Win7 computer How to change the format of QQ screenshot from PNG to JPG?

When it comes to how to download the Win7 flagship version of the screenshot, perhaps the most familiar way is to use the QQ screenshot! After all, QQ is a tool that we must open every time we surf th

Windows7 system Change (SET) how the monitor shuts down time

1. Click the Start button in the lower right corner of the computer and select "Control Panel" option in the Start menu; 2, in the Open Control Panel, select click "Hardware and Sound";

How to resolve IE10 installation failure under Win7 32-bit flagship system

 Error 1: The operating system may not be supported If you encounter this prompt when updating, may be your system has not been upgraded to SP1, please check your system version of the installation o

15 model for designers of the Mind Mapping tool

Inspiration and ideas come quickly, creative to the difficult to organize more difficult, so a reliable way of thinking mapping tool for designers, or very important ~ Today this article recommended 1

Win7 IIS 7 installation configuration and document graphics tutorial


installation and configuration of the Win7 IIS7 : Installation method 1: Install through the user Interface 1. Click Start/Control Panel/program and choose Turn Windows features on or off. 2. In th

Notebook Win7 64-bit system how to change the time zone

1, first mouse click win7 System in the lower right corner of the time, click Time will appear an interface, click on the bottom of the "Change date and Time settings", as shown in the following figur

What is the 360sd.exe process

360sd.exe is the main program of 360 antivirus. Published by: 360 Product Name: 360 Antivirus MD5 Hash Value: AA0F3788C5DFF6E87108D0FA3E69EDC9 SHA1 Hash Value: 482aaf3dd6fd63e583480a24ed27b669f2f0

Win7 installation of visual Studio2015 failed solutions

The introduction of the Visual Studio 2015 development tool with wp/ios/android full platform development, and the change in Visual Studio 2015, may not only surprise developers and programmers. In pa

Win7 system How to remove IME ch icon

Operation Steps: 1, right click on the input Method switch icon, and then select "Settings"; 2, open the "Text service and input language" option, we can see that there is an English (United

12306 Booking tickets do not find the order to do

You do not have the corresponding order content, you can Ticket booking function to develop a travel plan. Ni-Ma, frighten me a jump, rush home for the New Year, Click on the order query, you enter "by Travel date", and in the starting date of t

Samsung Ativ Book 9 reviews

Samsung recently has its own Windows PC products all renamed to Ativ series, in order to achieve a more unified product positioning. Among them, Samsung to the Ativ Book 9 ultra-Polar (previous series

HP Sleekbook 15 Reviews

HP recently launched a cost-effective sleekbook notebook with 14 and 15-inch two models, powered by AMD processors, while other products still use Intel processors. While Intel is still the absolute overlord in the PC World, there are still users who

Small computer Knowledge 30 tips

1. Re-install Windows XP no longer requires activation If you need to reinstall Windows XP, you usually have to reactivate it. In fact, if you back up the Wpa.dbl file in the Windows/system32 directo

What are BT seeds, thunder download links, magnetic links, electric mules and their use tutorials

I. What is BT? 1.BT Introduction: 1.1.BT is one of the hottest download methods, it's all called "BitTorrent" short "BT", Chinese full name "bit stream", but many friends will it dubbed "abnormal download", which is what reason? For HTTP, FTP, Pub

Teach you to quickly solve the problem of MindManager 15 Chinese version does not start correctly

At present, many users are reflected in the installation of MindManager 15 Chinese version of the Mind mapping software will appear a variety of installation errors, in fact, these installation errors

21 Ultra-practical cool "data visualization tools"

Hard to analyze a bunch of big data, unexpectedly no one to see! What do we do? As the saying goes, there is a picture of the truth, a picture wins thousands of words, pleasing the eyeball, the rest are said. If you're starting to get useful informat

WINDOWS2003 Network server Security Tips

One, installation of Windows Server2003 1, the installation system needs a minimum of two partitions, the partition format is in NTFS format 2, in the case of disconnecting the network installed 2003 system 3. Install IIS to install only the neces

FTP dir or ls command cannot view file list what to do


Netizens may be using the FTP dir or LS command to view the file list, but can not see, is restricted, then cannot view the file list this caused us a lot of trouble, then how to solve this problem! Now let's have a look! In the command line mode of

Lenovo G485 solutions for brightness adjustment

Lenovo G485 models recommend installing the Windows 7 or Windows 8 operating system. If you have a Windows XP-based system, the official driver provides only basic support for the new model and does not guarantee that all features under the XP system

360 What is the difference between automatic backup of cloud disk and sync?

360 What is the difference between automatic backup of cloud disk and sync? Using 360 cloud disk allows you to make photos, documents, music, videos, software, apps, and so on, anytime, anywhere, and

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