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Oracle Java Platform, Standard Edition 7u4 Publishing Java Development Kit

The Oracle (formerly known as Sun) Java Platform, Standard ">edition" (Java SE or JSE) is a tool that allows you to develop and deploy Java applications for desktops and servers, as well as for embedded and real-time environments. The Java Development Kit (JDK) contains basic compilers, work ...

Overview of the new features in JDK 7 from an overall perspective

The JDK full name Java Development Kit is a software development tool for use by Java > developers, including JRE ( Java Runtime Environnement) and tools such as Java, Jars, Javac, Javap, Javah, Javaws, and so on. Since Sun public ...

Running Hadoop on Ubuntu Linux (Single-node Cluster)

What we want to does in this short tutorial, I'll describe the required tournaments for setting up a single-node Hadoop using the Hadoop distributed File System (HDFS) on Ubuntu Linux. Are lo ...

How to build Windows ' next Android development environment

With the rapid development of mobile Internet, the concept of front-end has changed a lot, and has not been limited to the web end. The Android system as the leader of the smartphone market, as a front-end development engineer, very necessary to understand and learn.   But in the face of many learning materials, standing in front of the role of development engineers, how to pick out the right way to learn quickly, without wasting a lot of time to grope, the series of articles hope to help small partners. The article will pick a few actual examples throughout the series, involving Java, Android ...

How to install a JSP server under Windows 2000

JSP Virtual Host technology provides a simple and quick way to create Web pages that display dynamically generated content. JSP technology is designed to make it easier and faster to build web-based applications that work with a variety of Web servers, application servers, browsers, and development tools. This provides a comprehensive overview of JSP technology, describing its development background and the overall objectives of the technology.   Also, in a simple example, a key component of a page based on JAVATM technology is described. Development based on ...

Jodd 3.2.7 Publishing Java Utility Library

Jodd is a general-purpose Java utility library. It enriches multiple "> powerful JDK Java Development kits. Its function is to help the day-to-day tasks, make the code more robust and reliable, the input creation code can be reused and as fast as possible, while still maintaining its compact structure (less than KB). Jodd wot is a lightweight bundled application framework that is less than 300 ...

Android apps with Python and sl4a: Building your own development environment

A common misconception about developing on Google's Android platform is that you must write code in the Java™ language. In fact, you'll have a variety of options with scripting Layer for Android (SL4A) project. SL4A first was a project that completed 20%, and was developed by Google employee Damon Kohler. It took almost 2 years, with 4 major versions. SL4A for many scripting languages ...

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