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Perl---and--the role

UsageThere are two usages, all of which are reconciled to the reference.The first use is to dereference.The different types of references are solved according to the symbols followed by, ->[] represents the coefficient group reference,->{} means

MySQL database backup set up the method of delayed backup (MySQL master-slave configuration) _mysql

Why do I need a delayed backup?Percona-xtrabackup is an excellent tool for incremental backups. The delayed backups we talked about today are also using their products.AB replication was previously mentioned in the MySQL AB replication article.

Perl Best Practices (excerpt)---04

Fourth chapter: Values and expressionsData is lacking in anger ...A bit like a programmer.-arthur Norman 0 three.inserts with string qualifiers are only used for strings that are actually inserted. L Create string literals and want to insert

Perl File Handle Reference

Perl's object-oriented is not yet introduced, so this section has nothing to say but a few things to note.In the case of a handle that used to use uppercase letters often (that is, the so-called bare-Word file handle, Bareword filehandle), you can

Learning Perl notes

All numbers have the same format internally in prel. In fact the Perl use double-precision floating-point value to store numbers. Creating charaters by code point: CHR (), and ord () metheds. E.g. $alef = chr(0x05df) ;$code_point = ord('d') ;  In

Perl Study Notes No. 5

1.> clear file data and overwrite;> append at the end of the file2. It is recommended that you close a file handle immediately, regardless of whether the program ends immediately.3. $! Indicates some readable information generated by the system,

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