How 64-bit Windows systems Configure 32-bit ODBC data sources

The steps are as follows:First, install MySQL ODBC driver: Mysql-connector-odbc-5.3.4-win32Second, open cmd, enter:C:\Windows\SysWOW64\odbcad32.exe (Be sure to enter the full path!) ) Then we're going to configure MySQL ODBC in open ODBC data Source

Make Windows 10 a better fit for your tablet working environment-hibernation partition and Intel Rapid Start Techn

Don't tell me you haven't heard of SSDs (solid state drives, SSDs). If you don't use SSDs, it's recommended to start with one piece. SSD has no moving parts, saving the mechanical hard disk head waiting for the disk body rotation wait time. Coupled

Third, MDT Update 1 Batch Deployment-windows 7 Professional Edition installation (top)

Third, MDT Update 1 Batch Deployment-windows 7 Professional Edition installation3, 1 import Windows 7 Pro OS650) this.width=650; "src=" "style=" float: none; "title=" Mdt2013u1-2

Iv. MDT Update 1 Batch Deployment-windows 7 Professional Image capture (sample machine image production)

Iv. MDT Update 1 Batch Deployment-windows 7 Professional Image capture (sample machine image production)4, 1 Image capture task creation650) this.width=650; "src=" "style="

Windows x64 installs Visual Basic 6.0 SP6

The original text is E, e-text good can be seen directly here: principle Windows 7 x64, Windows 8 x64 can be installed smoothly.In fact, this guy said so much, I think it's only one thing

"Recommended" introduces two Windows Explorer, Q-dir and FreeCommander XE (free resource manager easier than Totalcommander)

Do you like me, as the hard disk, the number of files, and feel that the management of the file is increasingly weak.So I tried out a variety of legendary software, including various explorer enclosures, or third-party resource managers.In the end I Framework SOA Solutions (set Windows Services, WinForm forms, and IIS publishing Forms)-distributed applications Framework SOA solution (set Windows Services, WinForm form and IIS form advertisement)-Distributed, based on the. NET High-speed information system development, integration framework for users and

Find Windows Server 2003 servers in a domain that Microsoft stops supporting with PowerShell

Starting today, Microsoft has stopped supporting Windows Server 2003. Just received a request two days ago to find 2003 of the server: from SCCM can not find all, some servers do not have SCCM agent, I hope from AD to find. This article writes out

Getlasterror,windows API Call Error when you use this function to view errors

〖0〗-operation completed successfully.〖1〗-function error.The 〖2〗-system cannot find the file specified.The 〖3〗-system could not find the path specified.The 〖4〗-system cannot open the file.〖5〗-denied access.The 〖6〗-handle is not valid.The 〖7〗-Storage

Installing the. NET Framework 1.1 under Windows Server

To deploy QuickBooks to Hong Kong servers, you need to install the. Net Framework 1.1. Error during direct installation, view logLog name:applicationSource:application Errordate:4/30/2015 10:46:03 AMEvent id:1000Task Category:

APACHE2.4+TOMCAT7 stand-alone vertical cluster 64-bit Windows operating system

With the current low-cost server, most of the production environment memory has reached 16G, but the Java operating environment, the maximum can only stay in 2G, which caused the waste of the server resources, so the vertical cluster of a single

Microsoft Windows wants to save itself through open source, but a lifeline.

The reason why Windows failed I think that in addition to the Windows kernel is not advanced, the architecture is more vulnerable, I think Windows has no innovation ability, sitting in situ laurels. For example, MSN, before and QQ, but because of

Common messages and meanings of Windows

Message Range Description 0 ~ wm_user–1 System messages Wm_user ~ 0x7FFF Custom window class integer messages Wm_app ~ 0xBFFF

Windows 10 Simplified Chinese latest preview build 9926

Windows Tech Pre Build 9926 image download32-bit: Http://

History of Windows ZT

Original address: HTTP://WINDOWS.MICROSOFT.COM/ZH-CN/WINDOWS/HISTORY#T1=ERA01975–1981:microsoft startMicrosoft co-founder Paul Allen (left) and Bill GatesIt was the 1970s, and people's work depended mainly on printers. If you need to copy a document,

Windows Mobile 6.0 SDK and Chinese simulator download

"Go"Windows Mobile 6.0 SDK and Chinese simulator download for Windows Mobile 6.5 simulator December 06, 2010 Monday 07:48 reprinted from Zhangyanle86 finally edited Zhangyanle86 Download the SDK 6.0 download page for the Windows Mobile 6

Microsoft BI SSIS Series-Send mail using Script Task to access SMTP server under non-Windows authentication

Original: Microsoft BI SSIS series-Send mail using Script Task to access SMTP server under non-Windows authenticationIntroduction to the outsetIn most cases, our SSIS packages are configured to perform periodically on a scheduled basis in the SQL

Dynamic access control DAC for Windows Server 2012

What is a DAC?Dynamic access Control (dac,dynamic access controls) is a new access control mechanism for file system resources in Windows Server 2012. It allows administrators to define central file access policies that can be applied to all file

Using VS2005 to compile OpenSSL under Windows environment

How to use VS2005 to compile OpenSSL in Windows environment, although this issue in Baidu, Google a bunch of, but the installation still encountered some problems, here to record down hope to help you do not detour. Note: I was successfully compiled

Windows 7 opens the. hlp file

From Http:// Recently downloaded a win Programmer ' s Reference, decompression is a HLP file, open Display Help, default win 7 to HLP incompatible, need to download compatibility update package, update address

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