HSI 57-Point 18831

Expert online real-time FAQ >> Point this into the HSI fell 57 points, closed to 18,831 points, a decrease of 0.3%, the city transactions of 54.775 billion Hong Kong dollar, trading active. The index of state-owned enterprises won the HSI, which rose 52 points, 10,990 points, or 0.  48%. Bank shares play the role of the big city killers. Chinese banks are the weakest sectors. ICBC has been the worst blue-chip performer by Goldman Sachs at a discount. HSBC Holdings fell 2.61%. Yesterday's surge in insurance stocks weakened synchronously. Property stocks have been recalled, both overseas and in poor performance. Unicom is bucking the trend ...

Sun Hung Kai Property falls 0.75% Goldman Sachs bullish target price

Sun Hung Kai Real Estate (00016-HK) fell 0.75% per half, at HK $99.15, for a deal of HK $444 million, which ran for the first time in the market, while the index fell 0.31%, but it opened early at a high of HK $101.90, the latest record.  Goldman raised its rating from neutral to a buy and raised its target price from HK $83.20 to HK $118 after Goldman Sachs revised its earnings forecasts for the new 09, 10 and 11 fiscal year by 5%,19% and 32% respectively. The bank also said that the unit is now a 26% discount on net asset value, is expected to narrow to 10%, ...

China Unicom is up 14.45% or big minus 3G in early trading

China Unicom 2nd Morning High, is reported 11.88 Hong Kong dollar, up 14.45%, the company said, will be canceled 3G users of long-distance calls, roaming fees, long-distance roaming fees, or to facilitate the development of 3G users, at the same time, UBS to upgrade its rating and target prices, also conducive to stock performance. China Unicom (00762) June 2 higher volatility climbed, now reported 11.88, up 14.45%, the current transaction of 600 million Hong Kong dollars, the site quoted the company said, will be canceled 3G users of long-distance telephone fees, roaming fees, long-distance roaming fees three charges, this is the operator of the Chinese capital ...

Construction Bank of the first half of the business expansion of the first European distribution point

Construction Bank H-shares this morning to rebound, the share price of a half-day only slightly lower 0.39% to HK $5.17, deal 287 million shares. Construction Bank A shares (601939-CN) now also fell 0.64% to 4.68 yuan. The bank recently announced that it had set up a wholly owned subsidiary in the UK in Monday, the first wholly owned subsidiary of the Bank in Europe. The company, a subsidiary of China Construction Bank (London), will provide banking services, including corporate deposits, loans, trade finance, commodity trade finance and preservation. In order to continue the Chinese financial institutions with the aid of the country ...

H-Share index slightly higher and optimistic 13,200 points

The H-Share index, a narrow shock near the closing position yesterday, favoured a rebound after a low opening this morning, and is now up 3.03 points or 0.03% to 10940.88, a deal of HK $13.857 billion. Goldman Sachs issued a report saying it maintains a bullish outlook on the Chinese market, as the mainland's macroeconomic environment improves and global liquidity is plentiful, and the base target for the state-owned enterprise index is raised from 8,900 to 10,300 at the end of this year, with an optimistic target rising to 13,200.  Because the market focus is on next year's earnings outlook and better market liquidity. And in the industry and stocks, high ...

Tian Yu 47% sale of Guangzhou real estate Project

Tian Yu property sale of Guangzhou Real estate projects, stimulate the share price this morning after the rise of 47.25% to 0.67 yuan, the latest reported 0.64 Yuan, 40.66%, turnover of 6.17 million yuan. Tian Yu announced, to China Aoyuan (03883-HK) to sell the Guangzhou Real estate project AIA 80% Equity and shareholder loans, the price of about 418 million yuan.

Wu Liang ye "Drunk Driving" can run how far?

Lou Xiangpeng recently heard, Wu Liang Ye look forward to years of car-making license plate finally get hands, can be round for many years to build a car dream. I am not optimistic about the "drunk driving" of Wuliangye, not only this time, I have always been not optimistic about the diversification of Wuliangye, from to do the Asian first-class pharmaceutical group to nothing, to the arrival of Huaxi Securities in the equity transfer was stopped before, or investment billion into the daily market, but also useful 10 billion yuan into the IT industry, As well as the investment billion to become the Southwest garment boss. Not I have any prejudice, but I think the diversity of Wuliangye has been to no avail, and multiple attempts to diversify ...

Parkson rights issue has been down 7% down the price

Parkson Business (03368) holding shareholder 11.71 yuan per share placing up to 55 million old shares, the stock market this morning before the opening of a total value of 644 million yuan placement has been on board, this morning, the share price low see 11.48 Yuan, fell 6.82%, has fallen to wear the selling price.  The current price of 11.64 yuan, still fell 5.519%, a temporary transaction of more than 678 million yuan. Parkson announced that the controlling shareholder Parkson Holdings Berhad has commissioned UBS to allocate 11.71 yuan per share of not more than 55 million shares or accounted for 1.96%, set now 644 million yuan. Before placing, control ...

SMIC rises 2.33% and maintains rating

SMIC (00981-HK) rose 2.33% in a half-day, at HK $0.44 and a deal of HK $51.7614 million, which won the market in early trading and the index fell 0.31%.  Daiwa maintained the unit's rating, but lowered its target price from HK $0.36 to HK $0.42, the bank's expected 09-year market rate of 0.5 times times, before the target price equivalent to 0.44 times times the market rate, because the chip stocks were downgraded. The bank said the further adjustment would depend on the progress made by SMIC in turning around the world. Daiwa said that according to the market rate ...

