Detailed illustration Win7 simple optimization tutorial after installation complete

1, first, adjust the language option bar. Remove "EN" and move to the right of the taskbar. Click to minimize → click the triangle pop-up menu → Click the "other icon in the taskbar" to c

Page layout is too large or too wide to print when you print a Web page in IE browser

When we use IE browser to print the Web page, it may appear because the page layout is too large to print the file correctly, there are incomplete printing, some of the content is missing. This is be

What is PNG format, PNG, JPG, GIF format differences

  What format is PNG? This question is one of the most frequently asked questions of many computer novices. Well, given the number of novice computers, let's explain what the PNG format is. In fact, t

10 improved development efficiency of the Firefox plugin

The Firefox browser can be a favorite browser for Web developers and designers, and an important reason is that it has a wealth of plug-ins to help us complete web development work. Below to share 10

Word2007 Insert headers and footers

Headers and footers are areas of the top, bottom, and side margins of each page in a document. You can insert or change text or graphics in headers and footers. For example, you can add p

Quickly create specialized charts in Excel2007

Creating charts in Microsoft Office Excel is quick and easy. Excel provides a variety of chart types for you to choose when you create a chart. For more information about the available chart types, se

18 Big Browser Tips

We deal with web browsers every day, in fact, seemingly simple browser contains a lot of unexpected features or small eggs, these features some very practical, some are dedicated to the existence of f

Win7 Brief summary of the Power saving function released by Microsoft

Microsoft has published a 14-page white paper titled "Win7 Power Management", which describes how Windows 7 is reducing energy consumption by providing a brief overview of the 14-page white paper: 1

The implementation of JQuery plug-in development MD5 Plug-ins


  This article mainly introduces the implementation of jquery development MD5 Plug-ins, the last return is a series of decimal number, in the jquery1.9.2 test pass, the need for friends can refer

How does the Win7 operating system use the dir command?

how does the Win7 operating system use the dir command? The specific methods are as follows: 1, click the "Start" button, and then click "Run" command; 2, in the text box type "cmd" com

Win8.1 Update How to install the Simplified Chinese Language pack

Let's change the Win8.1 Update MSDN English version back to the familiar Chinese language interface. The specific actions are as follows:   Download and install language pack

Win8.1 Update Upgrade FAQ

How do I update Windows 8.1? The following describes how to update to Windows 8.1 based on the version of Windows that is currently running: • If you are running WINDOWS8, you can update to Windows

How does Photoshop divide a picture into 8 pieces?

How does Photoshop divide a picture into 8 pictures of the same size? Do you want to make a personal cover for your album? Small knitting to teach you to use a picture on average into a few of the sam

Win7 System Word document setting the picture has the reflection effect method

A Word document processor that allows you to edit and format text, and sometimes to edit Word documents to make the content more vivid, we'll match the picture. Win7 a picture in a Word document in th

Win7 Connection Network Prompts "Local Area connection does not have a valid IP configuration" How to resolve?

Recently, many Win7 system users reflect that when connected to the network, there is a hint that "local connection does not have a valid IP configuration," especially after the router is installed, t

How do I install Configuration and file IIS 7 in Win7?

A, install through the user Interface 1. Click Start/Control Panel/program and choose Turn Windows features on or off. B, in the Windows Features dialog box, select Internet Information Services C,

How do I remove the ch Word in the input icon in the Win7 system?

The use of computer users know that the input method is a prerequisite for the use of computer programs, if you want to type, input method is essential, so there are a variety of input method software

Win8 not normal shutdown series of the monitor shut down the host is still running how to do?

1, first we enter the Control Panel, enter the method here will not nag, the Unified method: Start → run (Win+r can also call up the operation) input: Control Click OK (or carriage return execution).

14 Text editors for web designers

The usability of visual tools is usually excellent because it is more in line with the natural logic that people interact and operate. However, to control Web pages and programs with precision, you al

360 How to use the compression password cracking tool?


360 Compression password cracking tool usage you want to know? Small series will be provided below to provide 360 compression password cracking tools to download, and will provide the use of methods,

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