JP Morgan Jing Ulrich: A A-share break of 3,200 points in the short term may adjust

Every reporter Wei Yuqing from Shanghai yesterday, JPMorgan's director, general Manager and China Securities Market Chairman Jing Ulrich held a media meeting in the Shanghai Grand Hyatt, looking forward to the second half of the Chinese economy and the stock market. Will maintain a loose monetary policy "three months ago, when everyone thought the Chinese economy and stock market still had a lot of uncertainties, we judged they were going to recover at an alarming rate and show a V-shaped rebound." We expect China's GDP to grow by more than 8% in the two quarter of this year, with the annual economy achieving a ' 8 ' target. "This is Lee ...

Morning period refers to the first rise after the increase narrowed down 18392

China Asset Management Co., Ltd. Rev Fung-Chi of the morning refers to the first rise after the increase narrowed, the 18392, the period refers to 18497 high open, up to 18620 after the return to 18400, pushed on 18590 back to 18332, completely back to 18497/18353 of the city rising Rift, tail city wandering favoured, In the afternoon after the meeting to digest the proportion of falling technology sell, but tonight, the United States released May employment data, the market has been expected to be poor, simply so that the chances of a big shock to the U.S. stocks is not high, the current period refers to the city after the rise of the rift, see that the city again space is not big, under ...

Heng Ding Industrial rapid increase of 8% Citigroup increased the target price of more than 6.51 yuan

Heng Ding industry this morning a sharp rally, the share price of half a sudden rise 8.36% to 6.35 Hong Kong dollars, deal 46.45 million shares.  Citigroup issued a report saying that it maintained its buying rating, with a sharp rise in target prices from HK $2.75 to HK $6.51, a 2.5% per cent premium over market prices. Citi, which has raised the price of coking coal by 4% and 24% per cent for the 09-10 fiscal year, is expected to increase 18% to 24% per cent, according to a strong demand for coking coal that is strongly supported by robust steel demand and a strong downside risk. Keep pin ...

The month refers to the high Open 101 Point report 18,420 points

That is, the monthly HSI Futures high Open 101 points, reported 18,420 points.

China or the world's largest carbon trading market

China or become the world's largest carbon trading market carbon Financial policy reserves should be first-our correspondent Shing National climate change Expert committee member Liu Yanhua on March 26, "CLP Union 2011 economic situation and electric power development Analysis forecast" said, in many developed countries eyes, China is likely to become the world's largest carbon market in the future. It is understood that 2009 global carbon market value of 144 billion U.S. dollars, the industry is expected to 2020 global carbon market will increase to 3.5 trillion U.S. dollars, and the oil market will be tied to the world's largest trading market. ...

Mr. Zheng, Governor of agricultural issue: the loan of land transfer right of farmers

"Do not always blame the financial institutions do not give farmers loans, farmers are difficult to borrow because of the lack of mortgage-related loans, land transfer rights can handle mortgage?"  "March 8, at the 14 session of the CPPCC, the agricultural sector group meeting, the Governor of the Chinese Agricultural Development Bank, Mr. Zheng, asked himself," I think it is possible. " For example, he said, for example, John has 1000 acres of land, Zhang Three can not be transferred to others, "as long as a circulation, will produce transaction prices."  Therefore, the transfer of the right as a mortgage to the bank loans, banks will also be assured credit. The right to land transfer refers to the ownership of land contract management.

Chenming paper rose 25% chips chasing backward and with the concept of repurchase

Chen Ming paper, which announced earlier plans to buy up to one H shares and write off the shares, has surged 25.21% to HK $5.95 In the wake of a surge in chips chasing backward shares, with a one-time refresh of nearly 10-month highs to HK $6.45. Chenming paper A shares (000488-CN) also rose 1.93% to 7.92 Yuan, successfully break through the year line.

