PL/SQL Developer usage tips, shortcut keys

Label:1, class SQL Plus Windows: File->new->command window, this is similar to Oracle's client tool SQL Plus, but it is much more useful.2, set the keyword automatic capitalization: tools->preferences->editor, will keyword case select

Ubuntu14.04+cuda7.5+anaconda2-4.0.0+matlab2014b+caffe from Scratch

Label:Ubuntu14.04+cuda7.5+anaconda2-4.0.0+matlab2014b+caffe from scratch Preface Took three days, from the installation of dual systems to install Caffe and compiled successfully, during the process of countless pits, visited dozens of csdn

Common algorithms for machine learning---2016/7/19

Label:Machine learning is a core skill of the data analyst advanced Step. Share the article about machine learning, no algorithms, no code, just get to know machine learning quickly!--------------------------------------------------------------------

Spring MVC3 Principle Tutorial and its framework construction example

Label:Original:Spring MVC3 Principle Tutorial and its frame construction exampleHttp://, preface:Hello everyone, Spring3 mvc is a very good MVC framework, since it was released in the 3.0 release, now

Win 10 Development first step: building the development environment

Label:Win 10 is a brand new platform that also marks the unification of Microsoft. With the release of Win, VS2015, universal applications will enter our lives. For the students who want to learn win 10 development, this is an opportunity, WIN10 is

HDU 5778 ABS (brute Force enumeration)

Label:AbsTime limit:2000/1000 MS (java/others) Memory limit:131072/131072 K (java/others)Total submission (s): 399 Accepted Submission (s): 140Problem Descriptiongiven A number x, ask positive integer y≥2, that satisfy the following conditions:1.

hdu-5778 ABS (brute Force enumeration)

Label:Topic Links:AbsTime limit:2000/1000 MS (java/others)Memory limit:131072/131072 K (java/others)Problem Descriptiongiven A number x, ask positive integer y≥2, that satisfy the following conditions:1. The absolute value of y-x is minimal2. To

Integer to Roman && 13. Roman to Integer && 273. Integer to 中文版 Words

Label:Integer to RomanGiven an integer, convert it to a Roman numeral.Input is guaranteed to being within the range from 1 to 3999.Hide TagsMath StringHide Similar Problems(E) Roman to Integer (H)-Integer to 中文版 Words Public classSolution {

Understanding parent class references to child class objects

Label:Java polymorphism, how to understand parent class references to child class objectsTo understand polymorphism, you first need to know what is "upward transformation".I defined a subclass cat, which inherits the animal class, and the latter is

Microsoft Office 2003 SP3 and Microsoft Office Professional Plus SP1 Vol Perfect Coexistence installation Tutorial

Tags: Microsoft Office 2010 installs Microsoft Office 2003 coexistenceMicrosoft Office 2003 SP3 and Microsoft Office Professional Plus SP1 Vol Perfect Coexistence installation Tutorial1. Installation Version PreparationRecommended download genuine

Telephone SPC-dcs168tv-common commands

Tags: telephone switch billion Thai1. recording : * 107 *4*# telephone transfer corresponding line:Playback: ①*107*4# 1701-88888888 ②*421*1*6# 1702-866666662. If you need an outside call to listen to the recording:*202*0*0*01# "Beep"*202*0*0*02#

4. Advanced Queries and functions

Label:I. DML, functions, advanced queries--Unlock for Scott userssql> alter user Scott account unlock;The user has changed.--Set the password for ScottSql> alter user Scott identified by Tiger;The user has changed.--Switch user

[Tai Machine learning note finishing] As a result of the generalization of the mapping relationship

Label:L5In the last lesson, it is possible to list the howding inequalities for a finite set of hypothesis assumptions as follows:In the process of machine learning, we have to ensure that Ein and eout are relatively close, on the other hand in

At Hkust for the first six months

Label:Recorded in: 2016.1.32016 years to hkust 5 months to write but has not written tomorrow Test English tonight how can not read the book casually write a summary of this 5 months5 months to study for 1200 hours 5*30*8=1200 seniors said that an

UTF-8 Coding Rules

Label:UTF-8 is a Unicode implementation, that is, its byte structure has special requirements, so we say that a Chinese character range is 0x4e00 to 0x9fa5, refers to the Unicode value, as for the utf-8 in the code to be organized by three of bytes,

Famine MoD LUA Programming 0 Basic Primer

Label:ObjectiveThe original posted in the Famine game bar, in order to make the article more targeted, the original cut and streamlined. This paste is mainly for programming 0 basic Modder to explain some of the basics of programming. As for the

LTE downlink Physical layer transport mechanism (6)-Downlink resource allocation method (Resource Allocation Type)

Label:The resource allocation of downlink RB (Resource Allocation) has three ways, namely resource allocation mode 0, resource allocation Method 1 and resource allocation Method 2. In the previous post, "LTE downlink Physical layer transport


Label:As a dead coder, the most common action of the day is to look at the various API documents, you must have also opened n Windows (HTML, PDF, CHM), constantly switch between the editor and the document feeling it? How to say that, in fact, I

POP3, full name "Post Office Protocol-version 3", or "Post Office Protocol version 3"

Label: POP3 Lock This entry is compiled and applied to the scientific entry of "Science China" encyclopedia. POP3, full name is "Post Office Protocol-version 3", which is "Post Office Protocol version 3". is a member of

File permissions

Tags: file permissionsPermissions for filesWhen you run the following command:[Email protected] ~]# LL/ETC/PASSWDThe following results appear:-rw-r--r--. 1 root root 1933 may 11:14/etc/passwdThe explanations are as follows:1)-Represents the file

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