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[Original] B2B system integration based on Web Services, which is a reference for beginners]

Author: Jack Thank you very much for Jack's contribution! Based onWebServiceB2BSystem integration Abstract Yes : Web Services You can applyProgramConvert to a network application. This article briefly introduces XML And Web Service Technology, and then focuses on Web Service The characteristics and advantages of the system integration technology, and introduces Web Service System

A simple introduction to the service-based enterprise integration model, part 1th: Evolution of basic concepts

understand all of the basic concepts and functionality involved in an soa-based integration pattern. Some of the concepts and functions involved include: Consumers and providers of services Loosely coupled Code Reuse and Tiering Language independence Platform Independence Definition, publishing, and discovery of service interfaces (i.e., registry

Contact Discuz! NT architecture: Excellent Architecture facilitates website integration and secondary development

Considering users' actual application requirements and future-oriented software development concepts, Discuz! NT built an excellent architecture at the beginning of design and development, greatly improving the scalability, scalability and reusability of the software.. In addition to Discuz! The NT structure is clearer and easier to maintain. It also provides great convenience for users to conduct secondary

Service-based enterprise integration model easy to get started, part 2nd: Further Introduction to the evolution of basic concepts

Introduction The 1th and 2nd parts of this series mainly explore the development of enterprise integration patterns, introduce some basic concepts, and highlight integration patterns based on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Part 1th describes two early patterns: Data sharing (socket programming) and RPC, which ex

Spring Technology Insider: Overview of design concepts and overall architecture

implementation of some typical spring-based applications.This article gives an overview of the design concept and the overall architecture, looking at the design goals and architecture of spring as a whole, and through this article, you will learn: Spring's design goals The overall architecture of spring Introduction to the various sub-projects

SDN architecture and analysis: In-depth openness and integration

application and traffic changes can be achieved, you do not need to rely solely on the hardware and software upgrades of equipment suppliers over a long period. The idea of SDN is to give more control to network users. In addition to design, deployment, and configuration changes, SDN software can also be reconstructed so that new technical verification can be performed before commercialization. This network can solve the Network Complexity problem in an abstract way, lift the constraints on the

Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) -- (1) objectives and core concepts

environment. This time, we have integrated the new and old systems into a promising future, A company's purchase will usher in a new round of SOA process.Several core concepts Service: refers to each module or system. Each service can provide a function independently as much as possible. High interoperability: similar to the concept of "Enterprise Application Integration" (EAI), it ensures that heterogeneo

Introduction to Golden Gate: Concepts and architecture

Introduction to Golden Gate: Concepts and architectureOracle GoldenGate (OGG) supports real-time transaction Change Data Capture, conversion, and transmission in a diverse and complex IT architecture. Data Processing and exchange are measured in transactions and support heterogeneous platforms, for example, DB2 and MSSQLWww.2cto.comGolden Gate supports two major types of solutions for different business nee

Window Azure servicebus Messaging Message Queuing Technology Series 1-Basic concepts and architecture

), publish subscription, and so on.Message processing process:When the client sends a request to servicebus,azure, the load Balancer routes the request to any one of the network joint points (Gateway Nodes). If the request contains a message entity (queue, subject, subscription), the Gateway node is first located in the Gateways store to locate the message store to which the message entity should be stored (message Store) and the message store corresponding message broker node (Messaging Broker)

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