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The army is responsible for Gould's mobile internet business.

When he was working on his mobile phone map, he was responsible for the company's mobile internet business, which had worked in Nokia and Motorola.   Baidu first noticed that the opportunity for a map began when Google withdrew from China. With Google's market share rising, the flow is also gradually rising.   At that time, Google, Baidu did not do their own maps, Baidu will map business outsourcing to a professional map of the service, Google outsourced to the gold, the daily only set up one or two people to maintain. When Google withdrew from China, Baidu found only as a PC-side search accessibility map, traffic ...

Village Bank Test Water "cloud computing" SaaS model Full Trust or future direction

On the scale, the village bank is inferior to the city firm; on the history, the village bank is inferior to the rural credit cooperatives, but catching up with the good time of rural financial reform, since 2006, the CBRC adjusted and relaxed the policy of market access for the banking institutions in rural areas, more than 100 village and village banks The new type of rural financial institutions, such as microfinance companies, have been established and operated successively. In the 2007, most of the village banks were sponsored by state-owned commercial banks, joint-stock commercial banks and foreign banks or as controlling parties, among which the majority of Non-bank capital was local state-owned capital and private capital was involved.

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