Sqlmap's tampering bypasses WAF

Label:space2comment.pyReplaces space character (') with comments '/**/' example:* input:select ID from users* output:select/**/id/**/from/**/ userstested against:* Microsoft SQL Server 2005* MySQL 4, 5.0 and 5.5* Oracle 10g* PostgreSQL 8.3, 8.4,

Two ways to set the database compatibility level and the difference

Label:Ext.: http://blog.csdn.net/htl258/article/details/5696325--Two ways to set the database compatibility level--To set up compatible SQL Serve 2005 as an example--Law One:ALTER DATABASE database_name SET compatibility_level = 90GO--Law II:EXEC sp_

[SVN (Ubuntu)] SVN View history Details

Label:Reprint: http://lee2013.iteye.com/blog/1074457The following content is useful for viewing code changes in the Ubuntu command line.SVN view historical Information The SVN command allows you to remove past versions, or specific changes made by a

O (1) Time complexity reverse stack and sort stack

Tags: c programming c + + algorithm stackBoth of these operations are recursive implementations, Hanoi thought.1. Reverse Stackvoid Reversestack (stack& stack) { if (stack. Count = = 0) return; Object top = stack. Pop ();

Unity3d using Mask in Ngui

Tags: 3d game development Unity3d Training Unity3d Game Unity Training Unity3d Learning Welcome to Unity Learning, unity training, Unity Enterprise training and education, there are many u3d resources, u3d training videos, u3d tutorials,

Unity3d Game Development 3DMAX Lighting

Tags: unity3d game Unity3d Training 3d game development Unity Training Unity3d LearningUnity3d Game Development 3DMAX Lighting Welcome to Unity Learning, unity training, Unity Enterprise Training Education Zone, there are many u3d resources,

Win 7 normal Home Edition IIS

Label:Every time a programmer comes into the job, it's almost always a matter of reloading the operating system, which is an easy battle:1) time is too long;2) Easy to encounter weird system behavior.1.win7 for untrimmed not on VS2012First installed

Leetcode---69. SQRT (x)

Tags: leetcode c + + math binary searchTitle Link: Sqrt (x)Implement int sqrt (int x).Compute and return the square root of X.The requirement for this problem is to implement the int sqrt (int x), which is the square root of the computed x.Consider

Next Generation Ntopng network traffic monitoring-Visualization and architecture analysis

Label:What ntopng can does for me? (http://www.ntop.org/products/ntop/) Sort network traffic according to many protocols Show network traffic and IPV4/V6 active hosts Store on disk persistent traffic statistics in RRD format Geolocate

Csdn-markdown Basic Syntax description

Tags: markdown format syntax html Overview Title Setext form ATX Form Chunk reference Divider Line Emphasize List Unordered list Ordered list Precautions Link

Cortex_m3_stm32 Embedded Learning Note (24): Memory management Experiment (dynamic memory)

Tags: stm32Children's shoes, which have been programmed with C language, must know something about dynamic management memory. That's not much of a benefit. Dynamic memory management for STM32 todayMemory management refers to the technology of

13.5.1 writing data to Excel

Tags: office interactive operations13.5.1 writing data to ExcelThe interop assemblies for Excel are standard. NET assemblies that can be referenced using #r directives in F # Interactive. After referencing an assembly, you can use the class to

10 minutes to understand character set and character encoding

Label:Original: http://cenalulu.github.io/linux/character-encoding/ Lu Junyi This article will briefly describe the concept of character set and character encoding. And some common diagnostic techniques when

Hadoop Family Learning Roadmap

Label:The Hadoop family of articles, mainly about the Hadoop family of products, commonly used projects include Hadoop, Hive, Pig, HBase, Sqoop, Mahout, Zookeeper, Avro, Ambari, Chukwa, and new additions to the project including, YARN, Hcatalog,

Various operating systems

Label:Perhaps most people know about windows, and maybe quite a few people know about Linux and even know about the conflicts between Linux and Windows. However, I am afraid I know very little about the operating system produced in China. Can

(Hdu step 6.1.7) Connect the Cities (the minimum cost of N-point connectivity in the case where some roads have been built)

Label:Topic: Connect the Cities Time limit:2000/1000 MS (java/others) Memory limit:32768/32768 K (java/others) Total submission (s): 391 Accepted Submission (s): 139 problem

Hdoj 1424 Rescue "BFS"

Tags: bfs priority_queueRescueTime limit:2000/1000 MS (java/others) Memory limit:65536/32768 K (java/others)Total Submission (s): 18493 Accepted Submission (s): 6606Problem Descriptionangel was caught by the moligpy! He was put into prison by

Financial card IC card knowledge 50 Q

Label:1. What is a financial IC card?The Financial IC card, also known as Chip bank card, is a bank card with chip as media. Chip card capacity, can store key, digital certificate, fingerprint and other information, its working principle is similar

Codeforces Round #165 (Div. 2)---D. Greenhouse Effect

Tags: dpEmuskald is a avid horticulturist and owns the world's longest greenhouse-it is effectively infinite in length.Over the years Emuskald have cultivated n plants in he greenhouse, of m different plant species numbered from 1 to M. His

Use conditional annotations to determine browser version to resolve page compatibility issues

Label:In IE8, IE9 may be good, when we in IE6, IE7 or other browsers to browse these pages, we may find that our page has been unrecognizable, then how to solve the compatibility problem, this article for everyone to the browser compatibility issues,

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