China Railways Rally 2% Credit Suisse reaffirms building gross margin growth view

China Railway H shares opened 2.35% to HK $6.1 this morning, closing 802,000 shares.  Credit Suisse issued a report saying it maintained the stock's top market rating, with target prices up from HK $6.5 to HK $7.13, at a premium of 17% per cent. Credit Suisse refers to an increase of 6.9% to 7.6% per share of China railway in the 2009-2011 fiscal year to reflect improved revenue prospects. Still think China's construction wool margins will increase this year as raw materials are cheap and efficient, and the Ministry of Railways is likely to compensate for budget-poor rail projects.

China North vehicle recently signed 2.1 billion contract

China North Car (601299) recently signed a number of major contracts, the total amount of about 2.115 billion yuan. Among them, the holding subsidiary Changchun Rail Bus Co., Ltd. and Harbin Metro Group Limited signed a value of 621 million Yuan Subway vehicle Sales contract; wholly-owned subsidiary North Vehicle Import and Export Co., Ltd. and Kazakhstan too Intersnab Company signed a value of 866 million yuan freight car sales contract, from 2011 to 2012 completed delivery, the wholly-owned subsidiary Qiqihar Rail Transportation Equipment Co., Ltd. and Hamsley iron ore Company signed ...

Anti-inflation weapon competition

The advantage of interest rate hike: to the bank, can effectively shrink the liquidity of capital, while slowing the effect of negative interest rates, can also be appropriate for excessive credit to have a deterrent effect; for savers, they can curb consumption and investment, increase savings, compensate for the value of their wealth, and thus prevent social unrest.  Downside: It is likely to lead to large inflows of foreign capital and not to fundamentally address inflation and the rise in the price of money.  Subsidies include various forms of subsidies, such as food subsidies, electricity subsidies, fuel subsidies, and even direct cash payments to the public. Advantages: to the political ...

Taiwan shares fell 4th today low 0.3%

Taiwan's stock market even fell 4th, the weighted average index closed 6767.1 points today, a day down 0.3%, the low since May 26, the deal also contracted to NT $121.8 billion.

Wuhan China hundred 186 million investment and Construction shopping center project

NetEase Financial March 25 News in Wuhan in the evening announcement, the company subordinate wholly-owned subsidiary of Wuhan Department Store Co., Ltd. is to be located in Enshi Laifeng Yu-E road 7629.73 square meters commercial land development and construction into a department store, supermarkets, home appliances, catering, leisure and entertainment as one-stop shopping center.  The total investment of the project is 186 million yuan. Annual report shows that the company's 2010 annual operating income of 11.872 billion yuan, an increase of 17.6%, attributable to the listed company's shareholders net profit of 250 million yuan, the year-on-year increase of 17.59%; basic earnings per share 0 ....

Foxconn Rose 6% to 7.5 yuan

Foxconn International rose sharply this morning to win the big city, the share price rose 6.06% to 5.6 Hong Kong dollars a half, deal 36.87 million shares.  The Morgan Stanley report said it had raised its rating from neutral to overweight, and that the target price had risen from HK $4.5 to HK $7.5, a 34% per cent premium. Morgan Stanley refers to the revival of Foxconn's road to a turning point, thanks to the industry and the company's own two positive changes. As a result, its global mobile phone and outsourcing business forecasts were increased, and the operating expenses and tax expenditures were lowered. Global mobile phone delivery forecast value from the original 2009 years ago ...

The reorganization of the big into the three companies to take over the group

The reorganization of the big-stock (600882) party finally opened the veil. According to the company's announcement, after the actual control of the Chinese Chemical Agrochemical Corporation, the notice that Shandong Yinshan Investment Co., Ltd., Dong Li Town Collective Asset Management Center, Beijing Hui Quan International Investment Co., Ltd. of the Joint assignee to meet the statutory and China's agricultural requirements of the assignee should have the qualification conditions, Have the strength to reorganize the listed company. On the basis of comprehensive consideration of various factors, China's agricultural selection of Shandong Yinshan Investment Co., Ltd., Dong Li Town Collective Asset Management Center, Beijing Hui Quan International Investment Co., Ltd.

