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SQL Server automatic backup, automatic compression, automatic deletion of old backups

Preparation tools:SqlServer2008WinRar1. Set up maintenance schedule scheduled backups for SQL ServerThis is a simple operation, and you can follow the wizard to add a maintenance plan.2. Automatic compression scriptsc:\progra~2\winrar\winrar.exe a D:\bak\database_buckup_%date:~0,4%_%date:~5,2%_%date:~8,2% D:\bak\database_*%Date:~0,4%_%date:~5,2%_%date:~8,2%_*.BakThe format of the backup file is: Database_ba

SQL Server Express Edition enables automatic backup and automatic deletion of backups

txt text file to Jfsuqian.bat, also put in the D:\databackup directoryCD C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\100\tools\binn sqlcmd-s.-I D:\databackup\JPKFSuQian.sqlExplain:First line: is the installation path of your SQL ServerThe second line: The SQL script path that needs to be executed, which is the backup script we wrote earlier5. Create a bat file to delete the backup, as in the fourth step, create a txt text file on the desktop, enter the following, then rename the txt file to Del_4_ba

Set up MS SQL Server 2008 periodic automatic backups

Label:1. DescriptionSQL Server2008 itself has regular automatic backup capabilities, and we only need simple configuration to enable very simple and efficient automatic backup.2. Open the SQL Server Agent serviceTo implement the automatic backup feature, first make sure that SQL Server's SQL Server (proxy) service is turned on.If you do not see this SQL Server Ag

Use SQL Server maintenance plan to implement scheduled automatic backups of the database

Tags: tool AAC server including INIT test scheduled backup commonly used simpleIn SQL Server, for data security reasons, you need to back up the database on a regular basis. While the backup database is usually in the early hours of the basic no database operation, so we can not ask the administrator every day to the night 1 o'clock to back up the database. The most common way to implement scheduled automatic back

About automatic remote database backups for SQL Server 2005

recoveringBackup Database NorthwindCSTo disk= ' G:\Backup\NorthwindCS_Full_1.bak ', disk= ' G:\Backup\NorthwindCS_Full_2.bak '--Mirrored backup--Each goal is the sameBackup Database NorthwindCSTo disk= ' G:\Backup\NorthwindCS_Mirror_1.bak 'MirrorTo disk= ' G:\Backup\NorthwindCS_Mirror_2.bak 'With format-the first time you do a mirrored backup format the target--mirrored backup to local and remoteBackup Database NorthwindCSTo disk= ' G:\Backup\NorthwindCS_Mirror_1.bak 'MirrorTo disk= ' \\192.168

Shell monitors whether automatic backups are successful (determine if files exist)

Once the backup SQL file is generated in auto-package, monitor the operation!#Crontab Time # variablesfile_dir=/data/mysql_bak/ #备份存放路径DATE = ' Date +%y_%m_%d ' #获取当前系统时间FILE_NAME = " Mysqldata_bak_$date.tar.gz "#最终保存的数据库备份文件名FILE =${file_dir}${file_name} #echo" $FILE "# to determine if the backup file of the day generates an IF [!-f ' $FILE ']; Then echo "####### $DATA #########" >>/data/mysql_bak/mysql_bak.err echo "MySQL back up $DATE hava not crea ted! ">> /data/mysql_bak

About database automatic scheduled backups, but each backup with a different name

Backup | timing | data | database About database automatic scheduled backups, but each backup with a different nameThis method may be realized a long time ago, I hope which masters do not mind, =:) Again, the database is scheduled to be backed up automatically, but each backup is implemented with a different name as follows:1: Create a job on SQL Server that will allow it to run automatically and regularly

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