Three problems and solutions of website design and maintenance

Three problems and solutions of website design and maintenance When we design a website, we often use visual tools such as: Frontpage,dreamweaver. With the site's construction, the site's update will inevitably appear some problems. I maintain my pe

Design perspective: Collect design leads and collect customer information

The following scenarios are still ubiquitous in our design services today: Customer: "Please help me design a website!" ”Designer: "OK, please give me design requirements and project plan." ”Customer: "We need a more stylish website." ”Designer: "I'

On Soap

With the development of computer technology, the environment of modern enterprises is becoming more and more complex, and most of its information system is a complex system with multiple platforms and multiple systems. This requires that today's ente

Vbscript-jscript: Who's afraid of who?

Js|jscript|vbscript Guide Which language is better for VBScript and JScript in an ASP environment? This article tests the time required by both scripting languages to complete common operations, analyzes their strengths and weaknesses, and draws some

Design Theory: Touch screen button size and space design

In the touch-screen button design, size has a huge impact on usability. ISO and ANSI standards recommend the size of 0.75 "x 0.75" (x 19 mm), and a study from the Department of Psychology at Wright State University also shows that the 0.75 "x 0.75" b


Faster than the Egg festival, I send you a piece of Base64 program, the entry function is encode (Bytfile () as Byte), Bytfile is a byte array, returns a string. By the right, the incoming array is no more than 32,767 elements (this does not do anyth

Flash ActionScript 3 new features and changes

This article describes the new features and changes that ActionScript 3 has in relation to ActionScript 2. And in the last step of the article to teach you how to use Flex Builder to compile and run the first AS3 program.   Syntax enhancements and ch

PHP3 Introductory Tutorials---Where to look.

1. The variables defined at the beginning of the script are the parameters of the mysql_connect () function, and of course we can insert those strings directly into the function, but in a large WEB application, these values are likely to be placed in

Research on enterprise website search Engine optimization strategy

First, competitor analysis Analyze and study the link strategy and content layout of competitor website, help to find out the strong and weak link of competitor website, can not only see the gap between the two sides, find out the breach of the comp

Flash algorithm for MD5 32-bit code


Algorithm //-----------function MD5 (s) {Return Binl2hex (CORE_MD5 (Str2binl (s), s.length*strsize));}function Core_md5 (x, Len) {X[len >> 5] = (X[len >> 5]) | (128 << len%32);X[(((len+64) >>> 9) << 4) +14] =

Flash MX 2004 Behavioral feature re-experience

   Behavioral features Overview The built-in ActionScript language is powerful enough to enable a lot of complex interactive effects, but if you're not a professional program person, you'll probably have a headache for a lot of commands and attribu

Come with me. Use and analysis of php5:session conversation

The Chinese translation of the session is called "conversation", whose meaning is a series of actions/messages from the beginning to the end, such as calling from the phone to the telephone to hang up the phone in the middle of a series of processes

Only four strokes can build a search engine favorite website

For stationmaster, search engine is the important source of website traffic, even the webmaster laugh called the website "the Food and clothing parents", the visible search engine in the website development and the success occupies the position is ho

Flash MX2004 in the eyes of programmers (1)

Program | Programmers have more than enough Designer,flash 5 to do animation, MTV, Web design, and Developer,flash MX for developing RIA is very poor in collaborative work, source files, and code management. The programming features of the upcoming F

Fireworks MX 2004 System Tutorial

Tutorial Fireworks is one of the tools for Web making software developed by Macromedia Company. In drawing, fireworks combines the features of bitmap and vector graphics processing, not only with complex image processing functions, but also with the

A piece of cryptographic function (base64)

function | encryption Const sbase_64_characters = "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789+/" Function Base64Encode (ByVal ascontents) Dim lnposition Dim Lsresult Dim Char1 Dim CHAR2 Dim CHAR3 Dim CHAR4 Dim Byte1 Dim Byte2 Di

A gift for blood "A programmers Introduction to Visual Basic.NET"

Visual Overview Foreword VIII Introduction 1 1 Why Should to Visual Basic.NET? 3 2 Your application 21 3 Major Changes 49 4 building Classes and assemblies with 73 5 Inheritance with 91 6 Database Access with and Ad

Using CDDBControl.dll to get Mp3,wma label information


This article is the Sea Special NET forum owner cute original, the copyright belongs to the Hite and oneself all, welcome reprint, please retain the complete information Sub Listid3tagsfile (File)Dim Id3:set id3 = CreateObject ("Cddbcontrol.cddbid3t

The process of sending a letter with a jmail, and how to use it. Call directly when used

jmail| process a letter with the JMail process, and the use of the method. When you send a letter, call the procedure directly. <% Dim str,htmlbody htmlbody= "<html><body bgcolor= ' red ' topmargin= ' ><p align= ' center ' >i Lov

Class of the commonly used cryptographic strings, transferred from Osleague Ah, author: bigeagle

Encryption | string using System; Using System.Security; Using System.Security.Cryptography; Using System.Diagnostics; Using System.Web; Using System.Text; Namespace Bigeagle.util { <summary> An encryption class <br>Author:Bigeagle@163.n

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