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Visual Studio 2013 introduces the networked IDE experience automatic sync device

Recently, Visual Studio 2013 builds on the progress of Visual Studio 2012 and subsequent Visual Studio updates, providing the development team with the solutions needed to accommodate this transformation and develop and deliver the next wave of Windows Platform Innovation (Windows 8.1) new applications, while supporting a wide range of devices and services on all Microsoft platforms. The equipment and service experience has undergone fundamental changes ...

Visual Studio LightSwitch A cloud mobile application

Currently, the market share of the "use-owned" BYOD strategy is growing as the user grows, and this market trend means that IT departments must develop appropriate business applications, which, of course, can be used not only in iOS, Android, Windows RT and other operating systems, should also have the traditional notebook computer and desktop operating system on the ability to run freely. In addition, the openness of corporate IT spending has prompted users to increasingly use the public cloud computing and ...

Microsoft Push kits facilitate Visual Studio developers

March 6 News, according to foreign "> Media reports, Microsoft has launched a batch of tools that will help visual Studio 2012 users more easily add extended applications to Microsoft Office 2013, SharePoint 2013, and Microsoft Office 365 host services. It is understood that Microsoft in these Office products to give a lot of technical support, the tool ...

Differences between Android apps and Windows Store applications on development tools

Compared to the Android Application development tool, Visual Studio 2012 is a full-featured integrated development environment (IDE), and with Visual Studio 2012, we can quickly and easily design, develop, and debug Windows 8 store applications. The development tools for Windows 8 store applications also provide richer functionality. The following table outlines their functional differences in development tools, while the table also includes development applications and Android development in Windows 8 ...

Microsoft Shenwey: Cloud computing creates new ideas for software development

ZDNet to top network software Channel News (text/Shanghui) Microsoft's vice president and chief cloud computing strategist, Shenwey, said in an exclusive interview with ZDNet that in the era of cloud computing, software developers need new ideas in architecture design and profit patterns, and programmers in the application development process Consider which part of the application needs to be seamlessly migrated from the private cloud to the public cloud in the future. When it comes to partnering strategies, Shenwey says Microsoft will encourage existing partner channels to better sell cloud-related services or new models in the era of cloud computing. When Microsoft's business ...

Microsoft launches Deep-tech Team recruitment order, looking for support from next generation developers

While no company can guarantee that new frameworks or services are immediately popular with developers, Microsoft is busy developing new non-Microsoft developers while encouraging the retention of loyal developers. Redmondians decided to take the initiative by waiting for the developer to embrace its newly developed technology collection. On May 13, the Microsoft DPE (Developer and Platform Evangelism) department released a new team "deep tech" recruitment order. The new team will work with the top engineers outside the company to build the next ...

Uncover the mysteries of cloud computing development tools

Most public cloud announcements are focused on machine instance discounts, new perpetual storage choices, or the introduction of new services, yet news about cloud development tools does not seem to be heeded. Amazon and Microsoft offer many new tools to make it easier for developers to build, test, and deploy cloud instances. Developers looking for a language-specific cloud tool help automate some of the more tedious cloud instances, and there are a number of options for storage tasks. Let's take a look at what cloud development tools Microsoft and Amazon have already provided. Amazon Eclipse Toolkit supports cloud development Amazon is committed to most of its developers mentioning ...

The core of Hadoop--microsoft Big Data strategy

Guide: As we all know, the big data wave is gradually sweeping all over the world. And Hadoop is the source of the Storm's power. Microsoft is an unprecedented partner with the Apache Hadoop community. Microsoft's move is to build a Microsoft-branded Hadoop biosphere, leveraging its own advantages in the software world. Today, Microsoft has put Hadoop at the heart of its big data strategy. The reason for Microsoft's move is to have a fancy for had ...

Microsoft enterprise-wide data analysis strategy: integrating Hadoop

A few months ago, Microsoft announced its own version of the Hadoop release hdinsight for Big Data management, analytics and mining.   The reporter contacted the senior product marketing manager, Val Fontama, of SQL Server, hoping to learn more about Microsoft's corporate-class data. On the growth trend in the size of datasets in the enterprise: The ocean of data has been growing. There is a forecast that the volume of business information is doubled each year. For example, Gartner found all ...

You have to know that Microsoft open source those things

Now the open source sky is no longer the banner of only Red Hat, whether it is chase behind the front or intercept, open source trend as if deep into the bottom of the industry, it is no wonder that open source almost covered up our horizons . Below, we have sorted out some important events on Microsoft's path to open source and open source, from which we also see that Microsoft can not escape the trend of open source and open. First, in the past, to participate in the contribution of the Linux kernel, the establishment of an open technology subsidiary first to planing the past, Microsoft continued to show muscle in the field of open source in recent years. At 201

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