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Use Golang to develop WeChat public platform-Send customer service message

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. Attention and use of "flying constant" public number of friends have had the following experience: After inquiring about a flight situation, the flight checkin, boarding, landing and other information will be sent to you in succession, the service is through the public platform of customer

Realization of intelligent Customer service development with Euler's language development platform

The Customer service dialogue function is to capture the sentences entered by the customer and give the appropriate response.Using keywords to do it can be cumbersome and often handled incorrectly. The use of natural language to understand the open system is much simpler, I use the Euler Honey Intelligent open platform to try a bit of good results, a simple recor

Use Netty4 and socket.js to do IM customer service agent Platform system architecture

I recently want to do a use Netty4 and socket.js do IM customer service agent platform, previously did not have the practical experience. Here to implement a set of architecture, here record, hope to have a master to see help pointing out:A picture says my heart is Born:650) this.width=650; "Src="

Knight Station Group System V3 free version experience and WordPress platform Combat Experience

These days there is the desire to play the crowd, open the morning to open A5 a look, chivalrous station group system has a free version, so the download in, so good things, resolute application can not download how to do. First, the initial knowledge of the Warrior Station Group system A5 Customer service mm efficiency is very high, less than five minutes, the Knight Station group free version of the authorization to me o

. NET Platform Open Source project Quick glance (15) Document database ravendb-Introduction and initial Experience

field Int32 employeeId = Employee.Id; Save all changes to the server session. SaveChanges ();//Query Employee Loadedemployee = Session by ID. LoadLet's look at the database management interface and the system will create a new Northwind database by default.Other operations we leave it for the moment, interested in everyone to try, the official document is very comprehensive, the system we can read the article out, so that other people less detours.4.RavenDB ResourcesRAVENDB official website: ht

Operation Platform-experience in interactive design of efficiency-type background management products

comprehensive functions. Data drive When using the operating platform, users are most concerned with data. No matter which type of user performs any operation, it is almost all aimed at viewing a certain data, because the data as the core information is the most and most important component of the operation platform. Efficiency-oriented From the perspective of users'

Using Baidu data open platform to enhance user experience and brand value

(must include the annual inspection part); 2. Legal person's second generation ID card or passport (both sides); 3.ICP record and registered trademark certificate (trademark registration of the acceptance of the book or the results of the relevant inquiries are invalid). Some of the above proof materials believe that as long as the formal company, should have it. Our webmaster is not every day to talk about the user experience, this is not a user

Windows Azure Platform Experience (2): SQL Azure

user.We then use the server user name and password to log back in to the Yjingleedb database. We create a login user for the Yjingleedb database and add the user to the db_owner role, that is, the database has operation rights. The following two lines of script are executed sequentially.We'll create it and use this new account to log into the Yjingleedb database.Executes a query that validates the current user.Create a database object in SQL Azure 1. Create a simple tableWe create a simple tabl

"Experience" developers build a convenient website testing platform with peanut shells

thought that if the peanut shells were so powerful, it would be easier to do these tests. Direct mapping of the 80 port of the test server is not possible?A decisive try, map 80 port, IP address point to test server! Emma, the free domain name in my home that uses peanut shells can be accessed to the test server! Verify OK, this is not I can put the test server on the code to upload to the server on it!This article is from "Good People" blog, please make sure to keep this source http://oraybaby

WeChat public platform experience (2) JS-SDK, public js-sdk

Public platform experience (2) JS-SDK, public js-sdk The application has been applied for two or three days and has not been approved yet. Let's take a look at some documents and feel the new Feature: Public platform today open to developers inside Web Development Kit (JS-SDK ). Through the 11 class interface set provided by JS-SDK, developers can not only tak

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