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Test example of the table where the NULL value of the Oracle index column triggers the execution plan

Sometimes the development of table structure design, whether the table field is empty is too casual, such as id1 = id2, if the field is allowed to be empty, because the Oracle empty value is not equal to the null value, unexpected results may be obtained. In addition, NULL affects the execution plan of oracle. The following is a test example where NULL affects the execution

Deepen the understanding of the query plan from an example of MySQLleftjoin Optimization

I used an example of MySQLleftjoin optimization to deepen my understanding of the query plan. Today, I encountered a leftjoin optimization problem. After an afternoon, I checked a lot of information, I have a better understanding of the MySQL query plan and query optimization, and made a simple record: selectc. * from?_info_originalcleftjoin=_inf I used an

[NEST Simulator] NEST Example Network plan

Nest Basic grammar has not been introduced, it came directly to the example part, will be in succession to the grammatical part of the supplementary.This article mainly introduces my Nest example network plan.To carry out the study of example according to the following ideas:Goal 1. Find Example (Preferred

Illustrator to draw the 3D floor plan effect Example tutorial

To give you illustrator software users to detailed analysis to share the drawing of the 3D floor chart effect of the example tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: Well, the above information is small to give you illustrator of this software users of the detailed drawing of the 3D floor plan effect of the example tutorial share the full

Step 1: plan the website. This tutorial uses the illustration as an example to build the website.

1. Plan the website. This tutorial uses the figure below as an example to build the website.It consists of five parts:1. Main NavigationNavigation bar with button effects. Width: 760px Height: 50px2. HeaderThe website header icon, which contains the website logo and website name. Width: 760px Height: 150px3. ContentThe main content of the website. Width: 480px Height: Changes depending on content4. SidebarB

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