Log4net Save custom information to the database

Label:OverviewLog4net it is easy to save your own definition information to a text file and a database, but this information sometimes does not meet our requirements, for example: I want to have some more attribute values, and I'm not dying at this

PL/SQL Code authoring rules

Tags: PL/sql1. Naming rules for identifiers When you use identifiers in PL/SQL to define variables, constants, the identifier name must begin with a character and cannot exceed 30 characters in length. In addition, to improve the readability of the

SQL Anywhere Database Unconventional recovery Tool READASADB usage Introduction

Tags: Open db file Readasa SybaseSQL Anywhere database non-routine recovery toolREADASADB---an industry-leading recovery tool that does not rely on database management systems to extract data directly from DB Files!I. Introduction to SQL Anywhere,

(DS "Algorithmic Competition Primer Classic") LA 3644 x-plosives (and collection)

Label:Problem Solving Ideas:and check SetA Secret Service developed a new kind of explosive that attain it volatile property only when a specificAssociation of products occurs. Each product was a mix of different simple compounds, to which weCall a

What do you do when your Mac appears in a gray screen of five languages?

Tags: mac five languages Apple Store disk restartAfter cleaning the file with CleanMyMac2, the Mac crashes, forcing the shutdown to enter the gray screen after the restart, and five languages appear. After restarting your Mac and holding down the

Rman_ Study notes 5_rman Duplicate copy

Label:Ready to be sortedFor a version upgrade of a database based on a production environment or to test the performance and impact of a new application, backup recovery, and so on, we can clone it locally from the production environment without

Design pattern in a comprehensible way--factory method Mode (Factory methods)

Label:IntroducedIn the simple factory model, we mentioned that the factory method pattern is an extension of the simple factory pattern, which belongs to the design pattern in the Gof23 design pattern. It still solves the problem of creating objects

Cvcanny function of Image edge detection--OPENCV

Label:Cvcanny function of Image edge detection--OPENCVCategory: C/void Cvcanny (const cvarr* image, cvarr* edges, double threshold1, double threshold2, int aperture_size=3); Image single-channel input images. Edges the output image of a

"Essay" MIME type

Label:This problem occurs when Openresty accesses the first page of the root directory as a Web server:Configuration of Nginx side:1Worker_processes 2;2Error_log Logs/error.log;3 4 Events {5Worker_connections 1024;6 }7 8 http {9 server {TenListen 808

The difference between static methods, instance methods, and virtual methods

Label:Basic knowledgeFor object-oriented languages, All types are derived from the System.Object type, and it is for this reason that each type is guaranteed to have a basic set of methods, that is, to inherit the methods from their parent class

December 2nd week, domestic domain Name Service provider Top10:4 home appears negative

Tags: domain name provider domain name Total DomesticIDC Review Network (idcps.com) December 19: According to the latest data released by Webhosting.info, in the 2nd week of December, the top ten domestic domain name service providers, compared with

Storm-0.9.3 new Features

Tags: http ar os using SP java on Data divStorm released its version of 0.9.3 on November 25, 2014. Storm 0.9.3 's version modifies 100 bugs, improves integration with Kafka, and adds integration with HDFs and hbase.Improved integration with

Dynamic programming solution does not contain the number of substrings of the same number

Tags: ACM dynamic programming optimization algorithm non-repeating subsequenceContest descriptionFairy Spirit Witch Dew, the enthusiasm for magic is beyond ordinary people, if found out what the ancient legacy of magic, she always find ways to

qsort function Usage

Label:Qsort Features: Sorting using the quick sort routines Usage: void qsort (void *base, int nelem, int width, int (*fcmp) (const void *,const void *));Parameters: 1 The number of elements to be sorted in the first address of the array 2 array 3

The predicate in English

Label:The predicate in EnglishHttp://baike.baidu.com/link?url=hRs3fnNWu2nooKZUtwIsULAHCzII3LEXONCS2fbnjnPl738DFwnTO2r-agiRLL1w1EzV29F4z48oXR2UjpyUPqA predicate is a statement or description of the action or state of a subject.,Point out "What" does "

30-year-old programmer review life and look forward to the future

Label:I look back on the road that I have traveled so many years since graduationFrom July 2007 out of school to this December 2014, has been a full 7.5. Think of yourself before 7.5, and then look at me now, so many years past the road, feeling

Gets the date before the current date (after) x days

Label:Package com.xcfh.util;Import java.text.ParseException;Import Java.text.SimpleDateFormat;Import Java.util.Calendar;Import Java.util.Date;/**** @ClassName: Beforeorafterdate** @Description: Gets the date before (after) x days before the current

Yield statement

Label:Since the first version of C #, using a foreach statement makes it easy to iterate over a collection. In c#1.0, creating enumerators still requires a lot of work. C#2.0 added a yield statement to facilitate the creation of the enumerator. The

Cocos2d-x Study Notes (15)--------> Physics engine

Label:Physics engineThe cocos2d-x engine incorporates two physical engines, box2d and Chipmunk, which are excellent 2D physics engines, and the X engine incorporates them in The SDK . box2d Use is more extensive, here choose box2d to study. What

Handlebars using Demo

Tags: <! DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 transitional//en" "Http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd "><html xmlns=" http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml "><head><meta http-equiv=" Content-type "content=" text/

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