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Watercress "footprint" function will be shut down

Absrtact: Comprehensive community watercress CEO Yang Bo today in the quiz, said, because the watercress footprint function team without permission to crawl the poor travel network part of the geographical data, to the poor network solemn apology, at the same time, Yang Bo said, footprint function will be shut down. Yang Bo in the article, said: "Comprehensive community watercress CEO Yang Bo today, said in the quiz, because watercress" footprint "function team without permission to crawl the poor network part of the geographical data, to the poor network solemn apology, at the same time, Yang Bo said," footprint "function will be shut down. Yang Bo in the article said: "' footprints ' in the test on the line did crawl before and after the poor travel network ...

Spring Festival Lunar New Year: SMS Slow Spray ha

It is understood that in order to curb spam messages, Shenyang, China Unicom, telecommunications, mobile three operators, has long been the implementation of short message "limit", once within an hour to send more than 200 text messages, mobile phone message function will be "locked."   Mass message too much may be limited in recent years, mass New Year SMS has become a lot of Shenyang residents of the regular action, but last year some of the people themselves mass message, will suddenly find that text messages can never be sent out, this is what? Liaoning Telecom related officials speculated that this may be the system mistakenly think that the user in the spam message from ...

Array function library: Usort

Usort (PHP3 >= 3.0.3, PHP4) usort---& ">nbsp; Sorts the values of an array by user-defined functions: void Usort (array array, function cmp_function); Description: This function will be determined according to the user ...

Math function Library: Rand

Rand (PHP3, PHP4) Rand---& ">nbsp; Generate Chaos numerical Syntax: int rand ([int min], [int Max]); Note: If there is no parameter min and Max, the value returned by this function will be between 0 and Rand_max. For example, you want to have the scrambled values fall somewhere between ...

Lenovo Ebox will start in early May with the Kinect similar

Beijing Time April 18 News, Lenovo Holdings of game companies in the United Green Movement insiders have announced today, the company developed 3D Human Action Interactive game machine Ebox will be officially released in early May. United Green by Lenovo Group, Lenovo Holdings and Lenovo investment in the second half of 2010 to establish joint investment, mainly engaged in research and development with 3D Body action recognition function of interactive family game machine Products Ebox. It is understood that Ebox was originally scheduled to be released last November, but because the company's official details of the user experience needs to be further optimized, this date was a ...

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