Belle International is up 4.28% at Goldman Sachs to HK $7.1

Belle International (01880-HK) has now risen 4.28% to HK $6.33, a deal of HK $58.8366 million, which is now winning the big city, with the index falling 0.4%. Goldman raised its rating from neutral to buy, while also raising its target price from HK $4 to HK $7.1.  The bank believes that with the addition of 2,840 distribution points in the last year, the forecast increase in profitability for 09 will be enhanced with the expected new 600 distribution points this year. The bank also points to a 20% discount on valuations compared to the 03368-HK group, which also featured in the mid-range market.

Europe's stock market is little changed

Following last week's creation, major European stock markets have not changed much in the early days of today.  The FTSE 100 index reported 4336.97 points, down 0.21%.  Frankfurt DAX Index reported 4842.98 points, + 0.07%. The French CAC 40 index reported 3220.72 points, down 0.02%.

Chinese laborers ' science and technology will not exceed 60 million shares approved

Chinese laborers ' technology (000988) March 2 Evening Notice that the China Securities Regulatory Commission issued the Audit Committee on 2nd to review the company's non-public offering of a shares of the application, according to the results of the meeting, the company's Non-public issue A shares application has been approved. The company previously announced that the proposed non-public offering of not more than 60 million shares, the issue price is not less than 14.54 yuan/share.

Jingxing paper shareholders reduce 19.44 million share of total equity 5%

Jingxing paper (002067) announced in late Wednesday, the company's second largest shareholder, Shanghai Jiulong Mountain Co., Ltd. sold 19.4431 million shares of the company's shares, representing 5% of the total equity, on March 1, 2010 February 28, 2011 through the SSE centralized auction system. As of March 1, the Shanghai Jiulong Mountain still holds 1.5444 million shares of the company, accounting for 0.39% of total equity.

St New Rudder main Ningbo and Yi Road: 95 list ST40 Amoi Carnival

In the low large shock bin suction and lock, and then combined with St-stock characteristics, with a small amount of money easy to pull up away from Chengben, the final high level of the current financial weekly newspaper reporter Guo Jitung/text or their own playing board to do trading, or follow the fund thigh, the operating style is a variety  And with most of the hot money is different, the Galaxy Securities Ningbo and Yi Road Sales Department Sword Walk Slant, infatuation in St shares, in the St stock hype to a duck in the river. Public information shows that from October 28, 2008 to the bottom of the market from 1664 to June 16, 2009, in Ningbo and the road list of 95 ...

Tin Tone Holding to discuss overseas cooperation

Day Sound Holdings (000829) March 2 Evening Notice that the board of Directors of the company intends to discuss matters of great cooperation with foreign enterprises, the company's shares in March 3 to March 4 suspension for two days.

Yu Yuan group flat at HK $17.24 DBS Promotion rating to buy

Yu Yuan Group (00551-HK), which was flat at HK $17.24 and traded for HK $49.6421 million a day, ran a big market today, with the index rising 0.77%. DBS raised the unit's rating from full valuations to buying, while also raising its target price from HK $18 to HK $21.10, using its fiscal 2010 profit forecast. Prior to the interim results as of March, DBS said interim results were in line with expectations and that the remainder of fiscal year 09 was expected to continue to face challenges. But the bank expects the outlook for fiscal year 2010 to be good, as export demand will gradually rebound and expect ...

Hong Kong stocks narrowed 10-day and 20-day average afternoon

The index, which was driven by a a-share market this morning, was raised to 10 days (18,334 points) and 20-day average (18240), but was not stable at the opening afternoon, narrowing from 452 points at noon to 200. The Hang Seng index is now reporting 18,177 points, up 256 points and an increase of 1.41%. The index of state-owned enterprises was reported at 10705.91, an increase of 1.87%.

Full disclosure: "6 15" China Ping An analyst conference call Confidential

Financial Weekly reporter Wang Jiangtao/Finishing Time: June 15, 2009 meeting Host: China Ping An Investor relations (IR) person in charge of Kinscholiang meeting: China Ping An, general manager Zhang Zixin, Ping Bank President Richard Jackson, China Ping An asset management (Hong Kong) Managing director Liu Shanku Q: On the Ping an event,  How is HSBC's attitude?  A: The deal was unanimously approved by the Board of directors, including 3 HSBC directors, HSBC in support of the deal and several times in public to hold peace. Q ...

Period of 18045 liters 130 points

China Asset Management Co., Ltd. rev-Wood Rush afternoon refers to the gradual return to 17981, in the spot after the closing of the stock, 18045, 130 points, than the spot low water 15 points, deal 94527.

Nearly 70% Beijing residents think deposit rates are low

The central bank's Department of Management announced the two quarterly survey this morning (reporter Mr Xiong) The central bank's Department of Management released this morning, "the second quarter of 2009 Beijing 1400 Urban Depositors Questionnaire Survey analysis" showed that although nearly 70% of Beijing residents believe that deposit rates are low, the choice of "more savings" has increased and residents ' willingness to invest has declined. According to the survey, 69.7% of the residents in this quarter considered "low deposit rates", which fell by 0.6% over the previous quarter. Under current prices and interest rates, the proportion of residents who think "more savings" is the most cost-effective is 38.2%, up 1.8 from last quarter ...

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