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The future of converged cloud and IT infrastructure

The future of converged cloud and IT infrastructure

The most expensive price: transitional supply

What is the most expensive price for enterprise architects and IT professionals to run on their IT infrastructure in a PaaS or IaaS-based cloud, such as the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud? According to Cloudability's chief operating officer, Pete Adams, the problem is purchasing paradox: those who manage the operations do not buy more, just buy less. The Harmfulness of Over Supply What is the DevOps team buying too much? Very simple, they often buy too much cloud computing power. "People over-supply infrastructure ...

How open source projects build cloud computing

For Linux manufacturers Red Hats, cloud computing is not a specific project, is a combination of many open source projects. Scottcrenshaw, vice president and manager of the Red Hat cloud computing business, said, "There is a reason for the naming of cloud computing foundations." Improving the evolution of IT infrastructure is an ongoing process that you have never really done. Crenshaw points out that cloud computing includes virtualization and management infrastructure as well as automation. As companies gain more experience with virtualization, they need and want to ...

The three potential killers of cloud computing

I've never shied from talking about the benefits of cloud computing, but we also have to face the downside of cloud computing. Interestingly, the disadvantages associated with the success of cloud computing are often irrelevant to technology, and if you are not careful to treat them, they are likely to ruin the company's cloud planning. These adverse factors are as follows. Expectations are too high. Less than one weeks ago, the same analyst raised cloud computing growth to a level unheard of in it, saying the cloud would reach $ tens of billions of trillion by 2012 or 2014. I quite doubt that these numbers ...

Cloud computing helps traditional enterprise information transformation

An article in the famous American financial magazine Barron Weekly pointed out that 2016 will be the year of cloud computing outbreak. 60% of the world's IT costs will be invested in cloud-related products and services, which will reach 100% by 2018.

The management needs of cloud computing appear

When a company has a lot of scattered resources that are not fully utilized, the cloud-based management model becomes an important management tool, especially when those with a large amount of computing resources and the calculated demand fluctuations are relatively large.

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