The application of WPS form function in the entry of invoice value

Financial personnel must be inseparable from the various amounts of input and conversion. Sometimes a data is called repeatedly in the same table, and the WPS function makes the input simpler. For ex

Returns a 1999-11-30 timestamp using strtotime and mktime when the parameter is 0 o'clock

The code is as follows <?php$time = Date (' y-m-d ', Strtotime (' 00-00-00 00:00:00 '));Echo $time;Output 1999-11-30?> There is no bug,00-00-00 means 2000-00-00, 2000-

Full-featured enhancements teach you to "love the Same". WPS Office 2012

The domestic free office software WPS has released 2012 official Personal Edition, the new version not only has the brand-new WIN7 style operation interface, has listened the user's feedback in the fu

WPS Office 2012 Interface Style switch if you want to change

Kingsoft Office software has officially released the WPS Office 2012 Office software. Some users may not be able to adapt to the WPS 2012 version of the new interface, now let the small series to intr

A detailed explanation of PPT clock Animation production method

A period of time ago the company organized a PPT training, a teacher at the beginning to play a clock screen, ask us how to achieve in the PPT. I didn't think about it for a long time. Three how the m

ubuntu12.04 install TFTP, configure TFTP service error

But configured, my always appear error code 1:file not found errors, after exploring, TFTPD-HPA is a feature-enhanced TFTP server. It offers a lot of TFTP enhancements that have been ported to most mo

ApexSQL log-sql Operation Recovery Tool (support sql2008,sql2012)

Today accidentally performed a wrong operation on the database, thinking that there is no tool to restore this error operation? The log Explorer 4.2 was found, but it only supported SQL 2005, was not

How to create a friendly and elegant 404 pages?

No one would think that a site visitor would stay on the wrong page, but in fact it does. Especially on the 404 error page, visitors will often stay. So, you can design the 404 error page More attract

How to build the environment of visual studio2015

Since November 2014, when Microsoft's new Visual Studio 2015 preview out, everyone wants to try to use this software to support several major systems, but before using visual studio2015 development, i

777 What do you mean by permission?

What is 777 permissions? 777 permission refers to the current user can read, write and perform the operation of the corresponding file, we build the station, some users do not have a folder 777 perm

How to change the font size and font in Excel2007

Step 1, select the cell, cell range, text, or character you want to format. Tip To deselect a range of cells, click any cell in the worksheet. Step 2, on the Start tab, in the Font group, do the fol

Excel table 25 strokes must learn the secret

Let different types of data be displayed in different colors In the payroll, if you want to make the total wages greater than or equal to 2000 dollars to show "red", greater than Wages equal to 1500 yuan in the "blue" show, less than 1000 of the to

How many pixels is the size of an inch photo? One inch photo specification typesetting tutorial

How many pixels is the size of an inch photo? The usual 1-inch photo size is 2.5*3.5cm. However, the number of pixels depends on what the use is. If it is flushing, the resolution is generally used to 300dpi, that is 295*412 If it is online to se

Excellent 404 page design guidelines to be missed

Life is not 404, read all the net also disconsolate. Yes, if you've never opened 404 pages, you can say that you almost never really used the Internet. The reason for the 404 page's appearance is sim

Tips for setting fields in Excel 2007 tables

Excel is often used in our work life of an office software, mastered the Excel table in the field settings skills can greatly improve your productivity. Use the Excel 2007 Field Settings

The difference between core i3 and i5 and i7, what is the second generation of Core i3 i5 i7

What's the difference between core i3 and i5 and i7? First, let's focus on the difference between i3 and i5: Core Core i3 i5 i7 pin Difference What is the difference between the core i3 and i5, the core i3 and i5 which is good? The core i3 can b

Let Win 7 wear the coat of win 8.

Install Windows 7 third-party Topics: Windows 8 Skin Pack 1.0 for 7, you can dress up Windows 7 as Windows 8 M3 build 7959. Recently, the author of this topic, Hameddanger, upgraded the theme package,

10 basic Operations for Excel tables

Excel tables are the Office software that many administrative and financial personnel need to use. Therefore, we today for you to introduce the basic operation of Excel table, to facilitate some want

Win 7 Super Useful 50 features and tips

We create a list of some of the most important tips and tricks in Win 7 and introduce them step-by-step. 1. PC Safeguard Computer Guard I rarely let other people use my computer because I'

Why the Zip file that IE downloaded is not saved to the computer

  Failure phenomenon: When downloading a zip (. zip) file in Microsoft Internet Explorer, you may experience one of the following symptoms: The file appears to be downloadable, but the file compressi

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