How to draw polygon in Flash MX

First, with transform panel We take positive Pentagon as an example 1, create a new file, in the scene to draw a straight line, press F8 into the film, the center as the upper left corner, as shown in Figure 1 Figure 1: The center is set in the uppe

In Flash, the effect of thickness change stroke

This paper mainly introduces the method of using mouse to simulate the stroke effect of the pressure pen with the thickness change in flash.We know that the pressure-sense pen is a professional graphic designer commonly used as an auxiliary design to

J2ME in the time processing in the whole strategy

Introduction time processing in the development of the program is quite common, the following for the time to do a simple explanation. The way of expression of time There are two ways of expressing time in J2ME: 1, and GMT1970 year January 1 Midnight

Flash Create QQ Magic expression "Pray" super detailed diagram

In the New QQ Chat window click on the "Select expression" icon, you will see the expression list of more than a "Magic expression" tab page. This is the new launch of the QQ magic expression, its different from the previous QQ expression, QQ magic e

Balancing security and functional authoring for secure Web2.0 applications

web|web2| Security Developers must weigh the relationship between security and functionality to see how likely an attack is to succeed and how important the system is. Developers can use many basic principles to enhance the security of Web applicatio

Domain Name Query Code announcement

Domain Name Query Code announcement<?phpNetwork Technology Director motto: Three people line, it must have my teacher Yan. Http://www.ctohome.comThis code can be said to be very smart, I changed a small part to make it easier to use.$moreinfolist

[Original]windows2003 manual Installation configuration php5 detailed guide

php5|window|windows2003| Original Today, the server for the configuration of PHP environment, the first in Baidu to collect some relevant information for reference, and then began to manually configure the PHP5 environment (personal more like green w

Lao Zhang's Moving Company (1)

Objective SEMWATCH5 at the end of the party, punk prepared a very interesting question, but did not have time to start, because the problem is a bit big. The problem is this: "For the vast number of small and medium-sized enterprises in the country

Oracle9i Full-Text search technology

oracle| Full-Text search technology is one of the key technologies of intelligent information Management, Oracle text as a component of Oracle9i provides a powerful Full-text search function, using oracle9i to do background database, you can fully us

Configuration of Zend Studio 6.1.2 under Fedora

Zend Studio is a very powerful tool for our phper, and he can often make our work more inefficient, today to record the daily use of very useful configuration, to help more phper improve the efficiency of the work. 1, configure the server. If we wan

Design perspective: Collect design leads and collect customer information

The following scenarios are still ubiquitous in our design services today: Customer: "Please help me design a website!" ”Designer: "OK, please give me design requirements and project plan." ”Customer: "We need a more stylish website." ”Designer: "I'

On Soap

With the development of computer technology, the environment of modern enterprises is becoming more and more complex, and most of its information system is a complex system with multiple platforms and multiple systems. This requires that today's ente

Security tips: Configuring IIS 4.0 certificate Authentication

Configuring IIS 4.0 Certificate Authentication Ramon Ali Windows NT Magazine-February 1999 Use Certificate Server 1.0 (Certificate Server 1.0) as Certificate Authority Wouldn't it be nice if you could give trusted users access to encrypted websit

Vbscript-jscript: Who's afraid of who?

Js|jscript|vbscript Guide Which language is better for VBScript and JScript in an ASP environment? This article tests the time required by both scripting languages to complete common operations, analyzes their strengths and weaknesses, and draws some

Design Theory: Touch screen button size and space design

In the touch-screen button design, size has a huge impact on usability. ISO and ANSI standards recommend the size of 0.75 "x 0.75" (x 19 mm), and a study from the Department of Psychology at Wright State University also shows that the 0.75 "x 0.75" b

How to prevent the reading of WML pages from cache

cache| page when a WML page is downloaded to a WAP device, it is saved in the WAP device memory for a period of time until the time expires. After that, the page is downloaded from the server, not from the cache of the WAP device. This process is cal

Flash ActionScript 3 new features and changes

This article describes the new features and changes that ActionScript 3 has in relation to ActionScript 2. And in the last step of the article to teach you how to use Flex Builder to compile and run the first AS3 program.   Syntax enhancements and ch

Research on enterprise website search Engine optimization strategy

First, competitor analysis Analyze and study the link strategy and content layout of competitor website, help to find out the strong and weak link of competitor website, can not only see the gap between the two sides, find out the breach of the comp

Sina blog seconds receive seconds update snapshot is how to refine the

All say independent domain name is high, today easy SEO will use their own Sina blog to show gestures, I Sina blog now can reach seconds and seconds update snapshot. No more nonsense to say there are pictures for the card:      

AS3.0 Overview – Understanding the changes in AS3.0

With the introduction of some relevant data to as3.0, one might think that it is another language. Where is the fundamental change, and what is it? Now we need to relax a little bit. If you are familiar with as2.0, then it changes not very much, and

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