Basic techniques for writing viruses

The preparation of the virus is a kind of advanced technology, the real virus generally have: infectious, hidden (also known as latent), destructive. Now there are many kinds of viruses, such as the usual infection of executable files of viruses, ma

Segment tree, interval update, bitwise operation: Poj2777count Color

DescriptionChosen Problem solving and program design as a optional course, you is required to solve all kinds of problems. Here, we get a new problem. There is a very long board with length L centimeter, L was a positive integer, so we can evenly div

Infogan Introduction

What we are sharing today is the Infogan of NIPS2016. The goal of this paper is to obtain a decomposed feature representation through unsupervised learning. Use Gan plus maximize the generated picture and input the mutual information between the enco

Yaml Learning

Transferred from: Yet another Markup Language[Mindmap][Reference Document]YAML specificationYAML Data type descriptionSummaryThe purpose of YAML designYaml Description: [Notes, documents, d

IntelliJ idea output Print System.out.println () shortcut keys

Accustomed to using SYSO in Eclipse, it is not customary to start with idea. It's an advantage of idea to enter sout directly in idea, to automatically prompt, not to alt+/like eclipse. Sout look at the picture: Press TAB or ENTER to appear

Solaris under GCC installation

Technorati Tags: Solaris, gcc Solaris under GCC installation 1 view Sun OS version uname-a command to view the system version. Know is SunOS 5.8. SunOS 5.8 is called Solaris 8 SunOS 5.9 is called Solaris 9, then there is no 5.x, to the Solaris 10 ...

The Solaris GCC installation

1 Viewing the Sun OS versionuname-a command to view the system version. Know is SunOS 5.8. SunOS 5.8 is called Solaris 8 SunOS 5.9 is called Solaris 9, then there is no 5.x, to the Solaris 10 ... 2 Installing GCC1. Download gcc-3.4.6-sol8-sparc-local

Spring Boot 2.0.0 Reference Manual _ Chinese version _part iv_24

Article Author: TyanBlog: |  CSDN | Jane Book 24. External configuration Spring boot allows you to perform an externalized configuration, so you can run the same application code in different environments. You can use attribute fil


The size of the computer stores information, the most basic unit is byte, a Chinese character consists of two bytes, letters and numbers are composed of a byte. Units of capacity are from small to large: bytes (B), KB, MB, GB, TB. The relationship

Decimal, 16 binary, BCD Mutual

Output: // Returns: int rslt converted decimal data // Train of thought: hexadecimal the range of decimal digits represented by each character bit is 0 ~255, and the system is 256. Left 8-bit (<<8) equivalent multiplied by 256 // //////////////

Iso8859-1, UTF-8 and GB2312

What's the difference between Unicode, UTF-8 and iso8859-1? 1. This article mainly includes the following aspects: Coding basic Knowledge, Java, System software, URL, tool software and so on.In the following description, for example, "Chinese" two w

Build the SPRINGMVC framework from scratch and the simplest Hello World Instance __ Framework

1Java Environmental Requirements: 1.1JDK 1.6 Download is: Jdk1.6.0_45-windows-x64.exe Installation path: Unzip the JDK after downloading, my decompression path is: C:\Program Files (x86) \java Add environment variables, A, property name: Java_home

Node.js Common Module __js

In the first 100 dependent libraries, underscore is a language base class, Express is the server framework, there are 5, 6 test framework, and 5, 6 recursive directory Tree Tool class, 3 or so command-line parsing tool class, 3 mainstream database li

Sina Weibo error code Encyclopedia

For the heart of a young man who needs to enjoy everything, it does not take a price to get happiness. 1, "Sina Weibo error code encyclopedia" 304 Not Modified: No rarity was returned. Bad Request: The request data is illegal, or crosses the plea fre

User-defined labels

In the Java EE Project, JSP pages often insert dynamic content by embedding scriptlets in a static page template. However, as complex programs grow, JSP pages become unmanageable. While developing small projects in this way is readily available, scri

The regular expression of "turn" in simple and simple Way (i) __ Regular expressions

Objective: Six months ago, I was interested in regular expressions, found a lot of information on the Internet, read a lot of tutorials, and finally in the use of a regular expression tool Regexbuddy to find his tutorial written very well, can be sai

Usage of GCC gdb

usage of gcc gdb Introduces the basic usage of GCC and GDBObjective Linux distributions contain a lot of software development tools. Many of them are used in C and C + + application development. This article describes the tools that can be used for

Install LUA error

1. download at the website Download Address 2. Upload to Linux 3. Installation [Root@centos lua-5.2.3]# make /do ' make PLATFORM ' where PLATFORM are one of these: AIX ANSI BSD FreeBSD Gener IC Linux macosx min

Some summaries of ARM assembly instructions

ARM assembly instructions are many, but the real use is not a lot, but also need to seriously think about less. More useful is MOV B BL LDR STR or through the specific assembly code to learn it.       @ Disable Watch dog ti

Unicode data types

In SQL Server databases, data types are divided into two categories, Unicode data types and non-Unicode data types. In general, if the information stored in the database has multiple languages, I recommend that you use Unicode data types instead of n

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