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UI design Lesson What to learn-brother even UI design training School

-painted The third stage: Mobile Interface and Icon Design Phase IV: Web design and front-end technology Fifth stage: Product interaction and user experience This is the basic study, there are brothers even the super Gotheming brother regularly for our professional quality class, professional quality class for the purpose of later work can calmly face all kinds o

UI designer-brother even UI design learning

This year the mobile Internet has developed rapidly, such as volcanic eruptions. All IT companies lack a large number of programmers, the salary of programmers has been rising all the year, with the impact of a series of factors, such as the employment difficulties for college students, software companies to recruit it talent more and more high demand for the programmer's technical level. So college students? After graduation will choose to train the industry to strengthen their own skills, impr

Ten principles of excellent API design-brother even it education

Ten principles of excellent API design-brother even it education Each software developer uses the API. "Good" API design is like magic. However, I don't know how many people can explain why some APIs are complex and difficult to learn, while others are clean, simple, and enjoyable to use. I will answer this question in the article and provide 10 rules for good AP

[Zen Reading Notes of design patterns] 005 _ six principles of design patterns (5): The dimit Principle

Preface I remember a year ago, when I was looking at the design model, I was so confused. I didn't think about every concept, but I knew what the design pattern could do. Today, we can see that the [dimit principle] is inexplicable. You can call it the interface isolation principle. I can use one word to parse it. You can call it a single responsibility, I can see what the name is. What kind of principle do

Use VisualStudio2010 from analysis to implementation (5)-Design system structure using component diagram

Objective After the requirements analysis and the overall process design is complete, we then begin to design the system structure. This article will introduce you to the support for the component Diagram (component diagram) in Visual Studio 2010, and a way to design the logical structure of your system using Visual Studio 2010. Background Previous: Using Visu

5 different realms of Web review design for Business

The award recommendation program, who is willing to recommend the article is a gang of old American economists to do the experiment, the article is very long, mainly describe the test process and application cases, but the core point of view is only a few, but also very common sense, such as "Incentive recommendation program is effective, but the effect of the ceiling and reward amount is The reason is that the increase in incentive amount will increase the recommended income, but it will also i

Graduation design with record-5

Because tonight brother cousin held a barbecue, so late update with the note. Today's press release system is mainly started onClarify Indexservlet--"mynewsservlet--" newstemp.jsp{newslist.jsp (Initservlet)}, InitservletClick on the news category to create the same template for the jump page. Part of the newslist.jsp section is created.Initservlet Some of the common data in the Indexservlet added to their own application,initservlet after the launch o

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