In the early afternoon, the rebound is now reported at 18516

China Asset Management Co., Ltd. the first part of the afternoon is the rebound, now reported 18516, the morning refers to the recovery of the city is the rise of the Rift, the earlier see that the city again space is not large, the early afternoon of the beginning of the period refers to the opportunity to rebound first, to the back of the Gello, about 18600 below, 18250 above the suction, And the beginning of the afternoon to rebound on the first 18545, back to 18414 after the rise of 18580, has risen nearly 18600, now into the afternoon after the paragraph, the period refers to a little back, but do not look back more, minutes in 18400 around the top wish

Guangzhou Bank of Guangzhou changed its name

Nanfang Daily News (trainee reporter/Huang) recently, Guangzhou Commercial Bank approved by the China Banking Regulatory Commission will be renamed as "Guangzhou Bank", and set up the first branch in Shenzhen, in order to develop into a national commercial bank. Canton firm President Wokefei revealed that the bank plans 3 years in Beijing, Shanghai set up branches, and gradually developed into a number of cities in the country to set up branches of the medium-sized joint-stock banks. According to a wide range of relevant people, as the bank in Guangzhou outside the first branch, the current Shenzhen branch of the preparatory work has been steadily advancing.

When the property market warmer developers to create a room is difficult to find a line of pomp

While the property market warmer, developers play marketing tricks to create a room difficult to find the queue, gathered up the scene popularity.  CFP Click here to view all the financial news pictures at the weekend, Shanghai and then lift the tide "the government does not want prices to rise too fast" while the property market warmer, developers play marketing tricks to create a room difficult to find the queue, gathered up the scene of popularity.  In a short period of less than six months, the Shanghai property market in the long pent-up rigid demand driven by the rapid completion of a new peak from the bottom of the "Metamorphosis", speed, the momentum of the fierce, staggering. Yesterday, in the city news ...

The brand value of Hurun brand list is shrinking

Reporter: Gu Xiaoyu yesterday, the Hurun Research Institute released the "2009 Hurun China Brand List" ("Hurun Brand List") and "2009 Hurun Private Brand List" ("Private Brand List"), this is the fourth time Hurun launched the Chinese brand rankings.  Compared with last year, the value of the listed brand has a more obvious decline, including the "Hurun Brand list" The first China Mobile, brand value than last year shrank nearly half. Brand value than last year's apparent decline in the 100 "Hurun Brand list" Listed companies, China Mobile to 199 billion yuan brand value for the third consecutive year ...

Foreign technical trade measures cost China 50.5 billion of dollars in exports

Xinhua Beijing, June 25, the General Administration of Quality Supervision 25th issued a message that 36.1% of China's export enterprises in 2008 by foreign technical trade measures to varying degrees of influence, the annual export trade direct loss of 50.542 billion U.S. dollars.  In order to fully understand the impact of foreign technical trade measures on export enterprises in China, in April 2009-May, Aqsiq carried out a nationwide survey on the impact of technical trade measures abroad on China's export enterprises in 2008. The survey shows that the top five countries and regions that have a greater impact on China's exports are the EU, the United States ...

Senior executives arrested for Vice president

At the time of the change of chairman of the Guangdong Development Bank (hereinafter "the broad issue"), it was reported yesterday that several senior executives such as Wang Xin, a vice president of the bank, had been investigated by the judiciary. According to the financial network reported that Wang Xin June 19 for alleged corruption was formally arrested, with the arrest of the Department of Asset Management, deputy radar, and a more closely related to the issue of Hou surname man.  General Manager Li Shujin is currently in medical parole state.  The broad public Relations department did not comment on the report.  reported that the above cases are related to the issue of the disposal of non-performing assets during the reorganization process. Public data show ...

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