Shenzhen Three network integration Expert Group was established

Shenzhen Special Zone News (reporter Fan Jinglong) yesterday is "World Telecommunication Day", Shenzhen three network fusion Expert group set up and telecommunications and broadcasting strategic cooperation framework agreement signing ceremony and other activities in the City Digital Resource Center Multi-function Hall held, Deputy mayor Cheng attended the meeting. Activities by the city's three network integration work leading Group office, the city Science and technology industry and Information Committee sponsored by China Telecom Shenzhen Branch, Shenzhen Radio and Television Group, Shenzhen Communications Association. Hequan, former deputy dean of China Academy of Engineering, was recruited as the leader of the three-net fusion expert Group, academician of CAs and Academy of Engineering, Beijing Institute of Technology.

US FCC hires antitrust lawyer to evaluate at&t purchase T deal

Anti-monopoly lawyer Lena Tah Hess (Renata Hesse) Beijing time May 18 Morning news, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has hired antitrust lawyers Lena Tah Hess (Renata Hesse) to assess at&  T buys a t US deal with 39 billion dollars. Lena Tah Hess has nothing to do with Sprint CEO Dan Hess Dan Hesse. She was former Justice of the United States ...

India has 3.8 million mobile phone users to complete the transfer network

Beijing time March 10 Morning news, India's telecoms regulator said in Wednesday, by the end of February this year, the country has 3.8 million mobile phone users to complete the transfer network. Last November, Haryana (Haryana) in northern India was the first to provide portability services.  Since January 20 this year, the service has been extended to the whole of India. As of January this year, India's mobile phone users amounted to 771 million, is the world's second largest mobile market.  In the past year, India has added 19 million mobile subscribers a monthly, the fastest growing market in the world. There are currently 15 mobile operations in India ...

China Unicom first batch of PTN carrying HSPA business Trial commercial network complete business

In the 5.17 Telecom day approaching, China Unicom to work together ZTE in Changchun, Ningbo, Kunming, Tibet, Wuhan, Tangshan, Baoding and other 7 key cities deployed to complete the first PTN carrying HSPA business Trial Commercial Network, the city has all successfully completed business cut. With the maturity of intelligent terminals, the scale development of 3G mobile data service accelerates China Unicom to upgrade its network capability, and the load-carrying network will be reformed. Because PTN technology has obvious advantages in maturity, scale networking capability, interoperability of MSTP and operation and maintenance management, and excellent performance in early field test.

Researchers say there are more serious bugs found in Android

March 9 News, according to Taiwan media reports, Google has just announced amendments to the Android App Store bugs, but also the research institute of these program errors may cause hackers to spread malicious software to control the user device messages. Duo Security founder and chief technology officer Jon Oberheide, an information safety company, said that since the launch of the Android App Store earlier this year, hackers had been most likely to use scams to get users to click on malicious links and then install arbitrary programs on the victim's phone remotely. Jon O ...

ZTE plans to sell national technology shares

ZTE (000063) 18th announcement, in order to meet the company's strategic development needs and promote the company's main business development, the company intends to be in the appropriate time, reasonable price interval to sell National technology (300077) shares. Information shows that ZTE holds a total of 21.7 million shares in the national technology, accounting for 20% of the company's total equity, the shares released on May 3 this year, the sale of restricted to circulation. (Zhou Shaojie)

Nokia CFO: Keep making Symbian phone as long as it's profitable

Beijing Time March 9 Evening News, Nokia Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Timo Ihamotila (Timo Ihamuotila) said Wednesday, as long as the profitability of Nokia will continue to produce Symbian smartphones. Nokia last month announced a broad strategic partnership with Microsoft to replace its homegrown Symbian system with Windows Phone as its main smartphone platform.  Since then, Nokia's share price has fallen by more than 20%. But Ihamotila said in Wednesday: "As long as it brings benefits ...

China Mobile: Cut global package tariffs nationwide

According to the Xinhua news agency, China Mobile announced yesterday that from now on, will be in the national reunification cut the global package tariff, to achieve customers nationwide long-distance, local calls, roaming the main call tariff standards of unification, and to be called all free of charge. Lu Wenchang, deputy general manager of China Mobile Marketing, 17th at the Global News Tariff press conference, said that, compared with the past, the new tariff scheme further increased the domestic calls within the package, the average call fee price drop reached more than 15%. One of the business package, 388 yuan package average price drop of more than 40%, become the biggest price reduction of a file rate ...

HP: Buying Palm is not a smartphone

On March 9, Hewlett-Packard chief executive Mark Hurd said in a technology conference last week that Hewlett-Packard's $1.2 billion trillion acquisition of palm was not an attempt to enter the smartphone market, according to Taiwanese media reports. ' We're not buying palm to enter the smartphone industry ... we buy palm for intellectual property, ' says Hurd. webOS is one of the two basic software that constructs the network operating environment, and HP has many devices linked with the network, imagine if there is a network link environment, so that you can achieve a common look and feel, in that environment ...

Huawei sources say London subway bid is untrue

Xinhua News (Reporter Gu Xiaoyu) recently reported that "Huawei wants to send 500 million yuan to London, the British side refused to give", yesterday, the reporter on the internal website of Huawei, there is understanding of Huawei insiders posted on this claim was denied. The British government rejected this gift on the basis of national security, after media reports said the company offered to offer 50 million pounds (about 500 million yuan) to lay a mobile phone network for the London Underground, hoping to win more business orders in the UK. However, the Huawei insiders said in the post, Huawei is indeed subject to ...

