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Qiping: Cloud computing will shift from 1.0 times to 2.0 times

When Cloud 2.0 transforms the two-dollar relationship between the cloud and the end into a business relationship, human beings will have a spectacle: they can tyrants the data-form assets, "hit the fields" like the Sun monkeys, and then liberate them--like the four hundred thousand or five hundred thousand developers in the App store model--labor. Cloud computing starts with technology and ultimately returns to people. Cloud Computing 2.0 is the cloud that shifts from electronics to commerce. Just as the centre of information shifts from technology to business, cloud computing will also experience a shift from technology to business. In this process ...

Security evolution: From "cloud computing" to "cloud security"

The term "cloud computing" is changing into an oversized basket, where SOA, virtualization, SaaS, Web services, and grids can be installed. For computing itself, the cloud model makes the network an interface, a standard AC socket, which is the driving force behind a new round of technological innovation. Cloud computing (Cloud Computing) is becoming a technical jargon or even a code word. Not only are big companies such as Google, IBM Microsoft and Yahoo, the cloud fans, but smaller companies are moving closer. CRM software online service provider Salesforce ...

Trusted and reliable to control cloud computing development needs to cross three "ridge"

As the focus of IT industry, cloud computing in the domestic popular for many years, the early stage of vigorous, almost to the point of the word will be called cloud. In the past two years, with the return of rational consciousness, cloud computing discussion craze gradually cooling, more and more cloud computing products and solutions began to surface, cloud computing is moving towards a pragmatic and landing application period. At any stage, security is always accompanied by the ebb and flow of cloud computing, the hardware and software manufacturers, telecom operators and other industry parties can not avoid the key issues. "Many people are accustomed to comparing cloud computing to tap water, where users can get and ...

Seven big predictions of cloud computing technology: the future will be Multi Cloud

As early as 2010 and 2011, the prediction of the glorious future of cloud computing became the headline news. Analysts predict that the arrival of cloud computing is the best technological development since the invention of the computer.

Cloud Computing China Forum: A comprehensive analysis of cloud computing

May 22, 2009, hosted by the China Electronic Society, the China Electronic Society cloud Computing Experts Committee contractor, the Australian Letter media IT168 Web site co-organised by the "2009 Cloud Computing China Forum" in Beijing, the official opening of the China Hotel, this forum is the first time in the field of electronic information for the forefront of cutting-edge technology- A large forum summit in which cloud computing is discussed in depth. The main purpose of this forum is to analyze the nature of cloud computing and its development trends in detail, the latest research results of domestic and foreign cloud computing exchange, sharing the practical experience of cloud computing applications ...

Cloud computing: A way to achieve conceptual computing

Cloud theory is a powerful tool for natural conversion between qualitative values of concepts and quantitative values of numbers. On the basis of cloud theory, this paper proposes a cloud computing method to realize concept calculation (also called simplified calculation).   The cloud model and uncertain inference are summarized. The logic description of the calculation is given, the calculation process is abstracted into the inference process, the process of computing cloud is given by using the method of machine learning, and the calculation process of cloud is given by using the method of uncertain inference, and the system realization of cloud computing is simply expounded. With the increasing popularity of the network, "networked storage" such a service ...

Cloud computing farewell to hyper-investment rationality to avoid industry mania

In the cloud computing market is booming in the present, the cloud industry rational thinking becomes particularly important. Spring。   The spring of cloud computing in China has come into being with the vigorous promotion of national policies and the active investment of social resources. In 2012, China's cloud computing market will reach 60.678 billion yuan, according to the latest data released by Sadie's consultant in March.   Throughout the 35 period, China's cloud computing industry chain scale is expected to be up to 750 billion ~10000 billion. In the face of such a hot cloud market, how to better develop the cause of cloud computing, become ...

The three abilities of operators to develop mobile cloud computing face the test

Cloud computing is moving from the 1.0 era to a more mature, more practical 2.0 era. Today, the concept of cloud computing has been pervasive, cloud computing products and applications are emerging, cloud computing and mobile internet convergence also accelerated. If cloud computing used to be a new favorite of High-tech Internet companies, more and more ordinary businesses and individuals today are starting to touch and apply cloud computing. Statistical data from research institutes show that the global cloud computing market developed rapidly in the 2014.   In the 2015, the cloud computing industry will also usher in greater development. Mobile Cloud computing is cloud computing technology and mobile communications ...

Zhu Bunzhi Read the ten misreading of cloud computing from his own perspective

Cloud computing is the 4th quarter of 2007, the emergence of a term. The definition and connotation of it are different, we can find at least 100 kinds of statements on the Internet, but there is no accepted definition. This paper tries to synthesize the advantages of each family, and proposes the definition and characteristics of cloud computing. The requirement for this definition is to be able to capture the nature of cloud computing in the most refined language, to cover today's popular typical cloud computing solutions (including Google Cloud computing, Amazon Cloud computing, Salesforce cloud computing, cloud security, etc.), but to differentiate between other related ...

Top Ten most popular cloud computing skills inventory

Joe Roberts, once a SaaS product director, decided to change his job, and he decided he would continue to do so because of his extensive experience in the field of cloud computing. Roberts was previously a senior IT director and system engineer in charge of SaaS product development in the company, leaving last November. After that, he received a job offer from a number of companies, and Roberts eventually became a senior devo at Bit9 Company in Waltham, Massachusetts.

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