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Design of QAM 64

' B100011://-cosine+4sineBegin csig[18:16]Ssig[18:3]6 ' B100100://-2cosine+sineBegin csig[18:17]Ssig[18:16]6 ' B100101://-2cosine+2sineBegin csig[18:17]Ssig[18:17]6 ' B100110://-2cosine+3sineBegin csig[18:17]Ssig[18]6 ' B100111://-2cosine+4sineBegin csig[18:17]Ssig[18:3]6 ' B101000://-3cosine+sineBegin csig[18]Ssig[18:16]6 ' B101001://-3cosine+2sineBegin csig[18]Ssig[18:17]8 ' B101010://-3cosine+3sineBegin csig[18]Ssig[18]6 ' B101011://-3cosine+4sineBegin csig[18]Ssig[18:3]6 ' B101100://-4cosin

Analog-to-digital conversion (A/d) and digital to analog conversion (d/a)

MCU is a typical digital system, digital system can only be a digital signal processing input, its output signal is also digital. However, many quantities in industry or life are analog, which can be converted to the corresponding voltage, current and other analog quantities by the sensor. In order to realize the measurement, operation and control of the digital system, it is necessary to convert the

Analog serial port-analog serial port Driver Based on gossip 8 common IO port

Analog serial port Driver Based on Listen 8 common IO port The format of standard serial communication data is:Start bit (1) + Data bit (8) + check bit (1) + stop bit (1) Another important part of serial communication is to set the baud rate,The baud rate is the number of bits transmitted by the serial port within one second. Sampling frequency:In order to reduce the error of reading or sending serial data, we took the data read at a fixed

PHP Analog Post submission data method, PHP analog post submission _php tutorial

PHP Analog Post submission data method, PHP analog post submission The example in this article describes how PHP simulates post submission data. Share to everyone for your reference. Specific as follows: PHP analog post submission data, a lot of useful, can be used for site collection, landing and so on Here is an example of a forum login in my project, which il

PHP analog send POST request three, with Telnet and fsockopen () analog send post information, telnetfsockopen_php tutorial

, etc.). Next we'll talk about some common post methods. If you think this article is helpful to you, please do a bit of recommendation, if there is any problem, you can comment on the bottom of the joint discussion, thank you. true techarticle PHP analog send POST request three, with Telnet and fsockopen () analog

Common analog switch chip pin, function and application circuit

Https:// D2f68cd7fd230c162b7fa451ccf2ceb0hid=28152800f38bb65ef14cc551242bc441pos=6cid=9time= 1479132129718from=clickrestype=1pagetype=0000004000000402bu=structure_web_infoquery=% E5%88%80%e5%bc%80%e5%85%b3%e8%8a%af%e7%89%87mode=uc_param_str=dnntnwvepffrgibijbprsvdseiCommon analog switch chip pin, function and application circuitCMOS

Tips for getting Started with analog circuit learning (comprehensive finishing)

Reprinted from: "Analog circuitLearn to get Started ""How to be a good model of electricity, the number of electricity, "a thread attracts everyone's attention." Here to the DX of the comments collated a bit, for everyone's reference. Really Master a doorTechnology is not easy, everyone from different sides and experience to talk about their own experience, to engage in this industryThe engine

Interoperability of analog voice switches and IP telephony systems

The SPC has a history of nearly a century, now China has many manufacturing types of enterprises are still using the SPC, which is what we want to say the analog voice switch.When customers find us looking for solutions, especially in the manufacturing industry, and they still have traditional switches, they ask us if we can get a new phone system and a traditional analog voice switch. The answer, of course

Analog location and digital location)

Http:// In fact, the essence is right, that is, the numbers and analog places are both places. It's not that the two of them have a long angle on their heads. It's very strange. You need to understand why you need to separate them. First, let me tell a story.The business building of our company is located on the third floor, the second floor is simulated, and the third floor is digital. There is only one elev

