Data replication and integration between heterogeneous database and Sybase database through data replication

Sybase Replication Server Application Plan VI Replication servers support the replication of data between Sybase and non-Sybase databases, such as the Sybase replication agent, to obtain update transactions on the DB2 database on the IBM host and re

Teach you how to upgrade to SQL Anywhere 10 (8)

Upgrade Adaptive Server Enterprise, Oracle, or Microsoft SQL Server databases 1. If you upgrade from version 6.x, you need to run the Mobilink setup script that is located in the Mobilink\setup subdirectory under the SQL Anywhere installation direct

Sybase's experience and methodology in writing stored procedures

First, preface: After a period of storage process development, write down some of the development of the summary and experience to share with you, hope for everyone's benefit, mainly for Sybase and SQL Server database, but other databases should have

Usage of bcp

BCP is a tool that Sybase company provides for data backup at the level of database tables.Typically stored in the installed ASE or open Client Bin directory.The previous ASE,BCP storage directory for the 12 version is $SYBASE/bin12 Version (includin

Sybase 12.5 new features fully demonstrated

ASE12.5.0.3 new Features I. Performance Monitoring system table A new set of systems performance monitoring system tables, using the information in these system tables is very convenient for analyzing ASE server. These performance monitoring system

SYBASE 11.0.0 for SCO UNIX installation manual

SYBASE SYSTEM 11.0.0 for SCO UNIX 5.0.5 Installation Instructions 1. You must first determine that the NIC is properly configured on the system. 2. Log in as root, create Sybase user with scoadmin command, group belong to Sybase Once the above tw

Sybase's data type

When you create a table or declare a local variable, you must use the Sybase system predefined type. 1. Character type Char (n) VarChar (n) 2. Numeric type Integer type--integer SmallInt TinyInt Floating-point type--real float number[p,s] decima

Shanghai Bell Data Communication Cablelink 2000

Shanghai Bell Company's Cablelink Cable modem system provides high-speed asymmetric data communication services to users through the fiber coaxial hybrid network. The asymmetry of its connections requires high-speed communications in one direction, s

FreeBSD other related systems and organizations

Free use and free is the characteristic of FreeBSD, which can be expressed in English by using the word "freedom". This means that the user is not only free to use the system, but also to adapt to the software needs of their own changes, and can affe

Data Structure tutorial 18th class sequence representation and realization of array

Teaching Purpose: to grasp the definition of array, the order of Array representation method Teaching emphases: the definition of array, the order representation method of array Teaching Difficulty: the sequential representation method of arrays T

Data Structure tutorial 20th Class generalized table

Teaching Purpose: definition and storage structure of generalized table Teaching emphases: The operation and significance of the generalized table teaching Difficulties: Generalized table storage structure Teaching Content: Definition of a genera

Using the MD5 encryption method in WTL

I don't remember where I got a MD5 encryption class, because of the reason for development to use MD5 encryption in WTL, but this class is not directly used in the WTL (in the MFC it was a easy job), so I modified, and write this article, To facilita

Revelation of Windows7 cultivation

In the afternoon of April 17, 2009, a very rich garden-style clubhouse in Hangzhou, China, the American Bill Veghte is chatting with several Chinese media reporters, just under the fatigue of the plane has not lowered the Microsoft Senior Vice presid

Extended Win 7 probationary period with rearm command

The method of activation now has many methods in addition to the purchase of genuine series, but those free methods first violate Microsoft's use protocol. Many other methods are to use the replacement method, or brush the BIOS, this result is the co

Some of the check functions I've used

SHA1: OpenSSL provides a SHA1 library that can be invoked directly after OpenSSL is installed. MD5: The function prototype is shown in the attachment, where static void Mdfile (filename) is a MD5 checksum of the file, and the static void Mdstring

How to use ASPT in SSIS 2005

Problem We look forward to automating the processing of latitude and data cubes in SQL Server Analytics services. We want to add this process to an existing SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) pac

DOM4J Introduction and code example

DOM4J is an open source XML parsing package produced by DOM4J is an easy-to-use, open Source Library for Xml,xpath and XSLT. It is applied to the Java platform, with a Java collection frame

The colon and his students (serial 13)--A paradigm summary

Paradigm Summary To the essence and then to the good, to change and then pass its number --"Wen xin carving dragon · shensi" After the crowd took a seat, the colon began the fourth lecture: "We hav

Internationalizing in Struts 2.0 (i18n) your application

Internationalization is an integral part of a business system, so no matter what web framework you are learning, it is a skill that must be mastered. In fact, Struts 1.x has done quite well in this s

Generics feature usages for JDK 1.5

Generics is one of the most important features of JDK 1.5, and is primarily used to handle collection. The following code is passed in JDK 1.5 debugging. Code Instance package maoxiang

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