Quickly transform XML files through XSL

XML can only focus on the description of data and file formats, and the display aspect of the work is given to the typesetting style sheet. Layout style sheet: CSS and XSL. Where XSL is well-suited for XML. Recently, I like XML programming, but also

Meta Tags detailed introduction

Meta is an auxiliary label for the HTML language Head area. Using meta tags in almost every web page can have unexpected results. Meta is an auxiliary label for the HTML language Head area. In almost all of the pages, we can see HTML code similar to

How to understand the semantic HTML structure

HTML structure is the skeleton of the page, a page is like a house, the HTML structure is steel reinforced concrete walls, a house if there is no steel reinforced concrete walls that is a pile of bricks, can not live people, can not work. I believe w

Using Iscroll to implement an infinite loop of focus graphs

Now everyone should have seen the focus of the results of the rotation, the effect of what I do not have screenshots. Practicing yesterday, the practice requirement is to use Iscroll to achieve infini

Tips for Getting Started with Photoshop: 16 PS Experience Tips

1.alt/ctrl+delete fill foreground and background colors also apply to shape layers and text layers; 2. Set the grid line spacing of 64px, the number of subnets is 32px, and then to the grid design, favorable from the Rentia equipment to accurately t

UNIX-based Web server Security Guide

UNIX-based Web server Security Guide One. Security vulnerabilities Vulnerabilities on Web servers can be considered in the following ways: 1. Secret files, directories, or important data that you do not have access to on a Web server. 2. When send

On the gradual decay of the micro-quotient in the circle of friends

The micro-letter advertisement of the Circle of Friends is fire for a while, along with the output of micro-letter, all the road to the great God around marketing marketing, chicken soup, the article of Chicken soup, Agent recruitment agent, a thrivi

Discuss the principles and techniques of website keyword selection

I believe that a lot of webmaster friends know to promote a flow of keywords, you are the first to go to Baidu to check the word Baidu index, for I just launched a new station, you can Baidu index lower the first to do, and so on after the promotion,

jquery Common Methodology Basics Tutorial

Attribute:$ ("P"). AddClass (CSSThe style defined inclassType); Add a style to an element$ ("img"). attr ({src: "test.jpg", alt: "Test Image"}); Add attribute/value to an element, parameter is map$ ("img"). attr ("src", "test.jpg"); Add an attribute/

jquery Tutorial Examples and demo 2

Tutorials | sample |jquery DOM OperationsPropertyWe take <img id= "a" scr= "5.jpg"/> As an example, in the original JavaScript can use Var O=document.getelementbyid (' a ') to take the ID of a node object, When you use O.SRC to get or modify th

Full client script solution for Chinese garbled XMLHTTP gethtml page

xml| Solution | client | page | chinese | Chinese garbled It is often said that they use the XMLHTTP process, always for the Chinese garbled problem trouble. I looked up some information, and I was disappointed that we were using ASP server-side tech

Web page Layout Tutorial: The use of BFC and margin Collapse

Article Introduction: deep understanding of BFC and margin Collapse. Understanding and application of BFCFirst of all, let's look at the interpretation of BFC by the rules of the world's standard, in fact, we always suggest to look for the

It's time to use Filter:drop-shadow.

A few days ago in doing a project, use the Shadow, shadow is a direction all have, so wrote a big Tuo Box-shadow to realize, and then today see Bricss said Filter:drop-shadow, suddenly enlightened. The implementation of the specific need not be deta

Understanding document.all[]:D OM Document Object model

Article Introduction: talking about document.all and Web Standard. 1, DOMWeb standards are now hot and hot, but here's a document.all[that doesn't meet the standard. Dom--document object model, which provides a way to access document objec

jquery Plug-in--Multilevel Linkage menu

Introduction Development, there are many places to use the Linkage menu, each time before the linkage menu to write again, the code reuse rate is very low, a few days ago again encountered the problem of linkage menu, summed up, found that can develo

Call, apply && bind, currying

Brief summary: Apply (): Call the function as a method of the specified object, passed to it is the specified argument array--function.apply (thisobj, args) or function.apply (thisobj, args) Bind (): main function: Bind a function to an object, retu

Form validation code instance: Jquery.validate.js Form Validation Plug-in

Article Introduction: easy to use jquery form verification plug-in--jquery.validate.js. Jquery.validate.js is a validation plug-in for jquery, and with the advantage of jquery, we can quickly validate some of the common inputs and expand

Lazy Seminar: ClassName's long name VS. Short naming

From the 2009.11.26 lazy session of the PK Hall, a lot of harvest, pretending to this record. PPT Links To tell you the truth, I think there is something to discuss when I see this topic, which is certainly a one-sided discussion. Because individua

Word Wrap FAQ

Source from We often need to "fix" a cliché "bug", which is the text of the automatic line wrapping problem. In professional terms, this expected rendering is called "word wrap", which means that the text processor is capable of automatically upload

"Pearl milk Tea Gang" one anniversary collection sharing

Creativity, openness, challenge, passion, harvest, growth, if you do not realize these contents in the Pearl Milk tea gang, I can tell you clearly that you are a rotten wood. Yes! Pearl Milk Tea help set up the first anniversary, the review process,

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