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Enterprise-level reporting platform on the WEB-Crystal Enterprise 9 Technical white Paper

Enterprise|web Overview Information provides each enterprise with the raw material needed to develop and implement a successful business strategy. To take advantage of the benefits of enterprise information assets, each application requires an

C # Crystal Report tutorial Reports is a powerful reporting tool that has now been integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 (hereinafter referred to as VS2005). Friends who like Crystal Reports are easy to use. I vs2005

C # winform Development Series-Crystal Report

Crystal Report is the most professional and functional Report System in the industry. In addition to powerful report functions, crystal report has achieved integration and interfaces with most popular development tools. Programmers who have worked

Crystal Report application code

Crystal Report is a powerful reporting tool that has been integrated by Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 (hereinafter referred to as vs2005. The usage of the Crystal Report in vs2005 is as follows:Software environment: Microsoft Visual Studio 2005;

Latest official crystal report technical resources

Quickly convert almost any data into powerful dynamic content. Closely integrates reports with Java,. NET, and COM applications. Provides users with flexible report viewing and interaction capabilities.Technical information for application

Analysis of the domestic report designer

I am interested in the report designer, so I collected information everywhere and wrote some analysis about the domestic report designer. First, we will analyze the domestic print report market in China. Someone has studied the market capacity of

New Function of MyReport Report Engine, myreport1.2.0.1

New Function of MyReport Report Engine, myreport1.2.0.1One-dimensional code (Code128B) Conversion display.Multi-join title.Bug fixesWhen the report editor saves the Sum statistical function problem, xml data related to the newly added cells

Comparison of Finereport reports and Crystal Reports

Finereport report software for the complex format of the report data and the presentation of the Web report, through multi-source sharding, irregular grouping, two-way extension to easily drag and drop to do complex format of the report, making

ASP. NET learning notes (5)-global deployment, website publishing method, AJAX usage, crystal report usage, DropDownList, and CheckBox

9. for global deployment 1, you can add a new project.> The resource file is. resx file. The string in this file is buttontext en-us 2. if the classkey In The Experssion and text of the Button is resources, set Cortual and UIcrotual to automatic.

Getting started with Crystal Report (Microsoft Report) FAQs

1. Page size settings:Specify the page size on the design page. After the page margin, all design areas in the work area are page printable areas. therefore, you do not need to consider the margins during design. or, if the margin is set to 0 during

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