Japan stock market closes at 9768.01 Point 1.02%

Japan's stock market rose after the opening afternoon, with the Nikkei average closing at 9768.01 points, or 99.05 or 1.02%.

National industrial profits rose 34% in the first two months

The National Bureau of Statistics 27th released the report shows that this year from 1 to February, the country's industrial enterprises above the profit margin of 645.5 billion yuan, an increase of 34.3%. Data show that in the industrial enterprises above the scale, the state-owned and state-controlled enterprises to achieve a profit of 224 billion yuan, an increase of 25%, collective enterprises to achieve profits of 9.9 billion yuan, the growth of 39.3%; joint-stock enterprises realize profit 357.8 billion yuan, increase 38.6% , foreign businessmen and Hong Kong and Macao businessmen invested enterprises to achieve profits of 181.3 billion yuan, an increase of 26%, private enterprises to achieve a profit of 162.6 billion yuan, Year-on-year

China Ocean drops 5% Morgan Stanley sees short term outlook on stock price

China's Cosco shares, which followed the BDI index this morning, fell by 4.69% to HK $10.56 and traded 74.2 million shares in a half-day. Morgan Stanley reported that it is likely to fall in the next 30th. Mean with dry bulk forward freight agreement (FFA) sharp drop, the material Baltic index will be affected from the recent high decline; given that the correlation between COSCO and the Baltic Sea Index is 94%, the BDI index will be a major driver of the short-term performance of the stock.

The reason why Hong Feng's suspension has been suspended

Wang Feng International suspension, temporarily unknown why. The unit was suspended before the 0.47 yuan, a sharp rise of more than 62%, a deal of 64.3 million yuan.

Tang Tian: The allocation of major project investment can not be completely average

People's Daily Beijing, October 29 (Xinhua) The 11th meeting of the NPC Standing Committee considered the report of the State Council on the government's major public investment and its implementation this year, and the research report on the implementation of some major public investment projects by the NPC Standing Committee. Tang Tian that to summarize the experience and lessons in the implementation of investment projects in time, such as the allocation of investment, how to cut the cake is worth studying.  Education, health in this part, the allocation of funds can not be average, should be based on regional financial and economic conditions, service population, natural conditions to decide. Tang Tian ...

After the success of electronics, many professors become billionaires.

Nanfang Daily News (reporter/Tian Zhiming intern/Li Qizhi) Yesterday, the SFC issued an audit committee to review and pass the first application of the accumulation of Electronic Co., Ltd., many as the company's main shareholder of the original Shandong University professor, will be in the accumulation of electronic listed after becoming a multimillionaire. The plan is to issue 22 million shares in the Shenzhen stock, with a total share capital of 86 million shares. The company is a leading technology in the broad coverage of power automation in the field of the overall solution provider, at present, the company's power grid dispatching automation products in the grid system in the market share has been nearly 30%. This issue will raise ...

Some homeowners worry about a policy adjustment intended to sell

"Sell" or "Don't sell"? "Buy" or "sell" has become a problem for many home buyers and owners, the reporter found that because the current preferential policies will continue to be unclear, the property market has added some variables. Some of the owners worried about the policy adjustment began to sell out of the signs, while the developer's push is also slightly faster.  But the game atmosphere of the buyer and seller is still strong, the turnover period is obviously elongated. According to the 21st Century real estate monitoring data show that October Beijing's second-hand housing stock increased significantly, the same period last month rose 30% to 50%, the owners intend to sell seedlings ...

Guangdong's premium income growth in the first three quarters of successful positive

September annual increase in premiums 45.9% Nanfang Daily News after two consecutive quarters of growth in premiums, the growth of insurance premiums in Guangdong has finally produced a beautiful "report card" in the three quarter.  Yesterday, the Guangdong Provincial Security bureau issued the "Three quarterly" show: Because of the economic recovery and the former stage adjustment structure, Guangdong Province, the insurance business in the three quarter of rapid growth, and pull the province's insurance business growth from the first half of the negative growth to positive increase. Provincial Security bureau released data shows that 1 ~ September, the province to achieve 93.93 billion yuan premium income, with ...

