What Is The Latest Version Of Google Chrome For Android

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On the design concept of Firefox and Chrome

As you can see, I have always been a heavy user of Firefox. So I write about Firefox is absolutely not a few articles, such as the previous days of this article, it is very detailed on why I choose Firefox browser. In recent days, the browser market is a smoke. First, netizens held a funeral for IE6, followed by Microsoft's official announcement that IE9 would be the perfect supporter of HTML5, the world's fastest Opera10.5 on schedule, and when all this dust has yet to be settled, Firefox is struggling to overcome the 25% ...

Chrome for Android upgrades still don't support flash

Today, Google posted its latest updated version of Chrome for Android in its official Chrome update blog, with the version number 0.16.4301.233 (and the version number as Chrome 16.0.912.77). This update is mainly about bug fixes, especially when there are more ROM version compatibility issues. Previous versions of Chrom for Android were checked for compatibility before installation, while some third party Android 4.0 Ice Cream ...

Record 2014 Google I / O Conference

00:12:42 Sundar Pichai Podium After Playing a Video 00:13:54 Sundar Pichai appears to be hosting today's conference as head of Android and Chrome. 00:14:23 Pichai thanks the live video to developers around the world who watch the live broadcast over the internet. 00:16:22 Android currently has more than one billion users. 00:16:49 Global smartphone shipment reached 3 in the fourth quarter of last year

Mobile browser traffic rankings: Safari topped Chrome only 1.1%

Abstract: According to foreign media reports, according to the latest data released by Internet Research Institute NET applications, Apple Safari still occupies the top place in the global mobile browser market, while Chrome's share of usage is 1.14%. But the share of the iOS platform is slim (0.01% according to foreign media reports, Apple Safari still occupies the top spot in the global mobile browser market, according to the latest data released by Internet Research Institute NET applications, and Chrome's share of usage is 1.

You may not remember Android in seven years.

Absrtact: 2014 is the seventh year of human entering the smartphone age, the mobile industry has profoundly influenced the process of human development in the past seven years with an unprecedented speed. When Steve Jobs stood at the WWDC conference in 2010 to release the Trans-era iphone 2014 is the seventh year of human access to the smartphone age, the mobile industry has profoundly impacted the human development process in the past seven years at an unprecedented rate. When Steve Jobs stood at the WWDC conference in 2010 to announce the iPhone4 of the era, he must not ...

Chrome Beta browser release performance and stability update

Google Chrome Beta browser has just released a version update on the Play store, with the latest version number 0.18.4531.3636. However, this update is not a big move, mainly the performance and stability of the promotion, as well as the small changes to set options. Problems that still exist include: 113041: Unable to automatically hide the toolbar, 114964: The error page does not optimize for mobile/android devices, and other known issues: fonts and language issues: some websites, such as Reddit and T, words ...

Schmidt personally directs iphone users how to switch to Android

Google (Weibo) Chairman Eric Schmidt (Tencent Science and Technology map) original title: Google Chairman Post guide iphone users how to switch to Android Tencent technology Snow November 26 compiled Google chairman Eric Schmidt (Eric Schmidt) in its Monday in its Google + Post on the page, listing detailed steps to guide smartphone users to switch from Apple iphone to Android, which means the competition between the two companies is escalating. From the content of the post, ...

IOS 7 vs Android 4.3 detail evaluation-Learn from each other, which is your dish?

class= "Post_content" itemprop= "Articlebody" > The debate about Apple IOS and Google Android has never stopped, and they represent not only the world's two most advanced and popular mobile platforms, At the same time, Apple and Google's two technology giants taste, style of different performance ... So, when the IOS 7 is officially launched, it will be with Google's latest androi ...

iOS 7 "looks beautiful"-Android fans see iOS 7 and Android 4.2 features

class= "Post_content" itemprop= "Articlebody" > according to foreign media reports, after the Apple WWDC Congress, the famous Android forum Droid-life released IOS 7 and Android4.2 Operating system function Contrast article, the author as an Android fan, said that Google was too lazy in the press conference to sneer at opponents, Apple is still "like a child" dark ...

Android new director Pice's top priority: solving platform fragmentation

Introduction: Foreign media wrote today that Google's new Android business director Sandar Pi Sundar Pichai will shoulder the task of consolidating its two platforms, but analysts believe that Pice's first task is to solve the problem of Android platform fragmentation, Bring some sort of "order" to the Android ecosystem. The following is the full text of the article: "The father of Android," Google announced in Wednesday, the Chrome business director Pice will replace the "father of Android" Rubin (A ...

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