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WordPress judges user roles and permission levels and integrates databases, causing no background logon permission

WordPress judges user roles and permissionsIn fact, WordPress user roles and permissions are rarely used. For common WordPress bloggers, this function may not be very commonly used, but for open registration WordPress, this function may be used.

Vmcloud Gift--vmcloud Blog Migration full record

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Blog foreign money-Sell text link article

The same advertising position, some people earn 5 yuan, while some people earn 5 dollars (30 yuan), you think that better? Yes, it is the dollar, so, the same location of the blog ads, the U.S. dollar price is much better than the domestic. Have

Design Reference: 100 excellent overseas design and development website

100 excellent foreign design and development sites, including web design, graphic design, Flash and flex, design resources, such as website recommendations. Common Design Website Spunk United is a very good magazine, which offers an

99 sites that a designer must know

99 designers must know the site, are very good, outside the country, this article is worth collecting. The 1 spunk United is a very good magazine, with an exclusive interview with the world's top designers, inspiration and articles. 2 Freelance

WEBJX Collection of 100 design-class websites for designers ' reference

Whether you are a web designer, graphic designer, programmer, FLASH developer, the following foreign sites are worth searching and retaining, as these sites cover design, web design, graphic design, website development, Flash/flex, design resources,

Five reasons why the Mario series are hailed as the "King of Games"

Author: Gavin verhey Not long ago I first came into contact with intellivision game highlights. As a loyal user of the former Nintendo red and white machine (NES), I am very happy to be able to experience the games of that era again. But after a few

RSS: Simple protocol makes internet programmable

rss| Programming | internet There was a report on the Duandun of KFC's French fries in 2001. You can see a more efficient management system: for a global enterprise such as fast food restaurants: to ensure that the quality of French fries is

15 excellent third-party Web technology integration

In Web development and design, everything is not a good thing. We are often warned not to reinvent the wheel "child" (don't reinvent the wheel ), large-scale and comprehensive development is not only a huge burden, but also brings more security

How to design a SEO-friendly CMS system

Currently, many websites are using a database-based content management system (CMS) for production and management. One advantage of CMS is that when you have thousands of pages, you don't need to create HTML pages on one page, but CMS also has some

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