BlogEngine.NET Architecture and source Code Analysis series Part4:blog Global Settings

Blogsettings This is already the fourth part of this series, I used to read most of the article, I wrote to feel when the blogger is not easy ah, so we can review or read, we must respect the results of the work of Bo Master. Gossip less, in this ar

DB2 Data Server Usage FAQ

Introduction: This article answers the DB2 customer's most common questions about data servers in question and answer, including DB2 UDB V8, V8.2, V9, and V9.5 Some of the issues encountered in installation, upgrades, and use of several versions. 1.

Distributed DB2 UDB Server comparison

Brief introduction The "DB2 is DB2 are DB2" is true for distributed platforms running IBM DB2 Universal Database, and for various versions that can be purchased. The easy way to remember is to have nothing to worry about when you need to upgrade. I

Testing your DB2 database: Measuring performance with JMeter

Introduction: Author Kulvir Singh Bhogal introduces an open source tool called JMeter that can measure query performance and throughput in DB2 Universal Database. Brief introduction In today's fast-paced world, it's not enough to just get the job d

I'll teach you to patch DB2.

First, stop all the instances. $db 2list results are db2inst1 and db2inst2. Stop the two of them. Install Fixpak Upgrade instance $DB 2DIR/INSTANCE/DB2IUPDT Upgrading Das Instances $DB 2DIR/INSTANCE/DASUPDT Restart Instance Bind Updated Pack

DB2 UDB Security: Security plug-ins using Gss-api security (Spkm/lipkey)

Brief introduction DB2 UDB provides a framework for writing custom security plug-ins that administrators can use to perform DB2 UDB authentication. This framework is introduced in the DB2 UDB V8.2, and also supports plug-in authentication based on t

DB2 return SQLCODE-818 Error


In the embedded C language project based on DB2, there is a very strange thing to share with you. In order to maintain the integrity of the test data and developer data consistency, but also in order to reduce the pressure of dbserver, so for each t

DB2 Performance expert simplifies performance management and tuning (1)

Do you need to have a detailed analysis of key performance factors that allow you to control and tune DB2 UDB and DB2 applications? Or have you ever had a problem with a DB2 server, but you can't detect the cause of the problem in the current snapsho

DB2 9.5 SQL Procedure Developer Certification Examination 735 preparation, 5th part

Global declarative Temporary tables Temporary tables are often used to store temporary data and intermediate results. Because they do not require logging and are not present in the system catalog, they can improve performance. In addition, because a

Easy to understand usage and description of Informix common commands

Syntax OnInit [-S] [-i] [-P] [-y] oninit将系统从off-line模式变为on-line模式 oninit -s  将系统从off-line模式变为quiescent模式 oninit -i  初始化系统 oninit -p  在共享内存初始化时,不搜索,删除临时表 oninit -y  对提示自动回答yes oninit -v  加入这个选项显示oninit处理过程 oninit-- 键入此命令可以获得使用帮助 The OnInit co

IBM Database Informix 11 flagship availability new architecture

IBM's latest database software, Informix Dynamic Server (IDS) 11, strengthens database service provisioning, data provisioning, and load-splitting mechanisms, improving the resilience and performance of database sizing. The main change in Informix D

Installation of the Solaris 9.0 OS x86 Platform Edition Introduction

Supporting heterogeneous environments takes far more time and effort than it takes to support only one hardware and software platform. The downside of the full use of a homogeneous platform is that the higher the server's performance, the faster the

Building Cross-platform Mobile applications for multiple devices using the IBM worklight optimization framework

Brief introduction One of the common challenges in developing mobile applications (and financing mobile application development) is to present them in cross-platform scenarios, that is, to display the same mobile application equally on IOS, Android,

The configuration process for Apache SSL forwarding

Configuring SSL Reference: HTTP://TUD.AT/PROGRAMM/APACHE-SSL-WIN32-HOWTO.PHP3 1 Installing Apache Apache_2.2.11-win32-x86-openssl-0.9.8i.msi Follow the prompts step-by-step, installation can be. * The Apache installation directory is represented

13th Chapter-DELPHI Development Database Application Overview (ii) (4)

13.4.5 Install SQL Link Installing the SQL link performs the same steps as installing BDE, selecting only the SQL link check box in Figure 13.7, and then performing the installation, selecting the SQL database server to which the application will be

19th Chapter-delphi Custom Parts Development (IV.) (3)

3. Publish Pen and Brush By default, a canvas has a thin, black pen, and solid white brush that enables users to change the properties of canvas when using shape control, and must be able to provide these objects at design time, and then use these o

18th Chapter-delphi Client Server application Development (III.) (2)

18.3.1 use tdatabase part to join SQL Server tdatabase Parts Overview Tdatabase the connection of a part-processing application to a single database. If you do not need to control the database join, you do not have to create the tdatabase

SQL Server2005 data Type maximum value

Things started very simply. Megaware's marketing department wants a new Web site to publish documents, and the development team feels that using a SQL Server 2000 database as a document storage repository makes things easier. Steve is Megaware's data

Quick Browse Silverlight3 Beta: Using SaveFileDialog to save to local files

In Silverlight3 Beta, the Save File dialog box is provided, through which we can easily text (including pictures, etc.) information Save to the specified local file, which, of course, requires certain permissions, so when you enable VS2008, choose t

Insert a table or create a table in Word 2007

Insert Table In Microsoft Office Word 2007, you can insert a table by selecting from a set of preformatted tables, including sample data, or by selecting the number of rows and columns you want. You can insert a table into a document or insert a tab

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