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Oracle will continue to drive innovation across Oracle converged middleware product suite

Oracle's Global Congress, October 3, 2012-Oracle will continue to promote innovation across Oracle converged middleware (Oracle Fusion Middleware) product suite to further enhance the industry's leading business innovation platform for enterprise and cloud environments. With more than 2,000 customer-driven innovative products delivered over the past 12 months, Oracle continues to enhance Oracle Fusion middleware components, including Oracle SOA Suite Oracle ...

Oracle launches first cloud operating system Solaris 11

Oracle recently announced the launch of the industry's first cloud operating system Oracle Solaris 11. Oracle Solaris 11 meets the security, performance, and scalability requirements of cloud-based environments, enabling customers to run the most demanding enterprise applications in a private cloud, hybrid cloud, or public cloud. Is the industry's first fully virtualized operating system, providing comprehensive and built-in virtualization capabilities for operating systems, networks, and storage resources. In addition to the built-in virtualization features, Oracle Solaris 11 is also available for x86 based ...

Oracle launches Oracle Exalogic middleware Cloud Server x3-2

Oracle Global Assembly, October 2, 2012-Oracle announces Oracle Exalogic Middleware Cloud Server x3-2. The product is Oracle's most representative integrated design system of the second generation of hardware products, suitable for running enterprise applications. Oracle Exalogic Middleware Cloud Server is an integrated system of hardware and software integration designed to provide the ultimate application for Java, Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle management software, CICS/IM TP, and other enterprise applications ...

Oracle announces latest version of Oracle large data machine and large data connector

BEIJING, December 28, 2012--Oracle has announced the latest version of Oracle Big Data Machine (Oracle DA Appliance) and Oracle Large Data connector (Oracle Big date connectors) The aim is to help enterprises win large data development opportunities to realize their business transformation. Oracle Large Data Machine x3-2 is a cost-effective hardware and software integration System, and has been a new upgrade. It integrates Intel's new processor and the most ...

Oracle: Determined to challenge and defeat IBM and SAP

After Oracle formally acquired SUN in 2010, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison disclosed to the public that it will compete with and beat IBM in high-end systems and compete with SAP in the application area And beat it. In 2013, Oracle's high-end M systems redefined extreme performance by defeating IBM Power systems in terms of price / performance and memory capacity. In addition, Oracle SaaS applications have been fully brought to market, with subscriptions up 35% by the end of the year. & nb ...

Oracle launches new version of Oracle Business intelligence to enhance mobility and visualization

Oracle Global Congress, October 3, 2012-Oracle announces a new version of Oracle Business Intelligence (Oracle Business FDI), which enhances mobility and intuitive visualization. Enhanced mobility includes a new user experience that maximizes production interactivity, and Oracle Business Intelligence (Oracle Business FDI release can ...

Oracle New Middleware Cloud server Exalogic x4-2 appeared

"Tenkine Server channel December 21 News" Oracle has launched Oracle exalogic Middleware Cloud Server x4-2. The integrated system integrates more powerful hardware and software to deliver superior processing performance, large memory capacity, and a comprehensive application deployment architecture. These architectures can be deployed on an optimized single integrated system. Oracle Exalogic Integrated Systems provide the ultimate performance, reliability, and scalability of Oracle, Java, and other enterprise applications by integrating hardware and software, while mentioning ...

Oracle Oracle Managed CRM version 19 innovation package increase call center and enterprise Marketing

Oracle-managed CRM version 19 innovation package (Oracle CRM on Demand release innovation) was announced at Oracle's Global Congress in San Francisco last Monday to deliver on Oracle's ongoing commitment to technological innovation. Pack) has recently added industry-leading managed call center and enterprise marketing capabilities to increase revenue and productivity, reduce costs, and enhance the customer experience. Unlike other similar solutions, Oracle managed CRM version 19 ...

Oracle MySQL and Sun Server development program

Oracle has issued a commitment to the acquisition of Sun's products. Oracle says it will actively promote the development of MySQL's open source database rather than let it fend for itself.   Oracle has also announced plans to develop sun hardware and other software. Oracle also plans to continue investing and maintaining independence, and will launch a separate cloud productivity suite similar to Google Docs, according to Edward Screven, Oracle's chief community architect. At present, Sun's OpenOffice has been Microsoft's ...

Oracle announces Launch of Oracle large data Machine x4-2

BEIJING, November 27, 2013 Oracle Large Data Machine x4-2 is now available, it provides a comprehensive and secure integrated system for the enterprise, for the operation of large data-oriented Cloudera overall platform and Cloudera enterprise to achieve optimization, reduce the total cost of ownership. Oracle Large Data Machine x4-2, Oracle large data connectors and Oracle Exadata comprise a comprehensive and integrated platform for large data. Oracle recently announced the introduction of Oracle Large Data machine x4-2 ...

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