Digital Mobile TV loss, analog mobile TV popularity

Mobile phone TV has been regarded by many people in the industry as another killer application of mobile terminals following text messages. With the continuous launch of digital phone TVs by carriers in various countries, market feedback is not as good as expected, although South Korea already has more than 7 million users, only the loss of DMB in 2007 reached $0.3 billion; the ESPN mobile phone TV launched in early 2006 has only 20 thousand million users so far; the movio mobile phone TV create

Analog and digital interfaces for LCD display

Analog and digital interfaces for LCD display 1. Analog interfaceAnalog and digital video sources have existed for a long time. Analog videos are often used on desktops, while digital videos are popular in laptops. Currently, a large number of computers use

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the digital matrix and the analog matrix?

Based on different video switching modes, video matrices are divided into analog matrices and digital matrices. Simulation matrix: The video switching is completed at the analog video layer. Signal switching is mainly implemented by using single-chip microcomputer or more complex chip control analog switches. Number Matrix The video switching is completed at the

Introduction to ∑– analog-to-digital converters (ADCs)

∑– analog-to-digital converter (ADC)1. OverviewIn recent years, with the improvement of VLSI manufacturing level, sigma-Delta analog-to-digital converter is widely used for its high resolution , Good linearity and low cost . Sigma-Delta Analog-to-digital converters the proposal was already made in the 1960s, however, until recently, this process was not feasible

The difference between digital communication and analog communications

According to the different signal modes, communication can be divided into analog communication and digital communications. What is analog communication? For example, in telephone communication, the electrical signals that are transmitted on the user's line vary with the user's voice size. This changed electrical signal, whether in time or amplitude, is continuous, which is called

Modbus read-write analog register detailed

Read-Write Analog registers:Send command (host to slave) format:[Device Address][Command Number[High Start register address8bit][Low8bit][high number of registers read8bit][Low8bit] [CRCthe low checksum8bit] [CRCthe High calibration8bit]Example:[11][03][00][6B][00][03][CRC low ][CRC high ]The meanings are as follows:One: device Address, the address in the example is a, the default address of the dissolved oxygen sensor side is 1,.A: the command number

Arduino analog input-analogread ()

Description Reads the value from the specified analog pin. the Arduino board contains a 6 channel (8 channels on the mini and nano, 16 on the mega), 10-bit analog to digital converter. this means that it will map input voltages between 0 and 5 volts into integer values between 0 and 1023. this yields a resolution between readings of: 5 V/1024 units or ,. 0049 Volts (4.9 mV) per unit. the input range and res

Analog circuit design: The myth of Theory and the reality of cruelty

This article combined with my personal experience, through a simple example, to illustrate some of the characteristics of analog circuit design, I hope to engage in analog circuit design related direction of the students have some help.Theoretical knowledgeAnalog circuit needs more theoretical knowledge, need to use a lot of mathematical calculation, circuit Foundation, signal and system and other disciplin

Why does A/D converter convert analog signals to digital signals?

Signal data can be used to represent any information, such as symbols, text, voice, images, etc. The form can be summarized into two types: analog signals and digital signals. The difference between analog and digital signals can be determined based on whether the amplitude is discrete. Analog signals indicate that the amplitude value is continuous (the amplitude

Modbus read-write analog register specific explanation

Read-Write Analog registers:Send command (host to slave) format:[Device Address][Command Number[High Start register address8bit][Low8bit][high number of registers read8bit][Low8bit] [CRCthe low checksum8bit] [CRCthe High calibration8bit]Example:[11][03][00][6B][00][03][CRC low ][CRC high ]Meaning for example the following:All: The address of the device, the address in The sample is one, the default address of the dissolved oxygen sensor side is 1,.A:

Analog caller and SMS configuration on Android simulator

Analog calls on the Android simulator Project requirements to do a control caller ID android application, then we need to simulate the caller effect on the emulator, below to see how to implement the Android simulator on the analog calls The method is as follows:1. Single TelephoneOpen command line cmd and enter Telnet return.Then enter o localhost 5,554 back to the car and connect to the emulator.Enter GS

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