags: blog evaluation competition This software deleted 360 security guard Design InfoTransferred from: days, some up owners are surprised to find that their videos and the same user IDs appear on a video

The "ORACLE12C" Deployment service establishes the user and the problems encountered in building the database and some new features of 12C

Tags: Oracle issuesThis is an Oracle small white unbearable torture, struggling to make, the cost of painstaking efforts.Differences between ORACLE12C and 11g versionsA problem was encountered while creating the user (my findings are based on the

Database Learning

Tags: select cap name show begin structure exist join refCREATE TABLE ' class ' (' CID ' int (one) not NULL auto_increment,' caption ' varchar (+) not NULL,PRIMARY KEY (' CID ')) Engine=innodb auto_increment=5 DEFAULT Charset=utf8;-- ----------------

"DB2" DB2 command export and Import

Tags: ext com any hang TCO back mes parameter sofEnvironment preparation1. Create a new table[Email protected]:~> DB2 "CREATE TABLE TB1 (ID int,dt timestamp,name varchar (100))";db20000i the SQL command completed successfully.2. Inserting

DB2 Performance Optimization – How to optimize lock escalation by adjusting lock parameters

Tags: database DB21, Concept descriptionThe so-called lock upgrade (lock escalation), is a mechanism of the database, in order to save memory overhead, it will be a large number of high-resource-intensive fine-grained locks into a small amount of

(013) Daily SQL Learning: Determine the number of workdays between two dates and calculate the number of dates in a year week

Tags: title URL mon ttl Date select class Sum when1. Determine the number of workdays between two dates--Determine the number of workdays between two datesWith x0As(Select To_date (‘2018-01-01‘,‘Yyyy-mm-dd‘)As DateFromDualUnionAllSelect To_date (‘201

"Sqli-labs" Less22 cookie injection-error based-double quotes-string (Error-based double-quote character Cookie injection)

Tags: CTI double str. com abs info ble sed ringThe injected process and less 20 211-like, the use of this closed cookie double quote"Sqli-labs" Less22 cookie injection-error based-double quotes-string (Error-based double-quote character Cookie

linuxday12--disk storage and file system

Tags: xxx msdos Locating file information Enter specification array async min  First, Drive introductionMechanical HDD (HDD): Hard disk drive, which is the traditional ordinary hard disk, mainly by: platters, head, disc hinge and control motor, head


Tags: coding col SHA1 PAC init ASC end base64 encode i++1, MD5#import <CommonCrypto/CommonDigest.h>+ (NSString *) MD5: (NSString *) Input {Const Char*cstr =[input utf8string]; unsignedCharDigest[cc_md5_digest_length]; CC_MD5 (CSTR,

Into the pit ArchLinux

Tags: use case procedure guest ECIF wireless T permission config add extraUnder the strong accusation of big yachen and sorghum, I set foot on the arch this "no return". The installation of Linux Distribution,arch as a very high personal system is

An array of JS foundations

Tags: variable length das BSP OLE style Replace number deleteArrays: Arrays are values that use separate variable names to store a series of identical data types.One-dimensional array: ① empty array: var variable name = new Array ();/var variable

Springboot Log frame slf4j (use Logback to output logs and use)

Tags: write log resultset deny tap evel different base ASP pictures1, why use Logback?--System.out is not recommended for development because a large amount of usage increases the consumption of resources. Since the use of System.out is performed on

Sorting algorithm (9)--distribution sorting--distribution Sort [1]--counting sort--counter Sort

Tags: div span complete + + nts convenient col count sort n+11. Basic IdeasAssuming that the number of elements in the sequence is less than the number of element A is n, the A is placed directly on the first n+1 position. Make the appropriate

Json, array method, random function, array de-weight

Tags: object array de-weight not comparison implementation img Character shift SRCFirst, Json1Json (JavaScript object Notation, JS tag) is a lightweight data interchange format.2.Json Syntax rulesIn the JS language, everything is an object.

Win8 Tips for use

Tags: letter bsp traditional char xpl check sub-mail brief warningWindows 8 operating system believe that everyone is no longer unfamiliar, although the official version has not yet released, but a lot of friends have been using Microsoft's

(reprint) Win32 process creation, process snapshot, process termination use case

Tags: thread safe while apt effect creates height console use ImaWin32 process creation, process snapshot, process termination use caseProcess creation:1 #include <windows.h>2 #include <stdio.h>34IntMain ()5{6//Create open system with

Do not modify the system date and time format, to resolve the Delphi error hint ' ****-**-** ' is not a valid date and times

Tags: ICA log and cat str RTO blog ODA altIf the date format of the operating system is not the YYYY-MM-DD format, but is converted with strtodate (' 2014-10-01 '), the program will prompt the coarse ' ****-**-** ' is not a valid date and

ORM Framework Petapoco API

Tags: clean LTM cut end provider EXE time etc TCOPetapoco Database api#region idisposablepublic void Dispose () #endregion #regionConstructorsPublic database () public database (IDbConnection connection) public database (string connectionString,

Delphi 7 validating XML legitimacy (using DTDs, XSD)

Tags: document settings Encoding save case document reference types dragXML with the correct syntax is called "well-formed" XML. XML that is validated by a DTD is "legitimate" XML. The role of a DTD (document type definition) is to define a

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