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Crawl the Phoenix client's fun jokes

More like the Phoenix News client's Fun series, so I wrote a python program to download all the addresses of such jokes.The following program is just download the first page of all the article URL, the program modified, you can crawl all the articles.#!/usr/bin/python#-*-coding:utf-8-*-import requestsimport jsonimport reheaders={"Host":'', "user-agent":"mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64;

Scrapy Detailed example-crawl Baidu bar data and save to the file and and database __ database

Scrapy is an application framework for crawling Web site data and extracting structured data. It can be applied in a series of programs including data mining, information processing or storing historical data. Using frames to crawl data that can save a lot of energy, such as do not need to download their own pages, data processing we do not have to write. We only need to focus on the data crawl rules on the

Java Crawler crawl Baidu Bar

Java to the final exam, the teacher unexpectedly said no test volume, we write procedures to grade ... I'm not a little defensive ... Anyway, I'm going to write a Baidu stick crawler to him, in order to facilitate the use of Jsoup to parse crawl. Use our school bar to carry out the experiment (Guilin University of Technology), this is just a simple test, do not like to spray. Use Jsoup to parse the

Python crawl pictures in bar paste

-*-ImportRequests fromScrapy.pipelines.imagesImportImagespipeline fromTubaexImportSettingsclassTubaexpipeline (imagespipeline):defget_media_requests (self,item,info): Img_link= item['Img_url'] yieldScrapy. Request (Img_link)defitem_completed (self,results,item,info): Images_store="c:/users/ll/desktop/py/tubaex/images/"Img_path=item['Img_url'] returnItem6, the configuration under SettingsImages_store ='c:/users/ll/desktop/py/tubaex/images/'#Craw

0 Basic Writing Python crawler crawl Baidu Bar and stored to local TXT file improved version _python

(); # Get the source of the page and store it in an array def get_data (self,url,endpage): url = url + ' pn= ' For I in Range (1,endpage+1): Print U ' Crawler report: Crawler%d is loading ... '% i myPage = urllib2.urlopen (url + str (i)). Read () # Process the HTML code in the MyPage and store it in the Datas Self.deal_data (Mypage.decode (' GBK ')) # Pull content out of the page code def deal_data (self,mypage): MyItems = Re.findall (' id= ' post_content.*?> (. *?) For item in m

Python crawler Combat (ii): Crawl Baidu Bar

): page= Self.getpage (1) Pattern= Re.compile ('', Re. S) (pattern,page)ifResult:#print (1) (1). Strip ()Else: #print "not match" returnNonedefGetpagenum (self): page= Self.getpage (1) Pattern= Re.compile ('', Re. S) (pattern,page)ifResult:#print (1) (1). Strip ()Else: #print "not match" returnNonedefgetcontent (self,page): Patt

Python pseudo-code crawl perfect volunteer National science and Arts bar code running codes continuously updated

', ' Sichuan ', ' Shanghai ', ' Tianjin ', ' Tibet ', ' Xinjiang ', ' Yunnan ', ' Zhejiang ']c=[' Wen ', ' Li ']url = ' ' reform_url=furl.furl (URL) w=auto_ Sqlsever. Mssql (database= ' Provincescore ', datatable=[' scoreprovince ') "). Replace (' The first batch of ' specialties ', '). Replace (', ') zhuan_yi_s Plit = Zhuan_

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