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The five major platforms that enterprises must understand are service products

Absrtact: Dot Cloud is by far the most attractive platform for service products. It is of great concern, especially given the ambitious vision it has put forward. If everyone's application needs ruby resources and some support for node.js, Heroku should be the first choice to override other platforms, the service offerings. Although the current holder is (which is also a big annoyance to VMware), Heroku is still worthy of the title of the second generation cloud platform ...

Spark: A framework for cluster computing on a workgroup

Translation: Esri Lucas The first paper on the Spark framework published by Matei, from the University of California, AMP Lab, is limited to my English proficiency, so there must be a lot of mistakes in translation, please find the wrong direct contact with me, thanks. (in parentheses, the italic part is my own interpretation) Summary: MapReduce and its various variants, conducted on a commercial cluster on a large scale ...

Gomez peer hang Machine money-making software its principle of making money

What exactly is "PEER"? Gomez PEER is a java-based, secure application running in the background of a computer. You can even forget it exists because it doesn't interfere with your computer. Using advanced, Point-to-Point "> Distributed Computing Technology, Gomez peer combines the world's idle PCs to measure the site's industry ...

Zhang Chunhui recollection record: A network love deep bbs those people and things

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host Technology Hall Editor's note: Zhang Chunhui (Sunnycheung), net name "spider/Rock sugar Chestnut", one of the early Chinese Internet builders, China's first internet station "Shenzhen window" and the first BBS station "A network love Deep" founder. When active in a net sentiment deep netizen such as Ding Lei, Zeng Liqing and so on, now already became the man of the Internet.   So Zhang Chunhui and a net love those people, those things, also become the 30 it process indelible imprint. 1996 4 ...

Website Construction four Part 3-Web page making design

When all the hardware is ready, you can start to prepare the company's Web page design. To do a good job of web design, you have to answer a question: what is the purpose of the company to set up a website? Different companies, there will be different answers, can be to highlight the company's image, to help the company's publicity and promotion, to provide better information feedback channels, or even open up another task, and so on. A clear and clear goal to help plan the website "...

Don't think you can make a living with your skills

Now I do it myself, but I have been engaged in software development work for many years, when looking back to look at their own course, will feel particularly want to those beginners Java/dot.   NET technology friends say something about their own heart, and hope you can from our experience, I think how much can be inspired by the point (maybe I'm not good, you will disagree but for my sincere sake do not throw bricks AH). First, in China, you must not because of learning technology can be exchanged for your stable life and high pay water good treatment, and, you must not think those from ...

Excellent Project recommendation: The first half of 2013, domestic outstanding start-up Enterprise Summary

This article summed up the first half of 2013 years on the line or relatively high domestic outstanding start-up companies, content from the Tianya Sea Pavilion on the weekly Web2.0share weekly selection of domestic start-ups: Voice360 is through the phone horn to send audio signals (with 10K of silent Signal), And then use the microphone to receive decoding to achieve close range of data exchange of the Trans-era technology, voice360 SDK, can quickly integrate acoustic communication functions, to achieve close range of data exchange, authentication, file sharing. Link: htt ...

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