Banking non-performing Loans keep double drop

Beijing October 29 News today from the CBRC statistics show that as of the end of September 2009, China's domestic commercial banks (including state-owned commercial banks, joint-stock commercial banks, urban commercial banks, rural commercial banks and foreign banks) Non-performing loan balance of 504.51 billion yuan, reduced by 55.8 billion yuan at the beginning of the year, non-performing loan rate of 1.66%, lower than the beginning of 0.76%. The statistics also show that as of the end of September 2009, China's banking institutions in the domestic foreign currency assets of 75.3 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 26.9%. Banking ...

Less than 1/4 of investment completion rate of affordable housing construction

Research on major public investment projects 28th, the National People's Congress Financial and Economic Committee Chairman Shi Shushi on behalf of the National People's Congress Special research group, to the NPC Standing Committee of the National People's Congress on the implementation of some major public investment projects report. The slow progress of the construction of affordable housing the report points out that the party committees and the Government put into practice the construction of major public investment projects as the basic work of expanding domestic demand, adjusting structure, improving people's livelihood, promoting stable and rapid economic development, strengthening responsibility and advancing actively, and achieving a phased effect, but the project is In the central budget arrangement of the major public ...

Pan Shiyi front door merchants Big landlord

June 15, Soho China launched the front door project in the form of inviting tenders for two diamond shops.  As Soho China's first self-sustaining project, the company's chairman, Pan Shiyi, is confident that the project's out-of-print position will bring long-term, stable and lucrative returns to the company. The 10 bidders shortlisted for Qianmen Street are open until October 1, leaving Soho China with little time. How can the fastest and best to complete the investment, pan Shiyi is facing the biggest problem. Pan Shiyi thought "to have an event, the heat of investment ..."

China's Coke export control has little influence on the steel industry in Europe and America

June 25, China Minmetals Import and Export Chamber of Commerce staff to the reporter confirmed that the minmetals Chamber of Commerce has been invited by the Ministry of Commerce to help prepare for the United States and Europe launched restrictions on the export of raw materials complaints. But as of this reporter, the Ministry of Commerce has not yet issued an official statement on the matter.  It is not clear, therefore, whether China will agree to be consulted and is expected to resolve the issue during the consultation period, or that the WTO set up a panel of experts to make its judgment after the negotiations have been fruitless. Two days ago, the EU, the United States under the WTO dispute settlement mechanism, to China's request for consultations, accusing China against a series of ...

Guangzhou Bank of Guangzhou changed its name

Nanfang Daily News (trainee reporter/Huang) recently, Guangzhou Commercial Bank approved by the China Banking Regulatory Commission will be renamed as "Guangzhou Bank", and set up the first branch in Shenzhen, in order to develop into a national commercial bank. Canton firm President Wokefei revealed that the bank plans 3 years in Beijing, Shanghai set up branches, and gradually developed into a number of cities in the country to set up branches of the medium-sized joint-stock banks. According to a wide range of relevant people, as the bank in Guangzhou outside the first branch, the current Shenzhen branch of the preparatory work has been steadily advancing.

Liaoning relaxes forest harvesting restrictions

Shenyang, June 24 (Xinhua Xiao) Liaoning Province recently determined the overall goal of forest harvesting management reform, in order to finally realize the change of forest harvesting from index control to sustainable forest management. The reform will take the lead in 16 counties (cities) listed as the National Forest harvesting management reform pilot. The reporter learned that the reform mainly involved 4 aspects, of which 3 aspects of forest harvesting restrictions have been relaxed. In the area of forest harvesting quota management, Liaoning Province decided that the logging of non-wood forest land should not be included in the quota management. For private plots and the individual trees in front of the house can be isolated from ...

