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Burp Suite uses a detailed

means the username used in this request The/password is correct.Burp's intrusion feature is one of the most powerful features of Burp suite. We should study its use carefully.4) Repeater (relay forwarding)With the Burp Repeater feature, we can manually modify a request and send it out to parse the returned response. We need to send requests from different places

Burp suite-an integrated suite of Web penetration testing

Burp suite is an integrated suite developed by portswigger for Web penetration testing. It includes modules such as spider, starter (paid version), intruder, repeater, sequencer, decoder, and comparer, each module has its unique purpose, which brings great convenience to the testing work of professional and non-

Detailed tutorial on using burp suite

proxies. to send a request to Repeater, right-click "send to Repeater ". Open the Repeater tag and you will see the request. You can also see three tags named 1, 2, and 3. We can also see requestparams, header, hex and raw requests. before sending the request, we can modify any of them. Modify the username = admin, password = password in the Params request and click go to send the request. We can analyze the response returned by response. Some other functions have not been translated. Due t

Burp suite intruder module (4)

, or may wait for the request to continue receiving data indefinitely.Set connection: Close (set connection: Close)-This option enables intruder to add or update the connection header value to close (close )". In some cases (when the server itself does not return a valid Content-Length or transfer-encoding header), this option allows attacks to be executed more quickly.Request Engine Set the engine used to control intruder (intruder) attacks in HTTP requests ). The following options are availabl

Android app Test uses burp suite to implement HTTPS grab method _android

imported into the phone, and the HTTPS traffic of the mobile phone is available through the Burp Suite agent. Third, the configuration process 1. Ensure the network can be agent Because the Burp suite is the use of agent-grabbing method, so to ensure that the network can be agents, can not be blocked by firewalls, t

Burp Suite detailed tutorial-Detailed description of the Intruder Module

From: http://www.2cto.com/Article/201207/139493.html 0 × 00 digressRecently I fell in love with the burp suite security tool. Baidu also sold RMB for tutorials on this tool... Ohno. I was going to buy a slide, but Daniel was so proud that he didn't buy it. So we have this article today. Thanks to some of my friends: Mickey and Sunge of cert.0 × 01 IntroductionInstallation requirements:Java V1.5 + installati

How burp Suite crawls HTTPS requests

1. Download and install the Burp Suite toolHttps://portswigger.net/burp/communitydownloadIf it is a Windows system, select Windows click download Download; if it is an iOS system, click "Other platforms" to expand the display, wit

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