32 bit windows server 2008 download

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Distributed Deployment One (Windows server 2008-32-bit stand-alone)

This article mainly describes the configuration of the Nginx-1.9.6+tomcat8+memcached-win32-1.4.4+session share for Windows Server 2008-32-bit standaloneChapter One: Installing the configuration memcached-win32-1.4.4 to share tomcat8 session

Analysis of new features of Windows Server 2008 R2

We've heard a lot about the desktop version of Windows 7, and the most recent news is that Microsoft says it will no longer release the beta version of Windows 7, and the next upgrade will be the RC version closest to the final release, which means

Why is the 32-bit system called the x86 system?

Network information:x86 refers to the architecture of a CPUNamed for Intel's 8086,286,386~586.Most of the CPUs developed by AMD are also based on the x86 architectureThe x86 architecture is characterized by a 32-bit CPU register, which is also

Redis 3.2.100 Windows 32-bit download

This article is reproducedBecause the company's old server uses Windows 2008 32-bit, it has to install the REDIS32 bit. Can be on the Microsoft GitHub on the 64-bit MSI installation package, the day before yesterday began in different groups to find

Windows 2008 R2 Configure the PHP (FastCGI) Environment _win Server with PHP Manager for IIS

Since Microsoft has gradually started to focus on the application of PHP on Windows, has launched the Microsoft Web platform,php Manager and other IIS platform tools, x86 and x64 system can be used, and no longer have to configure PHP on IIS to

Solution for. Net Access to Oracle in Windows 64-bit environment

Currently, Windows operating systems can be divided into two categories: 32-bit and 64-bit (64-bit also distinguishes x86_64-bit and itanium), and Oracle clients are also differentiated. Some problems often occur during installation and development.

Windows Server 2008 R2 RC Trial notes

Windows Server 2008 R2 RC has been providing downloads for some time, and in Microsoft's version number, RC represents release candidate, the candidate release version, which is the closest to a formal release. From the RC version to the official

Oracle Installation Notes--win7 Windows Server 2008 installation 64-bit oracle10g____oracle

no matter where and when, learning is a manifestation of the ability to quickly improve oneself!!!!!!!!!!! This oracle10g win7 x64 and Windows Server 2008 R2 x64 tests are available through the!!! for programmers unfamiliar with Oracle, it is a

Win2003 System SQL Server 2008 Installation Diagram Tutorial (detailed illustration) _mssql2008

Recently, many users have failed to install SQL Server2008 on the WINDOWS2003 server 32-bit operating system, and a large number of errors have occurred. Today, through my repeated test installation, found a convenient installation method, save

Windows 2008 Server installation and initialization settings

I will not introduce the software downloading or anything. Please prepare your own software.Installation start: 1. Use the installation disc to boot the installationBecause of the different motherboard manufacturers, we cannot determine that your

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