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Qualcomm was awarded the Global CDMA Terminal Outstanding Contribution Award

Global Telecom granted QUALCOMM CDMA terminal type Outstanding Contribution Award: Chang Shanggao Author: China Telecom Time: 2014-07-04 10:22:54 Qualcomm Incorporated today announced that it held at June 27, 2014, "2014 Tianyi phone deal Cum-Mobile Internet Forum ", China Telecom Corporation, the largest CDMA operator in the world, awarded the" Award for Outstanding Contributions to Global CDMA Terminals "from Qualcomm. Over the years, Qualcomm has been committed to the development of breakthrough mobile technology and commercial applications, the award fully affirmed the United States Qualcomm ...

Cool swept Tianyi 4G new models breaking the signing volume history

Cool swept Tianyi 4G models break new contract volume history types: Chang Shanggao Author: Cool Time: 2014-07-01 14:47:07 in the recent "2014 Fair & Tianyi mobile phone Internet Forum", Cool Insiders said that channel operators on the spot signed with the Cool Tianyi cell phone subscription volume up to 10 million, and basically all 4G models, just won the China Telecom FDD / TDD LTE trial network license, which means that Cool will become China Telecom attack FDD 4G market leader in the upcoming opening of the 1 ...

Tianyi Mobile Trade Fair netizens sigh models die car

Recently, the sixth Tianyi mobile phone fair is about to start in Nanjing. This session of mobile phone fairs was significantly different from the past. Apart from the mobile phone trade, new products exhibitions, summit forums and salons, the reporter learned from the recent activities of the "Smart Phone Model Power List" at the Tianyi Mobile Trade Fair , Mobile phone model with its fresh, intellectual temperament so that users amazed the "victory" car model, become the biggest highlight of this mobile phone trade fairs. Mobile phone trade fair every year this year's highlight of the special multi-Tianyi mobile phone trade fair and Mobile Internet Forum (GSS) as China Telecom led the annual chain summit ...

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