Kohana Database

Label:As long as do not use the official website of the tutorial, their own to find out, there is a mistake, when we pointed out, oh,, well, common progress ~First configuration: modules\database\config\database.php<?php ' default ' = = Array ('

PL/SQL Shortcut

Label:Shortcut:===============================================================================Edit/undo Ctrl + ZEdit/redo shift+ctrl+zEdit/pl/sql beautifier ctrl+w (Custom)       shift+home  Select the cursor

SQL Transactions and Locks

Label:Excerpt from: http://www.cnblogs.com/lxconan/archive/2011/10/20/sql_transaction_n_locks_1.htmlA recent stress test in a project has encountered a deadlock problem with the database, in short, the following code causes a deadlock at the

The Loop loop control statement in PL/SQL

Label:You can use the Loop statement to loop through the data in PL/SQL, which allows you to loop through the specified sequence of statements. The common Loop Loop statement consists of 3 types: basic loop, while ... Loop and for ... LOOP.The basic

[Z] The Demon (daemon) process that imprisoned you

Label:Matt Borland translator: nixe0nBrief introductionA summary of the concept of chroot cage (jail)Postfix Wizard Process AnalysisA imprison (jail) howto:icecastFirst step: Install Icecast in a cage (jail) environmentStep Two: Configure the cage

Consistent Hash algorithm

Label:I. Overview1, our memcache client (here I see the source of Spymemcache), using a consistent hash algorithm Ketama data storage node selection. Unlike the conventional hash algorithm, we only hash the key we want to store the data, and

"Sword of Offer" regular expression matching

Tags: the sword refers to the offer of cattle customer network"Disclaimer: All rights reserved, please indicate the source of the reprint, do not use for commercial purposes. Contact mailbox: [Email protected] "Topic

Six mistakes that enterprises make most easily during the process of global expansion

Tags: global market competition Marketing Note: The English version of this article is from HBR, the Chinese version is compiled by Heaven Zhuhai Branch Rudder. As businesses move towards globalisation, companies can gain a competitive

Automated real-time validation of XML files via XML Catalog

Label:IntroductionXML Catalog implements the ability to validate XML files in real time based on XSD. Users do not have to write programs, with a small amount of configuration can be in the editing of XML files in time to get timely feedback (need

quartz2d simple Use (ii)

Label:quartz2d simple Use (ii)I. Drawing wordsCode: 8 9 #import "YYtextview.h" @implementation YYtextview12-(void) DrawRect: (CGRect) rect15 {16 17//Draw Text NSString *str = @ "The amount of wind search broke up the pink hair and the two sides of

WIKI Configuration Parameters

Label:First, the general settings1, $wgMetaNamespace the name of the meta-namespace used.2, $wgMetaNamespaceTalk meta-namespace The name of the discussion page. It is not usually necessary to consider the variable, but also to write:

Elaborate cookies

Label:Read Catalogue Begin Cookie Overview The process of writing and reading cookies Use cookies to save complex objects Read and write cookies in JS The application of cookies in session The application of cookie

John E. Sulston

Label:John E. Sulston won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2002, for his pioneering, and on apoptosis.On my mother's side I come from Midlands engineers and on my father's from tenant farmers near Oxford. As far back as I remember, and earlier, I am

quartz2d Basic line drawing of paper tail-----

Label:1.DrawRect method function? When is it called?DrawRect Effect: Dedicated to drawing in this method. The context associated with the view can only be obtained in this method.DrawRect is called by the system itself, and it is called

LA 4108 (segment tree)

Label:Interval update + statistical update length Just a little bit of attention, T. #include <bits/stdc++.h>#defineLson L, M, rt<<1#defineRson m+1, R, rt<<1|1using namespacestd;Const intMAXN =100000+131;intma[maxn<<2],

does {} while (0) what is the use of

Label:The Linux kernel and some other open source code often encounter such code: Do{...} while (0) This code is not a loop at a glance, do. While the surface is meaningless here, why use it so much?In fact, do{...} while (

ABS PBT Pom Material key

Label:Keyboard feel in addition to the key structure related to the key, button cap material and handwriting printing technology will affect the keyboard feel, from which you can see the importance of the key hat is self-evident. Like cherry

The response of CSRF attack

Label:Reprinted from the IMB LibraryCSRF (Cross site request forgery) is a network attack that can be sent to a compromised site without the victim's knowledge of the victim's name forgery request, thereby performing a rights-protected operation

Build a cross-platform development environment with Vagrant

Label:We need a better way to manage virtual machines. For example, you might want to create a virtual machine for several Linux systems, because the project you are developing will ultimately run on a server on a Linux system. So, you're planning

? runtime runtime mechanism

Label:The runtime run-time mechanism fully interpretswhen I first heard of runtime, I was afraid, what a big thing AH!!! Later, began to check some information on the Internet, but only then a few, looked for a long time, but also unintelligible, so

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