FTP dir or ls command cannot view file list what to do


Netizens may be using the FTP dir or LS command to view the file list, but can not see, is restricted, then cannot view the file list this caused us a lot of trouble, then how to solve this problem! Now let's have a look! In the command line mode of

Lenovo G485 solutions for brightness adjustment

Lenovo G485 models recommend installing the Windows 7 or Windows 8 operating system. If you have a Windows XP-based system, the official driver provides only basic support for the new model and does not guarantee that all features under the XP system

360 What is the difference between automatic backup of cloud disk and sync?

360 What is the difference between automatic backup of cloud disk and sync? Using 360 cloud disk allows you to make photos, documents, music, videos, software, apps, and so on, anytime, anywhere, and

Kindeditor upload file more than 30M error?

1, click on the Kindeditor File upload icon, as shown in the following figure: 2, files less than 30M can be uploaded successfully, as shown in the following figure: 3, if up

360 How to use the cloud plate

Come home first you see is a landing interface, do not log what function can not be used, so you first login, if there is no login account, you can register first, after testing, registration will tak

15 Free Download icons for a good place

of Vector You need to make sure that the downloaded icon is scalable. Although some of the icons used for the demo look interesting, they can be reduced, given the maintenance and readability of the

Seagatebara Seagate Hard Drive K11, K12 Factory maintenance instructions

  Servo defect table   F3 TV8 V8 servo Flaws List log log PHY Head Cyl cyl Wedge Status 0 16c7c 16c7c F8 primary 0 16c7d 16c7d F8 primary 0 16C 7E 16c7e F8 Primary 0 16c7f 16c7f F8 primary 0 1

Wordpress 3.5 Version How to modify the upload image path

In fact, WordPress version 3.5 is still allowed to set the media file upload directory path, if the webmaster to modify the wordpress media upload file path only need to be set in the wp-config.php fi

What is a SysWow64 folder

64-bit Windows does not simply compile everything into 64-bit. Intel and AMD have their own plans for what the 64-bit CPU should look like. AMD's answer is straightforward: The new 64-bit processor sh

Win8 System Upgrade Assistant function Introduction

More and more people are now using Windows 8 systems, which is partly driving the people around them to upgrade to the Windows 8 system. However, before using WIN8, it is recommended that you first us

IIS FTP partial File Upload Error 451 resolution method

Recently deployed a IIS7 FTP server, the addition of a group of users with upload and read permissions, the use of FLASHFXP software testing the different files uploaded download, can be used normally

WIN8 system Metro version of the Compression tool 8 zip usage instructions


Software design has always neglected interface design is the UI design, Win8 subversion of this idea, the introduction of the Metro interface. The Metro interface uses the Metro program in the App Store, so is there a metro version of the most common

What about missing msvcr110.dll files?

What about missing msvcr110.dll files? How do I solve the security issue of the DLL or should I remind you to download it to a reputable website or fix it with a regular repair tool? 1, recently unde

Very useful computer Knowledge 20 article


For computer beginners, eager to learn all the skills of the computer, it is impossible, only step-by-step, today to teach you computer beginners must learn computer skills, as the basis of learning c

win7/8.1 free upgrade Win10 full version of the time How free upgrades?

win7/8.1 can upgrade the WIN10 system free of charge! Even piracy can be free upgrades Oh!WIN10 official release time for July 29, then, everyone's computer will receive a hint, that is, free upgrade

XP System 70 Tips

Although the official version of WIN10 is about to be released, Microsoft has already given up XP, but as the most successful operating system, still has a large number of users, and the following a lot of XP skills, in the WIN10 system, the same can

What to do when you install Office 2016 start acrobat with a "Cannot find a portal" error

A user is reflected on a Windows 7 SP1 computer with Office 2016 installed, and when you start Acrobat, you receive the following error message: "Unable to locate the program input point ucrtbase.term

"Algorithm" first into the pit-configuration Algs4.rar

Tags: share official website Use file name compile IMA language src UIDo not understand, obviously foreign textbooks can be written very easy, such as Take me to get Started "Head first Java" and this"Algorithm" (4th edition), but not in the

Win Server R2 WSUS does not recognize the solution for Win Server & WIN10

Tags: WSUS Windows Server Win10Hello everyone, today to share a question I have encountered. I believe that after Microsoft launched the Windows Server 2016 and Win10 operating system, a lot of students have been installed and tested the first time,

2017.3.12 H5 first week of study

Tags: engine position head type checked partial hyperlink ext nowrapThis week I started H5 's study, and in this week we started with the basic HTML tag, and then I'm going to take a note of what I learned this week about H5.The first is declaring

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