An extension of the Nim game--51nod 1661 game on the blackboard +la 5059 Playing with stones__ number theory

A few days ago did a topic, is a NIM game expansion, also can not say expand it, just say another common state. Problem Introduction: Given n heaps of stones, each stone has VI (1<=VI<=1E5), each can take a pile of some of the stones, so that t

Iptables's rule Syntax __input

A Basic syntax Iptables-t filter-a input-p icmp-j DROP Advanced syntax Iptables-t filter-a input-m mac–mac-source 00:1c:23:3b:2e:b1-j DROP Distinguish between advanced syntax and basic syntax: first the mechanism of the filter is provided by the Ipta

Table label Summary

One,table label: Define a table A simple table consists of a TABLE element and one or more TR (row label), th (table header cell label), TD (normal cell label) <table border=1> <tr> <th> header 1</th> <th> header 2<

Spark Shuffle module--suffle Read Process analysis __spark

Before you read this article, read the spark Sort Based Shuffle Memory analysis Spark Shuffle read Call stack is as follows:1. Org.apache.spark.rdd.shuffledrdd#compute ()2. Org.apache.spark.shuffle.shufflemanager#getreader ()3. Org.apache.spark.shuff

IP headers, TCP headers, UDP headers and definitions __ network related

First, Mac frame header definition /* Data frame definition, first 14 bytes, tail 4 bytes * *typedef struct _MAC_FRAME_HEADER{Char m_cdstmacaddress[6]; Destination MAC AddressChar m_csrcmacaddress[6]; SOURCE MAC AddressShort M_ctype; The previous lay

Ionic tab TAB use Collation (iii) _ionic

First, ion-tabs instruction + Routing usage example 1. Routing Configuration Angular.module (' Ionicapp ', [' Ionic ']). config (function ($stateProvider, $urlRouterProvider) {$stateProvider. State (' tabs ', {url: "/tab", Abstract:true, Tem

Text Affective Classification---Building lstm (depth learning model) to do text affective classification code-application Layer-algorithm application

Source: 901d5e55971349697e023f196037675d&chksm= 84da48beb3adc1a886e2a0d9d45ced1e8d89d4add88a9b6595f21784fcc461938b19a7385684&mpshare=1&scene=23& Src

Font awesome-a style of hanging sky icon Plug-in Chinese full introduction _font

This is a plugin is not required to introduce a picture only a font file can make very many beautiful icon plug-ins, and these icons are vector, can be infinitely magnified, and can change the color, fort ...Note that to look at the content must use

1968, Alan Kay put forward Dynabook vision _ graphic

1968, Alan Kay puts forward dynabook ideas"Notebook sized computer loaded with multimedia and can store everything"Will be a book-like, both portable and interactive functions of the multi-media personal computer, its main specifications are as follo

Motan Learning notes four Motan Demo yar analysis _dubbo

Motan Learning notes a micro-blogging lightweight RPC Framework MotanMotan Learning notes two Motan architecture analysisMotan Learning notes three Motan Demo analysisThe Yar analysis of Motan learning notes four Motan DemoMotan Learning notes Five o

Some songs you must have heard, but you can't say a name. _tree

1.toro-Forget the Love (the theme song) Oh, people handsome song also good to hear, well gifted ~ ~ ~ I like very much, because really is a good class ~ ~ ~ Hey, exaggerated point) Streets I WanderLight on.The cold, cold mist, the wind is blowingWatc

2-11 integer Array A1

Analysis of the problem, only to determine whether there are Ai = i in an array of integers, you can instead judge the linear array of integers, and (Ai = i is an over the origin of a line with a slope of 1) whether there is a point of intersection.

"Recommended" HyperLedger fabric environment construction, testing and precautions [detailed instructions] [pro-Test effective]

System: Ubuntu16.04 LTSFirst, the Environment Preparation 1.1 Ubuntu installs the Crul sudo Install Curl Curl is an open source file Transfer tool that works with URL syntax in the command line mode. It is widely used in Unix, multiple Linux

The right posture for cloud computing interaction designers

This article from the NetEase cloud community Li Tianli A lot of designers have been talking to me lately, what's the difference between doing cloud computing interaction design and other designers? I actually do not know how to answer, can

Access denied for user ' root ' @ ' IP ' (using Password:yes) workaround

Tags: aced rem Step default input console management ini passwordIn the course of using MySQL, the problem of "Access denied for user ' root ' @ ' IP ' (using Password:yes)" has been modified with the following statement.GRANT all privileges on * *

Basic SQL commands

Tags: database rac CTE character Lib drop desc Sele ase1. Rules for using SQL commands1, each order must be; End2. SQL command does not distinguish between letter case3. Use \c to terminate the execution of the current command2, the management of

Kids learn data structure (1): The chain list solution, array solution and mathematical formula solution of Joseph Ring

Tags: round victim mes assumes ext computer structure OTA efficiencyThe chain list solution, array solution and mathematical formula solution of Joseph RingJoseph Ring (Josephus) was raised by ancient Roman historian Joseph Josephus, who

Java8 new features of Lambda

Tags: java date ext attribute expression Call number of span DivFirst, what is lambdaIn function programming, we often pass methods as parameters, so that they are not only structurally clear but also easier to organize a good code structure. For

Springboot JPA One-to-many correlation query, dynamic complex query de-duplication in statement use

Tags: name Select region Query repeat data exe Roo Tor writingObjective: To inquire the book information according to the published area of the bookImplementation steps:1 Entity ConfigurationOne: Books Information bookMany: Regional information

---factorial algorithm of recursive thought

Tags: recursive boundary conditions-o procedure to understand the color function formula--About factorial Here's a quick explanation.What is factorial?1X2X3X4X3 {5! Here's5! is calledThe factorial of 5, which is called Factorial, is named because

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