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Configure Cisco devices to use an NTP server

You can use NTP for a variety of devices to sync time, including network devices. I have outlined the necessary NTP commands for a variety of Cisco system Company products because this is one of the hottest network device manufacturers that may be used in many Home Office/small Office (SOHO) environments and business sector Cisco IOS to make your router and IP address and NTP server sync, using command: &

Ten notorious moments in security research

1. SQL Slammer a week after Microsoft released its SQL patch, the flaw was presented at the Black Hat meeting by researchers David. The Slammer worm, which used the flaw, made the internet a big jam in 2003. 2. In April 2005, researchers at Windows Plug and Play Internet security systems discovered the Windows flaw, which enabled hackers to control defective systems and execute code remotely. By August, there had been a Zotob worm using the flaw. 3, Cisco IOS Stack Overflow ...

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