Samsung China C-NET mobile phone leader to join HTC

Xinhua News (Reporter Gu Xiaoyu) yesterday, Samsung in charge of China's CDMA mobile phone director Dongchenjing has been separated from Samsung company, joined HTC as China's senior vice president, and Dongchenjing is Samsung mobile phone division into the Chinese market after the first employee. It is understood that Dongchenjing 1997 to the Samsung China company, Samsung Mobile Phone department is the first employee in China, before leaving his office as Samsung (China) Investment Co., Ltd. Executive, vice president, Mobile Communications Department CDMA business Department general manager's position, long-term responsible for Samsung mobile phone CDMA business, and this is Samsung mobile phone in the country ...

Hundreds Android apps are implanted with debit code

Xinhua News (Reporter Gu Xiaoyu) Yesterday, the reporter from the Network qin Global mobile phone Security Center learned that a "king of the Wang" malicious plug-ins are on the Android platform to spread wildly, has been implanted into more than 100 mobile phone application software.  Network Qin Security Center, users in the download run infected "Android suction king" software, will be forced to order 5 yuan/month of the SP business, while the malicious plug-ins will automatically intercept mobile "10086" start of the business to confirm the message, resulting in the user can not find the exception in time. It is understood that the virus was first in January this year ...

Nokia begins discussions with Finnish staff on restructuring plan

Beijing time March 9 afternoon news, Nokia announced that it will begin discussions with Finnish staff on the company's new strategy, the union worried that this will lead to the Nordic country to reduce more than 5,000 jobs. Nokia announced a strategic realignment last month, abandoning its own software platform and starting to use Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 system.  After that, Nokia's share price has fallen by more than 20%.  Nokia said the topics of the discussion included changes in organizational structure and work arrangements, but did not include potential redundancy plans. "Possible personnel cuts are not included in the current ...

IPhone4 Global UNPROFOR Finger shrink: foreign purchase not repair

When consumers return to the country with "global UNPROFOR" products purchased overseas, they suffer a failure and are ready to be repaired, but they face a shrinking warranty. Yesterday, Mr. Wu reflected in the 315 Consumer electronics complaint network that he bought an iphone 4 in Canada and failed to repair it after a failure, "the manufacturer's direct store in China told me that it was necessary to return to Canada with faulty products."  "The global scope is not China?" February 12, Mr. Wu bought a iPhone4 mobile phone at Apple's Direct store in Canada, "the store promised that the phone could be ' global."

Zacks maintains Nokia Neutral rating

Lead: Zacks, an investment company, today publishes a report that maintains a long-term rating for Nokia's "neutral" (Neutral). The following is a summary of the report: we maintain a long-term rating on Nokia's "neutral". The company's financial results in the fourth quarter of 2010 far exceed Zacks Consensus estimates forecasts. However, the financial outlook provided by management is tepid.  We remain cautiously optimistic about Nokia's recent decision to take Microsoft Windows Phone 7 as its smartphone operating system. Connaught ...

Cheap Android phone Huawei IDEOSX5

Recently, Huawei launched a new generation of Android 2.2.1 mobile phone Ideos X5, the price is only 2880 Hong Kong dollar, equivalent to 2476 yuan. This machine has a black-and-white optional, thick 11.6mm,3.8-inch multi-touch large screen. 800MHz Qualcomm MSM 7230 processor, built-in 2GB ROM, its 14.4Mbps HSPA speed mobile internet and Wi-Fi 802.11n wireless internet features, in addition to pushing the speed of the Internet, another Adobe F ...

The pattern of smartphone operating system change

Recently, Apple has released a tablet computer iPad2. 2011 is an absolutely critical year for smartphone operating systems.  Although the Apple mobile Internet platform occupies nearly half of the state, but the use of Nokia, Microsoft, Google and other operating systems of smartphones this year will be frequent listing, also indicates that the market will truly enter the "Warring States era." Apple's solo show is hard to shake. The latest report by CNZZ, the country's third-party data company, shows that the number of Internet users using Apple's iphone has been a standout among several smartphone operating systems, taking over all smartphones.

HTC first-Push Android 2.3 system TD New Machine

Full "Betting" is HTC's consistent approach to HTC, with the emergence of an Android system, HTC quickly overtook rivals on smartphones, creating a major threat to Motorola and Samsung. At the same time, it also dare not snub China's own 3G standard--TD-SCDMA network, following the launch of the Windows operating system last year, "Tin Seal T9188" TD smart phones, the latest development of the TD Model A9188 has been exposed to the media. According to the introduction, A9188 will be HTC's first in the mainland market launched Android 2.3 System smartphone, it supports t ...

Rim begins to test BlackBerry Protect service

Beijing time March 6 morning news, Rim said in Saturday, has started the BlackBerry Protect service of the public test.  BlackBerry protect can help users wirelessly backup, locate and retrieve mobile devices, and enable remote locking and information deletion of devices. BlackBerry protect apps are now free, and RIM has launched the app in North America and the Latin American region. Other mobile platforms have such services, but prices and functionality are different. (D-Gold)

Rim recalls about thousand playbook Tablet PC

Washington (reporter Gu Xiaoyu) Yesterday, the reporter learned that rim, the BlackBerry manufacturer, announced a recall of about 1000 BlackBerry Playbook tablets with operating system flaws. RIM's statement said that the recalled products involved only 16G of playbook, most of the problem computers are still in the distribution channel, RIM is fully recovered and replaced, for the products have reached consumer hands, consumers can contact rim to solve the problem. It is understood that playbook is currently listed in the United States and Canada, temporarily does not involve the Chinese market.

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