[Introduction to Commands in Sqlite3].help

Tags: c a http tar get widthInstallation of SQLite1. First is to download SQLite, you can download this page: http://www.sqlite.org/download.htmlThe latest version is: Sqlite-shell-win32-x86-3070701.zip This is the Windows SQLite command-line

[Ms-sql]20130806_localdb_dos command uses

Tags: des c class Blog Code aFor ease of management, LOCALDB provides a command-line-based database management tool, SqlLocalDB.exe. Here is the path to the SqlLocalDB.exe: %ProgramFiles%\Microsoft SQL Server\110\tools\binn You can

[MS-SQL]20130806_LOCALDB Installation

Tags: c a http COM usage dataInstallation Address:Https://www.microsoft.com/betaexperience/pd/SQLEXPNOCTAV2/enus/default.aspXhttp://www.microsoft.com/zh-cn/download/details.aspx?id=29062Introduced:Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Free Edition (Express)

11g ASM Single Instance DBCA error prcr-1006 crs-0259 prcr-1071

Tags: 11g asm Single Instance DBCA error prcr-1006 crs-0259 prcr-1071 11G ASM DBCA Error  prcr-1006 crs-0259  prcr-1071 When you create a single instance db using ASM, PRCR-1006 occurs when you run DBCA  :&

Nginx Source Analysis--gdb debugging

Tags: nginxDebug with Gdb[i]Nginx[ii] and the use of GDB debugging other programs are no different, but Nginx can be daemon program, can also be run in multiple processes, so the use of GDB debugging and usually a bit different. Of course, we can

The use of Ubuntu under Sqlite3 (will later talk about wxwidgets using sqlite3 development)

Tags: des c ext a int get1. Install sqlite3 Online First, try the command installation[Email protected]:~$ sudo apt-get install sqlite32. Test will appear after successful installation[Email protected]:~$ sqlite3SQLite version 3.7.9 2011-11-01 00:52:

Database Optimization-3 SQL

Tags: style strong data C using nameSQL tuning 1, avoid full table scan2, prevent index invalidation3, Replace in with exists4, do not use SELECT * FROM table_name, replace "*" with a specific field list, and do not return any fields that are not

Back-end system performance optimization (first quarter 3 SQL Optimization)

Tags: style blog class Code java EXTYesterday's blog shows you how to find bad code, how to gracefully implement an in-app monitoring program.Post Address: Backend system performance Optimization (first quarter 2 find bad code)Of course, after

Fix error:failed dependencies:libodbc.so.2 () error

Tags: libodbc.so.2 ()Install Zabbix times wrong[Email protected] ~]# RPM-IVH zabbix-server-mysql-2.2.3-1.el6.x86_64.rpm zabbix-web-mysql-2.2.3-1.el6.noarch.rpmWarning:zabbix-server-mysql-2.2.3-1.el6.x86_64.rpm:header V4 dsa/sha1 Signature, key ID

Kernel Linux0.00 analysis for multi-tasking

Tags: style blog class Code C tarRecently we have finally debugged the multi-tasking microkernel, and we have explained how to switch tasks in protected mode. Knowledge includes: GDT,IDT,LDT,TSS, clock Interrupt service, privilege level switching,

[NHibernate] Parent/child

Tags: des style blog Class Code javaSeries Articles[Nhibernate] Architecture[NHibernate] Isessionfactory Configuration[NHibernate] Persistence class (persistent Classes)[NHibernate] O/R Mapping Basics[NHibernate] Collection Class (collections)

Win7+ubuntu Dual System Installation

Tags: win7 ubuntuXp+ubuntu dual system can be referencedInstall ubuntu12.04 dual system on XP hard drive1, XP security no longer, finally will we mill people revolt, it is time to do a Win7+ubuntu dual system. Less nonsense, directly into the theme,

Win7 64bit VS2010 OpenCV 2.4.9 environment configuration

Tags: des style blog Class Code javaAuthor: ChingSince the recent face recognition needs to use OPENCV, let me start the OPENCV study.OpenCV 2.4.9:http://sourceforge.net/projects/opencvlibrary/Click on the download in the image to download.After

Will run CMD run as Administrator on Win7 taskbar

Tags: style class c tar ext http First in the desktop Blank place (no Desktop icon location), click the right mouse button, choose New--shortcut, such as:   Popup Create Shortcut window, enter the path and file name of Cmd.exe, is

Domineering side leakage of html5----canvas (1) API + Pinball Example

Tags: html canvasHTML5 is probably the most attractive new feature is the canvas drawing, strong to the future can basically replace the effect of flash in the Web page, the following to introduce the use of canvas:The basic graphics for HTML5

Win8 do not open and save the file through a new open window, click to display the text content, click to save the file

Tags: win8 win8 app win8 directly open the file content display to the page Win8 app directly save the file Win8 do not open and save the text through a new open windowOne of the previous blogs talked about opening and saving files by opening a new

Summary of basic permissions

Tags: script cat view modify files using File script language content viewRwxR the contents of the directory can be seen for the directory, that is, you can use LS to view the contents of the directoryThe ability to view content within a file for a

Data analysis Seventh: correlation analysis

Tags: test let value expected PNG statistics greater than two sizeCorrelation analysis is a basic method of data analyzing, it can be used to find the correlation between different variables, which refers to the similarity of the change between data,

Why browser User-agent always have Mozilla words

Tags: app center personal Microsoft OS X msi highlight ROI monk AmpAre you curious about the user-agent that identifies the browser identity, and why each browser has the Mozilla word?mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) applewebkit/537.36 (khtml,

DNS Domain name Resolution Service

Tags: parsing bubuko Modifying DNS mechanism IP address DNS server high Availability size iterationDNS Domain name Resolution Service2018 10 About 23rd GAOFirst, the DNS domain name resolution conceptClassification of DNS:1. cache domain Name Server

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