What exactly is web2.0-web2.0 learning guide

Web|web2 (Reprinted from http://www.klogs.org/archives/2005/07/nieweb_20_o.html ) History is very important. The study of a technology should also be based on history, through its evolution in the history of time, to know the status quo, and even to

How to build an XML development environment (1)

Xml The best way to learn XML is to start with simple development, to practice boldly, and to step through it. The beauty of XML can only be deeply realized in the process of development, and it is difficult to learn XML without development. So lear

Understanding Web page Tools Language XML (ii) definition

web|xml| page Second, the definition of XMLXML is a condensed SGML that combines the richness of SGML with the ease of use of HTML in Web applications. XML retains the extensible functionality of SGML, which makes XML fundamentally different from HT

Use. NET stores XML data

xml| data SQL Server 2000 and XML for SQL Server Web version (SQLXML) provides three ways to store XML data: XML Bulk load and Updategrams, These two client technologies use an outline with annotations to specify the mapping between the contents of t

Speed up Web pages with HTML optimization

Speed | web | Optimize Web developers must master complex component technology to speed HTML page access? The answer is: not necessarily! In fact, there are a lot of techniques for HTML and DHTML that are simple in principle and easy to get started w

The first chapter of the XSL Basics tutorial

Basic Tutorials XSL IntroductionXML Stylesheet Language XSL is much more complex than CCS.Css:html Style Sheet languageBecause HTML uses predefined tags, the meanings of these tags are well understood:<p> element defines a section of,<h1>

A concise tutorial on XSL (2) XSL transformations

Tutorials | transformations Two. Transformation of XSL 1. Convert XML to HTMLHow does XSL convert an XML document into an HTML file? Let's take a look at an example where the following is part of an XML document: <?xml version

Do you use HTML or XHTML for Web page making?

xhtml| Web page 1, what is XHTML? HTML is a basic Web page design language, XHTML is an xml-based markup language, it looks like HTML, there are some small but important differences, XHTML is a role like HTML to play the XML, so, essentially speaking

Intimate Contact XML (9) XML in Netscape and explorer

Xml In this web site, we focused on Internet Explorer 5.0 support for XML because Netscape has poor support for XML. Maybe that will change.XML on this web siteXML is supported by many applications. Let's focus on Internet Explorer 5.0. Some of you

Getting Started with XML (top)

Xml Understanding XML will help you understand why it is the perfect choice to build Web applicationsIf you already have your own personal website or your own company website, or if you have a good understanding of the Web, you may have noti

VC Operation XML Programming instance

Xml| programming XML Programming Instance Article body Some time ago, due to the needs of the work, the use of XML, so it has been a number of simple research. Here would like to write out some of the experience, and share with you, the wrong place a

Accurate use of language information in XHTML and HTML

Notes on XHTML translation when I started XHTML 1.1, I never knew what to write on Xml:lang, I want to use Chinese, is it the value of EN, zh-cn/zh-cn or gb2312/gbk/gb18030 or UTF8? I usually have problems with the first Google Chinese, but also can

HTML Component (HTML components) VI

= = = Calendar Main Page = = = <head><title>calendar example</title>? IMPORT namespace= "mycal" implementation= "CALENDAR.HTC"/></HEAD> <BODY><p>click a day in the calendar to add or modify your schedule.</p&

XML Easy Learning Manual (4) XML syntax

xml| syntax Fourth Chapter XML syntax Outline: I. XML syntax rulesTwo. The syntax of the elementThree. Syntax for annotationsFour. CDATA syntaxFive. Namespaces's grammarSix. Entity's grammarSeven. Syntax for DTDs With the previous three chapters, we

Semantics of your HTML tags and attributes

Semantics of your HTML tags and attributes Another important aspect of separation structure and performance is to make semantic markup to construct document content. The presence of an XHTML element means that part of the tagged content has a corresp

Website Logo Design Code

The application of the design logo has been the basis of CIS import and the most direct form of expression, its importance is self-evident, especially the design of network logo. I. Functions of the Logo:As a unique symbol of the media, logo (logo) h

Store HTML form data in XML format (2)

xml| data Once the document is archived, if you open the document again, it will appear as a list of the following code:Myxmldoc.xml:<?xml version= "1.0"?><rootElement><childelement1/><childelement2/></rootElement>In th

How to build an XML development environment

Xml The best way to learn XML is to start with simple development, to practice boldly, and to step through it. The beauty of XML can only be deeply realized in the process of development, and it is difficult to learn XML without development. So learn

XML to create sortable, paginated data display pages

xml| | page | sort | data | show | page In web development, we often encounter paging display and sorting data recordset, which use server-side code and database technology is a very easy thing, such as: ASP, PHP, JSP and so on. However, if you want


Dom|xml When Microsoft first joined the XML support in IE 5.0, they were simply implementing XML functionality in the MSXML ActiveX library (originally designed to resolve active channels components in IE 4.0). The original version was not intended f

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