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Talking about cloud computing from icloud pornographic door

Recently, Hollywood 101 actress nude photos on the internet, "icloud cloud storage Black" was suspected to be the "Hollywood pornographic door" culprit. This not only aroused the "who is not" of the public debate, but also the "cloud storage" security has been questioned. Cloud computing as a "disruptive technology" to change the future, to provide users with a lot of convenience, but also faced with the illegal intrusion, theft and other security challenges. In response to the concern of the Internet users of cloud computing security issues and the development of domestic cloud computing market, we interviewed the cloud Computing standards Committee members, Sheng product Operations Center General Manager, Cloud ...

icloud by hackers and leaks trigger "public cloud" panic

September 1, Jennifer Laurence and other Hollywood stars leaked on the internet, confirmed that hackers have attacked multiple icloud accounts, coupled with the first-half exposure of the iOS backdoor incident, so that Apple security again questioned.   But in the interview, many security vendors believe that the safety of iOS than Android relatively high, and this time the problem of cloud security, in fact, is incomprehensible. "From this point of view, the problem is not in the data center, but on the client side. Jinshan Network Private Cloud Products senior director Kai told reporters, "in the cloud security, human factors than technology ...

Apple icloud Cloud services are not streaming media services

In our concept, the typical cloud service should be that you can save the files, songs, videos, etc. you need in the http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/13792.html "> Cloud Server, When you need to use them, it will be transmitted to your device in a continuous way. However, Apple spokeswoman confirmed today that Apple's icloud is not a streaming media service in this sense, and you still need to store your "saved" file in the Apple icloud cloud on the ipad ...

How to prevent the "pornographic scandal" from happening again in cloud technology era

(Picture from the network) September 5 News, according to foreign media reports, the Apple icloud attacks are considered to be almost every technology enterprises must be prepared to prepare for the network security problem, because icloud often with the user's financial payments, personal health and private car vehicles and so on, and other information,   Therefore, both from the user point of view or Apple's perspective is very necessary to do a good job icloud "black" work. Now in the United States noisy female star privacy photo Exposure incident is a typical icloud by hackers attack ...

Is cloud computing more secure or less secure?

Recently, the sensation of the world's Hollywood photos of the storm is spreading like a virus, many of the world's most popular actress photos in the network rumors. A total of 101 Hollywood actresses were involved in a serious leak of data from the iphone, foreign media reported. After the incident, the expert suspected that the Apple icloud cloud system vulnerabilities were exploited by hackers, Apple has always denied that icloud have security concerns. Even the security mechanisms that have been criticized by many security experts for the unlimited number of logons are denied by Apple. According to Apple, the hackers obtained these photos by means of widespread intrusion (c ...).

Cloud storage is a new growth point

Cloud storage, in my opinion, seems easier to understand than cloud computing, is in the application of the time is also relatively easy, but this is a cloud era, the development of storage, there should be a cloud of labels, cloud storage so dressed in a cloud outfit appearance, the entire storage market, cloud storage is emerging as a growth point. Mention cloud storage Now we are familiar with the Apple icloud, Apple in the cloud storage in this regard as predecessors, said to be the predecessor is actually the field of mobile Terminal cloud storage predecessors, based on Apple's cloud storage, many domestic manufacturers began to creatively proposed "cloud hand ..."

Cloud storage Applications: The next breakout point for social networks?

As social networks have risen dramatically in the internet, traditional it giants such as Apple and Google are scrambling to carve out business.   Soon after Apple launched its icloud cloud service at the Global Developers Conference (WWDC), Google announced the launch of the Google + Beta, with registered users reaching 10 million within one weeks, becoming the fastest-growing social networking service in the world. Analysts believe that the launch of Google + and its popularity with users is a counterattack against Facebook's Jedi and may ...

WCDMA "Exclusive support" Iphone4sicloud cloud services

As in the past, Apple products have been widely sought after, iphone once again attracted a large number of "fruit powder" of high concern, and the WCDMA version of the iphone in the domestic market has set off a new round of buying spree. As Apple introduced a new generation of high-end products, iphone compared to iPhone4 in addition to pixel, processor and other hardware on the upgrade, its most attractive "fruit powder" one of the latest applications is based on cloud technology icloud, this application can provide users with data storage, download services, It is noteworthy that the implementation of this technology has ...

Increase safety factor and add a lock to cloud services

After "pornographic", ask you a question, do you use Apple products such as the iphone and their icloud cloud storage services, and often take photos and videos that are more private? If so, you are at risk of being exposed to personal privacy.   Over the weekend, Hollywood, including Jennifer, the more than 100 stars of large scale private photos and video leaked, for the cloud era of data security again sounded the alarm. Apple is in trouble, Android is not happy to say that "pornographic door" is because of hackers attacked the ping ...

Five foreign cloud storage win platform measured

Today, our four most common system platforms are Windows, Andriod, IOS, Linux and so on, on these four platforms, we use cloud storage can achieve the same effect? Many of the cloud stores that the editors often touch claim to be the best. So, what exactly? Here, the editor will choose from domestic and foreign five classic cloud storage, respectively, in the four platforms of horizontal contrast, to help you find the best cloud storage services. This article is an article in a series of articles. Here, the editor will also record the experience of the use of the process, and finally through ...

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