Share Dry Goods: a short time to improve Baidu's weight requirements

I believe that webmaster will be more concerned about the site Baidu weight, although the use of Baidu weight to measure a site a bit one-sided, but the webmaster can not ignore. Below, I simply share some of my personal views, to share, a short time

HTTP status Code 2XX, 3XX, 4XX, 5XX analysis

Returns an HTTP status code that is the state of the server displayed on your Web site in response to a request, for example: • When a user accesses a Web page in a browser. • When search engine spiders crawl the page. The HTTP status code is five

A list of differences from Beta2 to RTM

Just finished downloading RC3 This may be useful to everyone. To visit: Good luck! Change List:beta 2 to build RTM The following document contains a list of t

"Reprint" on the garbage collection mechanism

Reproduced from the "Rain Forum" Original: Software_young ----------------------Reprint started------------------------ The so-called garbage collection mechanism, refers to the memory and the various variables or the target memory used in the relea

Insider of Microsoft's net Search engine (Turn)

Larry Jordan, developer Michael Ruggiero and Michael Stanton of Microsoft Search Development and the. NET Framework Project manager Hari Sekhar secretly built a. NET technology based Microsof T Web site search engine new version. To date, only a smal

Do not focus too much on the main keyword and ignore the long tail keyword

may be concerned about the recent blog less, update is not very frequent, there is no focus to do Jingzhou seo this word, ranking a bit down. I didn't want to do it again, it didn't feel necessary, basically there is no traffic, so now also do not ca

14th Chapter [". NET Framework Program design" Reading notes]

. NET Framework | notes | procedures | design | Array 14th Chapter Array. Content Summary: This chapter discusses all aspects of the array and makes an in-depth study of this common type. An overview of the array Three types: one-dimensional a

Talking about the misunderstanding of the novice stationmaster to the false original

As search engines become more humane. The standard for a website is also getting higher. But now there are a lot of stationmaster do not know this existence. The user experience of a website has a very important impact on the ranking of the site. Reg

Strategies for Improving Web page optimization for user experience analysis

As we all know, the user experience in the search engine weight straight, constantly improving, how to do site optimization for their own sites, is the most critical aspect of user experience, because the main key words often flow is very limited, re

Experience Baidu drop right 30 days to see how I restore weight

Hello, everyone, I'm here to see you again today. Recently busy to do weight recovery, has been very tired, but after my 30 days of hard work, these tired of the illusion in order to succeed, is also very worth a happy thing, my small station experie

Each. NET developers should download 10 of essential tools

Download this article discussion: • NUnit used to write unit tests • NDoc for creating code document data • NAnt used to build the solution • Codesmith for generating code • FxCop for monitoring code • Snippet Compiler for compiling small

2015-2016 Tencent H5 Advertising case Collection

1. Tencent read: Reading a book now is too difficult The H5 of books always lacks new ideas ... And this simple and elegant content of the works but create a point so that you immersed experience, as

How do I get access auto numbering to start with 1 sorting implementation method

Access database auto numbering starts at 1-How to get access auto numbering sorted again from 1, so it's confusing, so gather up some practical methods that will help you Method One: Delete the Auto

Access2007 Basic Tutorial: 5 Steps Design Method

Don't waste the effect of data types When you want to store digital data, you might want to specify a numeric data type. Before you do so, please consider the purpose of the data first. For example,

sql2012 Restore sql2008 backup file statement

--sql2012 Restore SQL2008 Statement --Select master database, new query enter SQL statement below --Select compatibility mode (SQL 2008) to create DATABASE db RESTORE DATABASE DB From DISK = ' D:d

7 Tips for sharing optimized page loading speed

First, optimize the picture There are hardly any pages where there is no picture. If you have experienced the age of 56K cats, you will not like a lot of pictures of the site. Because it takes a lot

Batch Modify field instances in Access 2003

Although now because of the data storage capacity, data processing speed needs, access has gradually exited the family of relational databases, but for many schools and remote computer systems in part

Win7 sleep disorder

The weather is hot, electricity is also more nervous, many friends in need to leave the computer for a period of time, usually choose to let the computer into the sleep state, on the one hand can save

MSSQL 18052 Error: 9003, severity: 20, Status: 1

Problem phenomenon: System log files (Control Panel – Admin tools – System log) You can find the following two errors: 17052: Unable to recover master database. is exiting. 18052: Error: 9003, s

Separation and addition of MSSQL Server2000 database

If your database system is installed on a system disk (such as C disk), because C disk is vulnerable to viruses, you may want your data to be stored on a non-system disk (such as D disk), which is ver

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