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"SDN Controller Analysis II" Onos network status statement

Overview The key information maintained by the control plane is the network state. The control plane must aggregate this information and make it available to the application. In addition, in order to maintain scalability and component reuse, applications should be exempt from protocol details, even though network state information is obtained through a specific protocol. The Onos topology of the protocol is implemented by two complementary mechanisms: Network Discovery and configuration. The former uses the network protocol to let Onos identify the location and/or performance of the network elements, and take the initiative to carry out the relevant collection work when the function is enabled. The latter allows applications and operations ...

Brocade Vyatta controller to accelerate China market

September 24, 2014, Boko announced the introduction of the Brocade Vyatta controller, as a software definition of the network of products, will help Opendaylight project (an open source programmable network platform) further landing in the Chinese market. Boco vice president of China Yu Chine first introduced the current data center of the industry's development trend. He says the rise of the T3 platform has made it increasingly difficult for traditional data centers to meet the ever-increasing demands of business. With the increasing acceptance and popularity of cloud computing in the Chinese market, cloud computing is a trend in the Chinese market. Next ...

Corporate Smartphone Security (C) - Aim at domain controllers and look for Golden Ticket

Corporate Smartphone Security (C) - Aim at domain controllers and look for Golden Ticket. Before leaving the internal network, we decided to get the hash of the domain controller, especially the Kerberos account (krbtgt) and wanted to create a Golden Ticket *. Golden Ticket refers to the forged TGT (Ticket Granting Ticket). Similarly, the Silver Ticket is a forged TGS (Ticket Granting Server).

Briefly describe the contents of the Operation Master

In previous articles and reports, we can know the secondary domain controller, the installation of his role is not to say that when the primary domain controller failure (such as suddenly when the machine), he is not able to complete the role of the domain controller, here is a operation of the concept of master, the following is a brief overview of Operation Master: Operation Master ( FSMO), also known as the operations Master (OM), is one or more special DCs in AD to perform certain special functions (resource identifier SID allocation, schema modification, PDC selection, etc.). 1, the operation of the main control of the classification base ...

Detailed DCPROMO commands in Windows server

& ">nbsp; The dcpromo command is a "switch" command. If the Windows Desktop Server computer is a member server, running the DCPROMO command installs the Active Directory, upgrades it to a domain controller, and if the Windows Server computer is already a domain controller, ...

For the "real illusion"-the frontiers of interactive technology in the video game field

The gaming industry has been trying to attract the mass groups that have been driven away by complex operations, but the most successful is Japan's Nintendo. In the last game industry cycle, Nintendo successfully exploited the touch-manipulation of NDS and body-sensing Wii, greatly expanding the game's layout in home entertainment, and many people who never played games began to buy. Of course, thanks to "Avatar", let the 3D experience from the trend of the mainstream, which makes the game industry is ready, full of expectations. Below, will introduce a year to be listed, the world's most concerned about the 3 game equipment, they are the world's first three big ...

Network virtualization solutions for future cloud data centers

Every time you talk about virtualization or cloud computing, administrators will invariably complain: "Data center network can not keep pace with the development of cloud computing." Data center computing and storage capabilities have improved dramatically over the past decade, and the network is still using the architecture of the past, and has not been able to keep pace with this evolution. With the rapid development of cloud computing and mobile Internet, there is a growing need for companies to significantly improve their data center capabilities. "Why do we need the traditional three-tier architecture of network virtualization is in the new world of big data and cloud computing ...

Add an Ubuntu box to the Active Directory and authenticate the user

This is an introduction to how to add an Ubuntu box to an active Directory domain and use ad for user authentication. Software Environment name version MS Windows Server ">2003 standard SP1 Linux Ubuntu breezy 5.10.

How to use good eucalyptus

Ignacio M. Liorente, from the Opennebula project, recently published an article entitled EUCALYPTUS, Cloudstack, OPENSTACK and opennebula:a tale of NonBlank Models's blog article analyzes the differences between the four cloud management platforms of Eucalyptus, Cloudstack, OpenStack and Opennebula from the perspective of application scenarios. ...

SEO impact site Structure and weight

& ">nbsp; Web site size to a certain degree, the code of various logic entangled together, will give maintenance and expansion of a huge obstacle, then our solution is actually very simple, that is refactoring, the logic of layering.   Usually, Top-down can be divided into performance layer, application layer, domain layer, persistence layer. The so-called performance layer, and not just the model ...

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