Hopewell and highway infrastructure rose 1% Citigroup dividend

Hopewell and highway infrastructure was slightly built this morning, with shares rising 1.17% per cent to HK $4.33 and 970,000 shares a half.  Citi issued a report saying that the initial rating given to the unit, with a target price of HK $4.8, amounted to 12.2 times and 12.9 times times the forecast earnings for the 2009-2010 fiscal year, at a premium of 11% per cent of its market price. Citigroup pointed out that the combined and road infrastructure in the 2009 fiscal year core net profit will increase by 40%, mainly thanks to the new Tangxia-Dongguan section of the road after the overhaul of the flow of traffic recovery. At the same time, management proposed starting from fiscal year 2009 to carry out more than 100% of the dividend based on core net profit ...

Audit Commission: 13 state-owned enterprises lost 6.372 billion of decision mistakes

People's Daily Beijing, June 24 (reporter Changgong Gao Shing) this morning, at the Nineth plenary meeting of the NPC Standing Committee, the Auditor-General of the Audit Office Jiayi as the State Council on the 2008 Central budget implementation and other financial revenue and expenditure of the audit work report. When it comes to corporate audit, Jiayi pointed out that the audit of 13 central enterprises, such as China Aerospace Science and Engineering Group Corporation, found that 13 enterprises had more than 1.286 billion yuan profit, less profit of 5.369 billion yuan, more than 967 million yuan assets, less assets 5.847 billion yuan, due to decision-making mistakes, mismanagement and violation of ...

Fujian travel to Taiwan and the two prosperous

China News agency, Fuzhou, June 24 (reporter Rotzin) in the second half of 2008, Fujian began a group tour to Taiwan, that year, a total of 248 groups of more than 6,200 people, and the first five months of this year, Fujian organization 844 groups 23,000 people to Taiwan, which by "small tee" to Taiwan Tour  710 groups of more than 20,600 passengers. At the same time, Taiwan's growth in Fujian tourism continues to grow. Reporter 24th from the Fujian Provincial Tourism bureau learned that the first five months of this year, Fujian received more than 352,000 Taiwanese visitors, an increase of 23.4%, which through the mansion ...

Audit Commission: Some local misappropriation and interception of water pollution control funds

People's Daily Beijing, June 24 (Xinhua Gao Shing) The Nineth meeting of the NPC Standing Committee held its second plenary meeting this morning. Commissioned by the State Council, Auditor General Jiayi to the National People's Congress to report the 2008 central budget implementation and other financial revenue and expenditure audit.  When referring to environmental protection special audit investigation situation, Jiayi pointed out that some local water pollution control Fund collection management is not strict enough, some departments and units less levy, set to marry misappropriation and interception of water pollution control funds. Jiayi said that in recent years, water pollution control and energy saving and emission reduction work has made positive progress, but pollution treatment ...

Shenzhen to participate in Hong Kong-Guangdong Economic and trade Exchange meeting signed 78

78 contract projects, trade transactions 840 million U.S. dollars daily, Shenzhen, June 24 (Humo Yin Chunfang) reporter learned from the relevant parties, "2009 Hong Kong-Guangdong Economic and technological trade Cooperation Exchange" held yesterday.  Shenzhen Economic and trade sub-group in the Conference reached the signing of the project 78, the trade transaction amount of 840 million U.S. dollars. It is learnt that the seminar, jointly organised by the Guangdong Provincial government and the HKSAR administration, is an important platform for promoting economic investment, technology and trade cooperation between Hong Kong and Guangdong. The Shenzhen government dispatched by the Shenzhen Trade and Industry Bureau, the City Investment Promotion agency, the district government, the light ...

Before the introduction: Dow Breakthrough 8800 Hong Kong, the homeopathy test 20000 off

Hong Kong stocks broke through last month's high, rising nearly 700 points close, creating the highest level since September last year, the market "bullish."  After the breakthrough last month, the index has broken a wave of low waves in June to date, the U.S. stocks also broke the head and shoulder shape, last night rose more than 100 points, the Dow breakthrough 8,800 points, I believe that the Asia-Pacific market will lay a strong heart pin. To undertake last night's rally, coupled with the period after the close of yesterday to become high water, it is expected that the Hang Seng index this morning can be opened 200 to 300 points, and the homeopathy can be a try 20,000 points. 20000 is a psychological pass, not a technical barrier.

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